I often eat bitter gourd, benefits or "do not please"!But keep in mind 5 taboos, don’t make mistakes again

The weather is getting hotter, and it will be in summer. As the saying goes, "Eating melon in summer", many fresh melon vegetables have been quietly listed, such as cucumber, winter melon, corner melon, etc., tender and delicious.

There is a kind of seasonal melon, and many people do not like to eat, that is, its taste is unacceptable. This kind of melon is bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd is a very common vegetable in our lives. The taste of bitter gourd tastes very bitter, but its nutritional value is very high.

For example, the vitamins and bitter gourds contained in it are very rich, and there are many nutrients needed by the human body. Therefore, bitter gourd is called the "king of vegetables".

Bitter gourd fruit is rich in protein, sugar, minerals and various vitamins.In particular, the content of vitamin C is particularly prominent, which is 14 times that of cucumber, 5 times the melon, and 7 times the tomato.

According to analysis, 3 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of fresh fruits, 0.9 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 18 mg of calcium, 29 mg of phosphorus, and 84 mg of vitamin C.In addition, it also contains iron, vitamin A, B and inorganic salts.

1. lower blood sugar

Bitter gourd is considered one of the natural foods that lower blood sugar, because it can help reduce glucose in the body and improve the sensitivity of insulin.This means that bitter gourd can help control the blood sugar level of patients with diabetes and also help prevent diabetes.

2. Protect the heart

Usually suffering, can be strong, bitter gourd belongs to this characteristic, eat bitter gourd, absorb vitamin C in it, so as to maintain the good operation of body cells, and can also improve the heart effect.

Eating bitter gourd can constantly arouse the charm of the heart, which is very effective in maintaining the heart of the heart. The health of the heart and mental health and blood vessel elasticity is not wrong.

3. Beauty and beauty

Many reasons for the poor skin are the dysfunction of the digestive tract. The lung meridian is hot. Many people often have acne on their faces, and they can often eat bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals. Long -term consumption can maintain full energy, which is of great benefit to improving acne.

Especially for female friends, it can also effectively suppress melanin precipitation in the human body, delay skin aging, and reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.

4. Weight loss

Bitter gourd is not only helpful for weight loss, but also some of these saponin substances and other ingredients can also accelerate the consumption and combustion of fat. It is helpful for weight loss. ThereforeEat some bitter gourd.

5. Clear heat and heat up

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bitter gourd is cold and bitter, and the liver meridians are thirsty caused by fever or summer fever, and people who are red or painful caused by liver fire.The benefits of relieving the heat.

6. Improve immunity

Sanfu is even more damp and humid. At this time, many people are also susceptible to illness, and it is also very important to strengthen physical fitness.

At this time, you can eat bitter gourd, because there are more trace elements contained in bitter gourds, while helping the body to supplement nutrition and energy, it can also improve immunity, fight against the invasion of germs, and achieve the role of strengthening the body.

1. Don’t eat a large amount of bitter gourd for a long time

Many people usually have such a habit, that is, they often eat bitter gourd and use bitter gourd as their own staple food.Because bitter gourd contains a large amount of crude fiber, if it is not eaten in large quantities for a long time, it may cause the gastrointestinal peristalsis ability to slow down, and it will also affect the body’s absorption of nutrients.

2. Women should not eat bitter gourd during menstruation

Bitter gourd is a kind of bitter cold food. Women who eat too much during menstruation can cause qi and blood to be cold and condense fat, thereby inducing or aggravating dysmenorrhea.

3. People with low blood sugar and pregnant women eat less

The above is that bitter gourd contains substances that can reduce blood sugar. Therefore, friends with hypoglycemia symptoms should still be eaten as little as possible, so as not to make blood sugar lower and not conducive to the body.

In addition, pregnant women also eat less, because bitter gourd contains quinine that stimulates uterine contraction. Although the amount is small, it is better for pregnant women to eat less.

4. It is not advisable to eat bitter gourd during diarrhea

When physical discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea and other problems, bitter gourd should not be eaten, because bitter gourd is cool. At this time, bitter gourd is easy to aggravate the disease, resulting in more serious diarrhea.

5. Don’t eat calcium deficiency

The nutritional value of bitter gourd is very high, and it can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but not everyone is suitable for eating. People with calcium deficiency cannot eat bitter gourd.

If you eat it, it will become more and more serious. Bitter gourd contains a special substance. After entering the human body, it will respond to calcium, which will affect the absorption of calcium in the human body. If the body is severely deficient in calciumhealthy.

1. Dry and bitter gourd

Ingredients: 500g of bitter gourd, 20ml of vegetable oil, 3g of salt, 3g of sugar, 2g of monosodium glutamate, appropriate amount of green onion, garlic, sesame oil

Method: Wash the bitter gourd and cut it in half, dig off the melon, cut into a 3 cm long strip.Fire in the wok, put the bitter gourd strip into the pot to dry, remove water.In the other pot, the pot is hot and oil, add garlic, stir -fry, put into bitter gourd, add salt, sugar, MSG and stir -fry, add green onion and sesame oil to eat.

2. Bitter gourd fried egg

Ingredients: eggs, carrots, bitter gourd

Ingredients: green onions, salt, white sugar

Method: 1. The eggs are stirred into the bowl, the carrot is cut, the shallots are chopped, and the bitter gourd is diced.After the bitter gourd is cut, add sugar, salt, stir well and marinate for five minutes. The marinated bitter gourd was washed with water.Put the bitter gourd and put it in the scattered eggs and stir well.

2. Put the appropriate amount of edible oil in the hot pot, put the mixed bitter gourd egg liquid in the pot, and fry it with medium and small heat.

3. Straw mushrooms, 豆 瓜 bitter gourd

Ingredients: bitter gourd, straw mushrooms, red pepper, tempeh, salt, fresh vegetable powder, raw soy sauce

How to do: ① Wash the straw mushrooms and remove the pipe, cut into slices, wash the red pepper, cut it into strips; after washing the bitter gourd, cut it half and cut it to the seeds inside, then cut into thin slices

② Put the oil in the hot pot, stir -fry the straw mushrooms, put it out for later use, pour the right amount of oil, put the soaked tempeh in advance and add the fried fragrant

③ Pour the bitter gourd, stir -fry the high heat until it is broken, add an appropriate amount of salt and fresh vegetable powder and stir well, pour in the fried straw mushrooms, add red pepper to continue stir -fry

④ Finally, add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, and fry the pan and put it in a pan.

In short, bitter gourd is a very healthy vegetable, which is good for health.However, it is necessary to avoid excessive consumption when eating bitter gourd.If you are not used to the taste of bitter gourd, you can try to add some seasonings or use other cooking methods to improve the taste.


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