I have never been able to get pregnant with menstruation. What is the "disease"?

Menstruation refers to the periodic endometrium periodic loss and bleeding that is accompanied by the periodic ovulation of the ovarian period. The age of the early menstrual tide is between 13 and 15 years old.The average menstrual cycle of women is 28 days, and the menstrual period fluctuates for 2-7 days.Menstrual blood is generally dark red.However, the menstrual cycle of most female friends is not 28 days, which is not necessarily an abnormal manifestation. As long as your menstrual cycle has its own regularity, the menstruation that fluctuates between 21-35 days is normal.of.

In addition to normal menstruation, there is also a special menstrual "dark secret", which refers to those who can not be conceived for life.Never menstruation can be conceived, which is incredible to ordinary people.However, this special situation is in ancient times, or it belongs to the phenomenon of returning ancestors.For example, "Medical Zong Jin Jian · Gynecological Magic Method Trip · Menstruation" wrote: "One year is a year to avoid the year, and life will not be pregnant."The difference between this is not the disease, not to be cured. "

For women, the most basic condition for pregnancy is to have normal ovulation. The endometrium is thickened at the same time, preparing for the bed in the fertilized eggs, and the normal form and function of the fallopian tube.For women with dark tingle, ovarian function is normal, ovulation can be ovulated, and the endometrium will also change accordingly with the shadow at the same time. However, when not conceived, because of the retreat of estrogen and progesteroneThe membrane will cause retreat bleeding, and the woman with dark tingy omit this step. Without retreat bleeding, there is no menstrual period, and the specific cause is unclear.

For the darkest women, they can both want their babies and save the cost of sanitary napkins, which may seem good.However, for women who have sex, when they do not want their children, there is no judgment of menstruation, and it is impossible to know whether the menstruation is "dark" or "pregnant"?

After all, the incidence of dark tingle is extremely low. The age of the early menstrual tide is mostly between 13 and 14 years old, but it may be as early as 11 years or late to 15 years old.The early and evening menstrual tide is mainly controlled by genetic factors. Other factors such as nutrition and weight have also played an important role. In recent years, the age of the early menstrual tide has trended in advance.After the age of 15, menstruation should be paid attention to.

Amenorrhea is a common gynecological symptoms, manifested as no menstruation or stopping menstruation.The primary amenorrhea refers to the age of over 13 years, the second sexual characteristics have not developed, or the age of 15 years, the second sexual characteristics have developed, and the menstrual period is still in the future.

Classified according to the parts of reproductive shaft disease and functional disorders, amenorrhea can be divided into amenorrhea caused by hypothalamus amenorrhea, pituitary amenorrhea, ovarian amenorrhea, uterine amenorrhea, and abnormal development of lower genital tract development.

Therefore, for girls who enter adolescence and have been delayed, it is recommended that the girl’s parents take her regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, find the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

Literature source: 1. "Obstetrics and Gynecology" 8th edition, editor -in -chief Xie Xingli Wenli.

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