I need to consider these 8 diseases when they often numb hand

Most people will encounter numbness of hand, and generally eliminate it in a short time, and there will be no major problems.If you feel numb occasionally, you don’t have to worry, but if you often feel numb, you need to attract your attention. Beware that may be the symptoms caused by the disease below.

1. Cervical spondylosis

The most common disease that causes hand numbness is cervical spondylosis, which is the multiple diseases of middle -aged and elderly people.Middle -aged and elderly cervical disc is prone to degenerative lesions, often leading to cervical intervertebral disc herniation or joint hyperplasia or hypertrophy. When they compress the neighboring cervical nerve root, cervical spondylosis occurs.In addition to numbness, cervical spondylosis is also accompanied by other symptoms such as shoulder muscle soreness, radiation pain or active disorders on the upper limbs.

With cervical spondylosis, the cervical spine X -ray can be diagnosed clearly.

2. Diabetes

Because diabetic patients have maintained a high level of blood sugar, for a long time, they have caused great harm to human blood vessels and nerves, and can produce a variety of complications.For example, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes, patients will have symptoms such as numbness and sensory abnormalities.The above symptoms are recommended to check blood sugar and clear diagnosis.

Third, neuritis

Neuritis refers to the recession or deterioration of neuroshid or neuromic groups. The symptoms are different from the disease. The most common diseases of neuritis are numbness, muscle atrophy, and weak limbs.

Four, stroke

Although the numbness of the fingers does not necessarily occur, for people over 40 years of age, if you often have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and limb numbness, you should usually have high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and other diseases.occur.

Fifth, menopause syndrome

Sometimes menopausal women also have hand numbness. As the menopause ends, the phenomenon of numbness will disappear.

Six, gout

Patients with gout can also have hand numbness. At the same time, patients’ large toes and ankles have red and swollen symptoms. Blood testing can be seen that the uric acid value is high.

Seven, one excessive brain ischemia

This is a common cause of numbness to the elderly.Elderly people are more common in hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Hypertension can cause vascular spasm. Hypolin can cause blood vessels. The blood viscosity of the elderly increases. These factors will cause a sexual tochemia and cause numbness.

It is recommended that the elderly should regularly check blood pressure and blood lipids. If there is hypertension or hyperlipidemia, it should be treated in time.

Eight, overdose medication

Applying certain drugs, such as galacin, will cause side effects of lips and limbs. Pay attention to avoid excessive medication.

In some normal cases, hand numbness occurs.

Pregnancy can cause numbness.In the middle and late pregnancy, especially after 7 months of pregnancy, due to the increased circulation in the body and the poor flow of venous blood, it will cause numbness and swelling of pregnant women.

The arm nerve was compressed and caused numb.If the neck is sloping or pressure in the sleep, it will cause numbness due to compression of the arm nerve. At this time, as long as you sleep in a posture, the arm can be eliminated.


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