I just got pregnant like a ball. If I don’t know these facts, I still mistakenly think that the fetus is too good.

Guide: Why is the belly changing in the early stages of pregnancy obvious?

My friend Qian Qian just found that he didn’t take long for pregnancy. It was less than 2 months, but his stomach was obvious. It looked like four or five months, and he couldn’t hide his clothes at all. He had to put on a maternity dress early.

I do n’t understand the shallows. It ’s only four or five months before the friends around me. Why is it so early? Is it the fetus?Is this the fetus grow too big?Qian Qian is very puzzled.

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have obvious belly, but some pregnant mothers are hidden very deeply. There is no problem. It has little relationship with the health and small and small relationships with the fetus. Please relax first.Many mothers mentioned that their experience is that although their experience is very large in the early stage, it is not very large in the later period, but the stomach is too long.

In fact, the changes in the belly after pregnancy are like our body shape, and there are various possibilities.There are no two people in the world, of course, there are no exactly the same pregnant women.Even the same person, the size of the stomach twice is different.

When I was pregnant with the first child, the stomach in the early stages of pregnancy was obvious. Two months were like three or four months, but the belly in the later period was not particularly huge.When the second child is pregnant, the stomach does not change much in the early stages of pregnancy, and it can be clearly seen until 5 months.The two children are about the same size, 6.6 catties of size, and 6.9 pounds.

1. It is related to pregnant mothers

If the shape of the pregnant mother is thin and high, the uterus increases after pregnancy, the belly is swollen, the clothes they wear can not cover their stomachs, and the belly changes after pregnancy is obvious.My brother -in -law belongs to a lean type. When she was more than a month, her belly was obvious. When she walked, her body would fall back involuntarily, and her belly became more conspicuous.A few colleagues in my colleagues belonged to a fat body shape, and they were about to give birth, and the stomach changes were not obvious.

2. It is related to the behavior habits of pregnant mothers

Generally speaking, the appetite is loss of appetite in the early pregnancy, but not all mothers have this situation.Some mothers have not been affected by this, and they still don’t eat it.

These pregnant mothers do not want to exercise after pregnancy. They eat a lot. It is easy to grow some fat. The fat here is particularly easy to accumulate, and the belly will appear obvious than others.

In addition, under the action of progesterone, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows, weakened digestive ability, coupled with not exercise, eating is not easy to digest, it will accumulate in the gastrointestinal, causing abdominal distension, and also appear large.

Other mothers usually have the habit of collecting their stomachs. After pregnancy, they dare not accept the belly, the stomach will protrudes out, and she looks particularly obvious.

3. Related to amniotic fluid

The size of the belly is also related to the amount of amniotic fluid. The more amniotic fluid will have large stomachs and small stomachs with less amniotic fluid.It’s like a large container installed a lot of water, and the small container is as small as water.There are many reasons for amniotic fluid, not how much water is drinking.It has something to do with the physical condition of the mother and the absorption of the fetus.

4. Related to the fetus

Two or more fetuses are generally greater than a fetus’s belly. The fetus prefers to stay on the side of the stomach, and the belly will appear larger.Some say that the placenta position effect is not necessarily, and the position of the fetus is random.

In fact, the size of the belly has little to do with the size of the fetus. In the early pregnancy, the fetus grew particularly slowly. It was only 150g and 12 cm long in 4 months.

The size of the uterus is as big as a plum before pregnancy, as large as an apple at 6 weeks, like an orange at 10 weeks, a grapefruit in 12 weeks, and a small watermelon in 14 weeks.This is a little bit enlarged. Theoretically, the stomach in the first trimester will not be too obvious.

However, there are still many pregnant mothers’ stomachs obvious. A large part of the reason is that the mother’s own problem.

In short, the stomach changes in the early stages of pregnancy are obvious, and it is normal. It is not that the fetus is too good, nor is there any problem with itself. As long as the birth check on time, everything is normal for the fetus.

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