I have been in Los Angeles for 3 years, and the new crown infection is 91%here. A family of 5 infections is 5 infections.

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I am Yingying@我 我 about the United States. Hebei, born in the 80s, lives in the United States.

I rejected the olive branches thrown by the university twice, regardless of my family’s opposition to be a freelance worker.But I never forget my dream, and I just want to go abroad for further studies.At the age of 30, I went to study in the United States as expected.But after the United States, I found out that this is not everyone’s paradise.

The tuition fee of 250,000 a year made me breathless; the neighbors around me were all infected with the new crown, which was trembling. The most crazy thing was that I had three children for love and became a full -time mother.

However, I have never regretted my choice!

(I am at the Changtan Branch of California State University)

In 1983, I was born in an ordinary family on Qinhuangdao, the only daughter in my family.Parents are all migrant workers. In order to allow me to live the best life, I go out to work every day.

Many local people like to drink beer very much. In order to make money, our father worked out the business of wholesale beer.

He rides a small tricycle every day, goes to the wholesale market to wholesale, and then go to the small sales department and a small restaurant to send beer.At that time, it was not easy to make some money. Every time he was loaded and unloaded, he was alone.

Every summer, beer sales are particularly fast.My father would wholesale hundreds of boxes of beer at one time. Our yard could not put it, so he had to put the beer on the flat ground.Worried about someone stealing in the middle of the night, his father was lying alone on the beer box alone.

(Go back to your hometown to visit relatives, I say goodbye to my family at the station)

Parents bear too much bitterness and tiredness for the family, all of which are deeply branded in my childhood.It is precisely because of their dedication that my childhood memories are full of sweetness and happiness.

When I was a kid, I especially liked to paint.In the second and third grades of elementary school, my parents reported a art class according to me.Since then, I have to go to the teacher to learn to paint every weekend.

Learning to paint is very expensive. Watercolor, painting materials, pen paper, and pigments are not cheap.Perhaps the children of the poor are relatively premature. I know that every painting in the pen is exchanged for a box of beer in a box of a box.Only by working hard can I keep up with the footsteps of others.

(My master’s degree in graduating from California State University)

During the high school entrance examination, there were thousands of students in the district. I took 56 students and passed the top class in our local key high school.However, I found out that I was the last in this top class after the start of school.

Thinking about it, I still want to continue to follow the artistic specialty and apply for art majors in the future.

But when I was full of joy and worked hard for the future, a sudden disaster broke the peaceful and peaceful life.

(The scenery of the long beach is especially like my hometown Qinhuangdao)

In the third year of high school, when I was studying in Shijiazhuang in the field, my father disappeared by a few hundred kilometers away.

It was the first time I knew that my father has been tortured by depression over the years.It turned out that when he was in junior high school, he couldn’t sleep all night because of the pressure of work.

Every night, he rolled around and thought about how to move his work, think about how to make money for me to read and paint, and think about how to make our home better.

But his father is a honest person who is not good at talking and is often crowded out by colleagues in his work.For a long time, his father was unconscious, and he lost any information without leaving any information.When we found him, his father was already in a mess.

The hospital was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

(My oil painting works)

When I saw my father who lived in the hospital with whiteness and scattered eyes, tears couldn’t stop flowing.At that time, his father was only 42 years old. In order to cure the disease, we could only choose to let him take medicine to suppress the emotional emotions, but these medicines were also very side effects.Many times after taking the medicine, my father could only fall asleep without a trace of spirit.

Looking at my mother’s crying eyes, is our family scattered like this?I am not reconciled, I don’t believe in fate, I just believe in my hands.I don’t believe in the lines of the palm, but I believe the strength of the palm and the finger!

"Give me suffering for years, and I also give me sobrobium and calm." Although I was still a high school student at that time, I knew that only learning could change my destiny.

After setting up everything in my house, I embarked on the way to Shijiazhuang again.In the following months, I almost didn’t sleep, and I exhausted everything, I just hope to be admitted to an ideal university.

I want to be the pride of my parents.

(My graduation photo in the United States was pregnant at the time)

Starlight lives up to the passers -by, and the years live up to the people.

My college entrance examination results are very good.At that time, I wanted to apply for Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, but the Department of Oil Painting of Hebei only received only one person. Although my classmates who studied painting around me did not have a high score, I did not know my ranking in Hebei Province.

Although there is a certain risk of applying for this exam, I still applied for the early approval of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.However, I should have received the admission notice on July 15, but I did not wait for the news, and an ominous premonition came into my heart.

With uneasy mood, I called for inquiries, but the Department of Education said that I had been admitted.

But waited until August 9, and the admission notice was not received.EssenceHis surrounding students received a notice one after another, ready to go to school.I was like the ants on the hot pot, so I was anxious to turn, and I don’t know which link was wrong.

