I only know today, apricot can not eat casually?Doctor: These 5 people, I suggest not to make fun anymore

It is also a season when a large number of fruits are on the market. Like apricot, it is also very common, and the sweet and sour taste is also loved by people. It contains a variety of nutrients that are good for their own health.

And there is such a saying about apricot, that is, "peach raising people, apricot hurts people". Speaking of which, many people think that eating apricot can easily cause damage to the body, so can apricot be eaten?

But in fact, this is not the case. Like some apricot nutrients, proper consumption is also conducive to personal health.It’s just that you can’t eat it casually when you eat, and some people are not suitable. I hope you can understand it earlier.

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First, make up for thirst

Eating some apricots properly in summer can help the effect of relieving cough, and also have the effect of nourishing qi, because Apricot has a certain relief effect in terms of thirst and dry throat and insufficient fluid, which is conducive to its own health.

Second, beauty and beauty

Apricot has the effect of beauty and skin care. The vitamin content in it can help effectively improve skin elasticity, dilute the face wrinkles and color spots, can also alleviate the problem of skin aging, keep you young, and show personal charm.

Third, protect vision

Eating some apricots properly in life can help supplement the original vitamin A original, which is helpful in protecting vision and prevention of eye diseases. Especially for some people with long -term eyes, proper consumption is also helpful for some help.Effect is more conducive to eye health.

Fourth, cough and asthma

Eating some apricots properly in life can achieve the effect of relieving cough and asthma to a certain extent, which is conducive to alleviating the occurrence of cough and sputum problems, and protecting the health of the throat.

Fifth, weight loss

In fact, eating apricot also has the effect of weight loss, because apricot contains unsaturated fatty acids that are not easy to gain weight, and apricot cell walls can effectively reduce the human body’s digestion and absorption of fat, help weight loss, and keep you slim figure.

Sixth, reduce cholesterol

Eating apricot in life can effectively reduce the content of human cholesterol, and it is rich in vitamin E and monolital unsaturated fatty acids that can effectively reduce the proportion of cholesterol in human blood. It also helps to diabetes and heart failure.effect.

Therefore, eating apricot properly in life is also very good for the body, but although the apricot is good, it cannot be eaten casually. Some people may not be suitable, so as not to take too much intake to launch huge hidden safety hazards for the body.Essence

1. Patients with digestive tract disease

For some patients with gastrointestinal diseases, like apricots are not recommended to eat more, because apricot contains a large amount of acidic substances, which will also stimulate excessive gastric acid secretion, which will cause gastrointestinal mucosaThe occurrence of worsening the condition, so it is recommended not to make fun for such people.

2. Pregnant woman

For some female friends during pregnancy, it is not recommended to eat more apricot, because if the food is too much intake, it may also affect the fetus to a certain extent, and it will also increase the body burden of pregnant women. ThereforeAt this time, we must also pay attention to reducing intake.

3. People with poor liver function

If there are people with liver dysfunction, it is not recommended to eat apricot, because sexual food will also increase the burden on the liver, affect normal digestion and absorption, and cause liver function to be damaged, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. ThereforeTry to avoid such people.

4. Patients with physical cold

If there is a condition of physical cold, it is not recommended to eat apricot. Although the apricot taste is sweet, it will aggravate the invasion of the cold for patients with cold.This kind of people also avoid as much as possible.

5. Cold people

During the cold, you do not recommend eating apricot, because the bitter almondin in almonds is likely to aggravate the cold, cause some harm to the body, and if too much intake, it will increase the burden on the body. Therefore, it is recommendedThis kind of people should try not to make fun.

1. Do not eat with high protein food

When eating apricot, you must pay attention to it. It is not recommended to eat with some high -protein foods, because the fruit acid and sulfuric acid in the apricot can easily react with the protein to form complexes that are insoluble in water.

In this case, it will affect normal digestion and absorption, leading to damage to intestinal function and aggravating the occurrence of the disease. For example, common eggs, beef, soy beans, etc. are also avoiding harm to the body at the same time.

2. Do not eat with warm food

When eating apricot, you should also pay attention to avoid the intake of some warm foods, because in this case, it is easy to increase the heat in the body, which will also cause the fire to get angry.Facial to your own health.

For example, common beef, lamb, lychee, durian, etc. This is a warm and tonic food, so it is not recommended to use it at the same time. I hope you can remember it.

3. Do not eat with raw foods

When eating apricot, you should also pay attention. Because the apricot is gentle and sweet, the food with the food with humidity will cause the humidity to gather in the body.

In this case, it will also cause the spleen and stomach dampness and heat, affect the normal function of the spleen and stomach, and will also be accompanied by too much oil on the face, increased leucorrhea, and acne. ThereforeEat, avoid damage to the body.

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