I learned about pregnancy after the divorce. I secretly went to the hospital to get a fetus. I saw two people in the clinic.

I am an ordinary woman named Xiaoling.My marriage is not as good as my imagination, but it is full of quarrels and disputes.My ex -husband, named Jie, is a selfish and who likes to control everything.There are often disputes in our marriage, but I gradually realize that the love between us has gradually drifted.

One night after divorce, I suddenly felt unwell, and I felt that I might be pregnant.This news made me feel complicated because I didn’t want to have any connection with Jie Ge.I decided to secretly go to the hospital for a private abortion surgery.

In the hospital’s clinic, I saw two people, one was a female doctor who was not familiar with, and the other was a gaggling woman. She was sitting on the clinic, her face was exhausted and sad.Her tears kept flowing, her eyes were full of helplessness and regrets.

I felt a tingling in my heart, as if I saw my reflection.That woman, she is what I may become in the future.She may also come here for some reason, her eyes reveal deep pain and helplessness.

Looking at her, I couldn’t help red eyes, and tears fell.I suddenly understood a truth. Each of us had its own stories, and everyone carried different pain and regrets.I’m not alone, we are all paying for our choices.

I sat there quietly and watched the woman walking out of the clinic.I know that she is carrying heavy hearts, and she needs courage and strength to face it.And I also need courage and strength to face my own decision and future.

The surgery was smooth. I walked out of the clinic, but my heart was full of endless complex emotions.I understand that this decision may be right, but it also brings deep remorse and regret.


After marriage, I experienced a lot of pain and struggle, but I also learned to be strong and brave.Everyone has their own choices and roads. We need to face various difficulties and challenges in life to pursue their own happiness and true happiness.

This experience made me understand more that life is not always as we want, but we cannot give up because of this. We need to find our own strength and courage in pain and regret.I learned about pregnancy after the divorce. I secretly went to the hospital to get a fetus. I saw the two people in the clinic, which made me understand the complex emotions such as love, hate, and regret. It also made me understand that I needed to face life.

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