(My graduation exhibition, one left is me)

I boldly called the school enrollment office, but no one answered.Log in to the official website of the application school without any admission information.As soon as I moved, I wrote a letter along the mailbox of the dean published on the website, explained the situation I encountered, and sent a special express mail.

I don’t know if the school has received it. I didn’t expect that after seven or eight days, I received the school’s admission notice.At that moment, the hanging heart finally let go.Looking at my parents’ face with a gratifying smile, my heart had a trace of regret.In fact, there is another wish in my heart that I can apply for the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Fortunately, the tutor of my college entrance examination has always encouraged me to take the graduate student of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.Therefore, when I study undergraduate, I work very hard.Every day, I go out early and return, and I will return to the dormitory until the classroom is turned off in the classroom.If someone pays one homework, I will hand in two.

(I choose to wear Chinese red cheongsam to participate in my own graduation exhibition)

In this way, the undergraduate time of four years passed. Originally, I could sign a contract with Hainan Normal University, but I couldn’t let go of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.In the school reviewing the postgraduate entrance examination, the first year of English did not pass the line.I was particularly anxious to watch my classmates start working to make money.

In that case, I can only set my goal for myself, and go to work if I can’t get it anymore.

Maybe my sincerity moved to God.The next year I was admitted to the graduate students of the Central Academy of Fine Arts the following year, and it was still public.When I got the admission notice, I felt like God specially cared for me.If it is self -funded and tens of thousands of tuition a year, I may really be unable to afford it.

The Central Academy of Fine Arts can be said to be the peach blossom source in the hearts of all art students, the most sacred temple, where I spent the happiest three years in my life.

I like the white birch forest in the school the most. It is next to the library. In the afternoon, the sun is sprinkled on the table, which is particularly beautiful.Even the school’s climbing tiger is particularly spiritual, adding a lot of interest to the campus.

(I took a group photo with my classmates and friends at the Central Academy of Fine Arts)

It is actually very free to go to school at the Academy of Fine Arts. The teacher named the class is very free, the academic environment is also very easy and happy, and the surrounding students are very powerful.After all, it is a talent selected from all over the country, and there are often many well -known artists patronizing schools and conducting lectures on the Example Office.

In this strong creative atmosphere, I also participated in many national competitions with my classmates, and have won many awards.So far, many oil paintings have been collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts, today’s Art Museum, Dadu Art Museum, and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

(I especially like this kite in oil painting works)

After graduating, it may be that nature likes freedom and does not want to be restrained. I gave up the opportunity to teach at Hebei Normal University again.I cooperated with the gallery and responsible for doing exhibition selling works for me.That gallery is a gallery in Hong Kong, and his influence is not bad. Customers are very satisfied with my works.

But later, the owner of the gallery went home and gave birth to a child.After the gallery was closed, for the sake of living, I also joined a large training institution in Beijing. It was mainly responsible for the art candidate for the oil painting department for pre -examination training.

At that time, the college entrance examination training made more money. Before 2013, the last day was given 500 yuan.I had to bow my head under this fence. I stayed very badly. I stayed in this institution for a year. The cooperation was not very happy.

Oil painting itself is the art of Western, and many of the materials seen in China are imported products.The deeper the study, the more I want to go abroad, the more I want to study abroad to develop my own vision and learn more rich inspiration.

At that time, I was almost 30 years old and the surrounding classmates were almost settled. Only I was still alone and lived without a dwelling office. I didn’t even have a formal job.So, I remembered the dream of studying abroad, learning TOEFL, and preparing to study in the United States.

(The days when studying abroad are not easy)

At that time, TOEFL was too difficult to learn. In order to master the learning method, I specially reported the English training class.When you do n’t light up every day, you will get up with words, do real questions, and write models.Two years, I finally passed the exam and applied for the California State University Changtan Branch in Los Angeles.

Maybe it was God to see me too hard all the way, this time the admission notice was particularly smooth.In 2013, I came to the long beach with joy.The plane was dumbfounded. Both sides felt that Xiaopingfang felt back to the countryside, which was completely different from the streets of our Beijing high -rise buildings.

But after staying in the Long Beach for a long time, I found that life in the United States was very comfortable.When I was in college in Chongqing, my knee pain was painful, and I couldn’t help it as soon as I got in winter.

The city of Changtan was tailor -made for me. The climate was pleasant, and the winter was warm in winter.The place I live is also by the seaside, which is not much different from the environment of my hometown Qinhuangdao.Every time I take a walk by the sea, a lot of troubles disappear with the wind.

(The long beach climate is pleasant, the winter is warm in summer)

However, the biggest trouble can’t disappear. I need about 250,000 yuan in studying in the United States a year.Because of its excellent grades, the school reduced half of my tuition fees.But daily living expenses and accommodation costs are also a lot of expenses.

I can only choose to work hard and learn from the spare time, and teach children to paint. I can earn $ 400 a month.The remaining gap had to use my previous deposit in China.

