I have a spring dream, the content is very bizarre

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Frankly speaking, the previous "old drivers driving" were pretended to be a lot of people to consult, and then I had to pull down the storyline of the story. The truth was actually that I happened to want to tell or simply want to be red., That’s it.

After trying a few times, I found that there is nothing much about, because sexual knowledge is so much. I am very energetic here, but as soon as it is implemented, everyone is confused.Sometimes, everyone knows that I can’t help much about the situation of "impulse at the time, ending regret".The most important thing is that I found that it was still red!

This is like eating live, the point is not what you eat, but that you have enough beauty.Although I am beautiful, I still choose to rely on talent.This is the number of fate, it is hard to escape …

But this time is not the same. Some people come to ask. There are two categories in total, one is not pregnant, and the other is pregnant.They all came to consult the issue of spring dreams, which made me a little bit.Although I have studied medical psychology, I also know what Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams" chapter 5 is about what is the relationship between the sixth floors engaged in serious literary creation?

Therefore, please let me talk about spring dreams!

(Knowing that Sister Big Sister is the guy of the six -story floor, I shut up the old lady!)

Well (charming dump ~), listen to the big dirty sister lecture ~

1. What is spring dream?

Obviously, today’s Dasher Sister does not intend to talk about the spring dream I have done for so many years, because there are no less than a hundred dreams of no heavy dreams, so I may be blocked after writing.Chatting in the absurd … (Hey, don’t dream, how can you shake the bag out of such a serious occasion?)

Spring Dream, Wet Dream, many scientists have studied this phenomenon, the cause may be curious.However, there are some differences in domestic and foreign data.For example, foreign surveys show that among those who have done spring dreams before the age of 45, men are as high as 100%, only 75%of women, and the corresponding data in China are 97%of men and 85%of women.

Through the above data, it is not difficult to find that most people have experienced spring dreams.This is not special, just like everyone when I was a kid …

Dreaming is a brain activity in sleep. For ordinary people, it will not cause any harm to the body because of specific content.The content of Chunmeng happens to be sexual activity, sexual behavior or sexual stimulus, etc., and we are often ashamed of discussing topics related to sex.

Of course, I also know that some content is really difficult to open up, the characters of the characters, and the ups and downs of the plot. Even if it is me, it is not easy to say.However, it can’t be said that it can be written ~ It’s okay. In my lifetime, I have to write a "Spring Dream Collection" sooner or later.

Simply put, making spring dreams itself will not cause physical injury or discomfort.In the process of making spring dreams, the human body will have different reactions, which is the best.Among them, the most prominent manifestation is that in this process, similar orgasm physiological reactions will appear. Many people realize that they recognize the "dream".Speaking of which, a fellow student in college is used to cleaning the underwear every morning every morning to get the legal name "Dream" …

Second, the content and object of spring dream

With a thousand Hamlet, there are a thousand spring dreams.Even if there is only one Hamlet, you may have a thousand spring dreams …

The content and renovation are renovated. This is the characteristic of spring dreams, and it is also a problem that some people are quite worried.You know, there is a metaphysics circulating in the folk -interpretation of dreams.

Many times, people think that dreams are a reflection of real life, or their desire for real life.From some perspectives, there is no problem in this statement. After all, we have little research on dreams. At present, some of the existing doctrines have not reached a consensus.

For everyone, there is no need to be ashamed because of the unbearable content of the spring dream and the unexpected Spring Dream objects -you all dreamed of it, and you don’t have a fierce one. How can you do it?Intersection

Sister Dinance once dreamed of the cheerful scenes of the same sex, heterosexual, heterosexual, and heterogeneous species. The character changes rapidly, the identity is naturally transformed, the content scene is smooth, and even the background music is tough!Once I was very impressed by me. The background music was "Unforgettable Tonight". Sister Dasher actually saw Teacher Li Guyi waving goodbye to our group in the dream.

If you have read relevant literature, you will find that people with sexual life have a chance of making spring dreams than those who have no sex.This is well understood, because sometimes it is difficult to compile the story by imagination.

The chance of acquaintances in spring dreams is greater than strangers, and it is not difficult to understand why someone has increased the chance of making spring dreams after watching Korean dramas, football games, men’s diving, men’s weightlifting, etc.The complexity of the specific plot of Chunmeng is related to the education level, that is, this has a certain relationship with imagination, books, and film and television works.

After all, this matter is hard to think.

Third, the reason for making spring dreams

There is actually a complicated reason for making spring dreams. It looks casual. On the whole, it is related to factors such as hormone levels, psychological states, hints, and stimuli.Not much to say, because it is not allowed to broadcast it after speaking.

In terms of hormones, changes in hormone levels in the ovulation and menstrual period will increase the number of women’s desires in geometric levels, and it is inevitable to make a spring dream.

The hormone level will reach the peak during pregnancy. After some people are pregnant, the hormone level in the body may soar to thousands of times before pregnancy. This can explain why about 90 % of pregnant women will have a spring dream.In addition, many people choose to stop the same room during pregnancy. In the case where sexual needs are not met, this is more likely to occur.

4. What are the effects of making spring dreams?

Speaking of this session, I believe this is why you click on this article.Unpaid woman

1. Under normal circumstances, women will have about 3 to 10 spring dreams of about 3 to 10 times a year.Some people’s spring dreams are too frequent, which may affect the quality of sleep, and even work and study the next day.

2. Some people do not have the right understanding of Chunmeng, and they will have negative emotions such as uneasiness, dislikes, and self -blame. If they cannot be guided correctly, psychological disorders may occur.

3. When making a spring dream, a similar physiological reaction will appear. This is due to the increase in the secretion of prostaglandin, which leads to uterine contraction.If the contraction is strong, it may cause local ischemia pain, and even stimulate the endometrium, leading to a small amount of bleeding.If you encounter such a situation, don’t worry, pay attention to cleaning and proper treatment.Women during pregnancy

The physiological reaction caused by spring dreams may shrink the uterus. This feeling is similar to pseudo -contractions. Usually, it can relieve it by itself after waking up.If spring dreams are frequent, it may induce contractions, especially in the second trimester, which will affect the function of the fetus and placenta. In some cases, bleeding will cause bleeding and even cause abortion.

Although this kind of situation rarely happens, don’t be afraid even if it happens. Keep calm, take a deep breath, divert your attention, think about the blue sky and white clouds, ginseng Zen … Although so, it will make the expectant mothers sweat in the heart becauseDo it for Chunmeng, it is really difficult to control …

5. How to reduce spring dreams?

If Chunmeng does it occasionally, you don’t have to panic.If you have obviously caused trouble, then you have to find a way to control it -after all, who can bear the old wash underwear?

Here, Sister Dasher makes four suggestions for readers and friends who have this need:

1. Properly arrange sexual life.For normal women, there is nothing to say about sexual life, focusing on pregnant women.During pregnancy, scientifically and reasonable arrangement of sexual life can help alleviate the frequent spring dreams.Reminder again: Be sure to pay attention to safety when sexual behavior during pregnancy.

2. Appropriate reduction of sexual stimuli.The focus here is to talk about books and film and television works. Whether Song Zhongji or Wolverine, there must be restraint. Of course, there are this ambiguous strawberry.

3. Try to wear loose clothes.Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and heavy quilts, reducing external stimuli can also reduce physiological needs.

4. Properly increase the intimacy of communication with the gentleman or boyfriend and non -sexual contact.This can reduce psychological pressure and physical needs.

Okay, here is here.

(Rush the glasses, throw bangs, turn around, leave, go far …)

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