I have taken emergency contraceptives, or I accidentally get pregnant. Is your child healthy after birth?

A anxious expectant mother asked: "Hello Pharmacist! We were anxious for a while, and did not take good measures in advance. I didn’t plan to take a child yet, so I took an emergency contraceptive pill after the house.I have a fever, and I have eaten for another week of acetylphenol tablets and amoxicillin. I did n’t come to the hospital this month. As a result, I went to the hospital for a check and found that I had been pregnant for two months. Can I do it? What should I do?! "

What I want to say is that like this expectant mother, we have encountered a lot in reality!We often chat with our colleagues and talk about this topic of medication, and we will always sigh that the world is really unfair!

"Some people desperately count the ovulation time to want children, to eat scientifically, this dare not eat, and that dare not eat, but just can’t be pregnant. However, some people don’t want children, they have taken contraceptive measures, but they have taken contraceptive measures, but they have taken contraceptive measures, but they have taken contraceptive measures, butThe child is still here, you can’t catch it! "

Well, no longer nagging this matter, we still go back to the problems encountered by this prospective mother at the beginning of the article. Let’s take everyone to learn about the science of medication and fetal health during pregnancy!

First of all, put a reassinual pill for all the Baoma, and about the safety of emergency contraceptives during pregnancy.Consensus, the suggestions given are: whether you have taken pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives, or before eating. For these two cases, emergency contraceptives will not affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

PS: Emphasize, here is an emergency contraceptive, not the compound oral contraceptive pills of more than 20 per month!

After a cold, this mother took antipyretics and antibiotics, which were acetaminol and amoxicillin. After querying relevant information, they found that the safety levels of these two drugs were Grade B during pregnancy.In other words, through big data research, no impact on the fetus was seen in the pregnancy experiment of animals.Therefore, such drugs can be used if they need to treat diseases during pregnancy.Or there are no research on animal experiments and women during pregnancy, but they are by no means serious medicines, which are relatively safe.

PS: It is emphasized that not all antipyretics can be used, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, Nimei Schushali, etc., it is not recommended to use it.Also, not all anti -inflammatory drugs can be used. The relatively safe anti -inflammatory drugs during pregnancy are: amoxicillin (penicillin) and cephalosporin. Others are usually not recommended.

If we don’t know what medicines are we using, and we must roughly determine whether the medication during pregnancy is safe, we have to see the specific opportunity for medication.If it is during the early pregnancy stage, that is, before 4 weeks of pregnancy, sperm and eggs have just been combined. During this period, medication is usually not seriously harmful.

Because there is a consensus internationally, I don’t know if everyone has heard it, it is the theory of "or nothing".At this stage before 4 weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs only performed simple cell division and achieved an increase in the number of the same cell. However, different cells have not been differentiated, and no specific tissues and organs have not been differentiated.

Therefore, since the organs have not yet been differentiated, it is impossible to discuss the malformations on the organs, so it will not give birth to the abnormal baby that people worry about.If it is used with severe toxic drugs, our embryo has a self -correction function during the division of cells.That is to say, if the cells are split smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthy, and the drug will not affect it.If the cells are not divided smoothly, the baby will be eliminated naturally, which is our common natural abortion.

This is the choice of the survival of the fittest.Therefore, in Western European and American countries, their gynecology and gynecology department did not protect the doctrine. Because they believe that the symptoms of miscarriage have occurred, indicating that the fetus may be a problem embryo itself.Society brings more burdens.

alright!Explain the expectant mothers in this way, it should be suddenly cheerful!No matter what hehe, if you encounter the situation of the above -mentioned expectant mothers, what we can do now is that regular and regular large hospital check -up is the best way.It’s important to keep a good mood, eat, drink, and sleep well!Pregnancy and check for a good delivery!

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