When I concentrated on making money and supporting myself, love came quietly.

I didn’t have any preparations at all, and I met the person who was accompanied by life.From knowing each other to getting married and having children, from one person to a family of three. In just a few years of time, I found that the companion was the longest confession, and guardianship was the most silent companion.

(In order to enhance the resistance, I chose to exercise in a bike)

We met at the school, and the school held a meeting of the International Education Exchange Group every month.There are only a few Chinese people in this meeting. My husband and I have from strange to familiar at the meeting to each other at the meeting again and again.

Husband is from Shanghai and a science man who studies microorganisms.I am a northerner and a art student for learning oil painting.For the sake of living habits, the differences in the expression of science students and liberal arts students, we have also appeared in our life after marriage.

Don’t underestimate these details and habits. They are like the sand in the shoes. Although it is not difficult to make people difficult, they always stabb the two sides. Day after day, they will eventually collapse.

But marriage is not easy, especially the orphans overseas.Both of us learn to understand each other’s love, tolerate, run into some habits, and take the initiative to share each other’s hard work and anxiety.

(Participate with your baby to participate in Easter egg search games)

Now I have three children with my lover, the boss seven years old, the second child, and the third child. The third child was born for more than three months.

Over the years abroad, I have not chosen to go to work, and have always been at home to take care of three children.Especially in the past three years, I have taken care of children carefully, for fear of infection.

In the first year of the outbreak, almost all industries in the United States were stopped.Students go online at home, staff at home, and restaurants and entertainment venues are closed and closed.

However, in the second year, with the liberalization of the policy, students returned to the campus, and the staff also returned to the unit to work. The epidemic prevention requirement is that everyone must wear a mask and keep two meters interval.In this year, it is the third year, and even the requirement of wearing a mask is not forced. It seems that everyone’s life has returned to the right track.

(Almost every home in Los Angeles has a small yard for his own)

In the past three years in Los Angeles, it must be false to say that it is not afraid of it. Many people around me, including neighbors, have been infected.They are infected with mildness and basically have no sequelae.Most people were weak in throat on the first day, and the next day, the fever and runny nose were basically recovered on the seventh day.

This year, Los Angeles released a set of data, with a population of 3.89 million in Los Angeles.So far, 3.55 million people have been infected with new crowns, and almost everyone has been infected.

As an infected me, I injected the vaccine as soon as possible and insisted on wearing a mask.In public places, try not to directly contact the elevator without using hands, and always be disinfected with alcohol when dining.The express delivery home, I will put it in the garage for a week and take it home.

(Many people choose to ride and run on the beach on the weekend, and almost no one wears a mask)

Why am I so careful?Because after being infected with the new crown in the United States, it would be rejected to find a doctor.My family doctor once sent me an email and told me that if I got mild, I was isolated at home.If you are seriously ill, you will directly call the ambulance call. Do not go to the clinic to find him.

Forced by helplessness, I can only try to improve the immunity of the whole family. Fortunately, the whole family is still zero infection.

In recent years, prices in the United States have also risen rapidly, and children’s spending on schooling has become higher and higher.I also hope to return to society and realize self -worth.This year, I started trying to do a real estate agent in California and learn real estate trading and rental housing management business.

(Near Christmas, every household is dressed up with joy)

I found that the school district house division method in the United States is very different.

Whether a school can evaluate the top ten school district houses not only depends on the academic performance of this school, but also depends on whether the parents of the school are enough, whether the school often holds sports competitions, or even the student attendance rate in the school.etc.

If you want to rent a school district house in the top ten schools, it may take $ 7,000 a month.But if it is not for the top ten schools, maybe the school’s students have good grades, but the one -month rent may only need $ 3,000.

Buying a house in the United States cannot blindly pursue the ranking of public schools. It is necessary to specifically look at the school’s test scores, the location and cost -effectiveness of the house.

The US rental house rental ratio is about 5%, while the rent -sale ratio of Beishang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is only 1.5%.In addition, foreigners can also buy a house in the United States. In recent years, many foreigners have come to the United States to set up school districts for their children.

(Various Christmas elements are also dressed at the door of the house)

In fact, no matter whether they are at home or abroad, parents are still hoping to give their children the best growth environment and the best educational resources."You Tianyu, cut the hometown."

Every New Year’s Eve, I can only send video greetings to my relatives and playmates.Live the New Year in the United States, and the year of the year is much lighter than domestic.

But in recent years, reuniting home has become a luxury for us overseas travelers.Now I want to wait for the epidemic, bring their children back to China, let them see our increasingly strong motherland and feel the great riverside of the motherland.

Finally, tell your dear family, do n’t panic when facing the epidemic, take vaccines, wear masks, pay more attention, and disinfection. The most important thing is to improve your own immunity and exercise more!

【Oral: Yingying】

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