I only know what I know after 10 years. When she broke up with her ex -girlfriend, she was pregnant. The child is 9 years old this year

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Reader letter:

Muzi Li:

My ex -girlfriend college classmates and couples, the love relationship established by my sophomore year and half semester. After half a year of love, we rented a house near the school.

At that time, we thought of our future: After graduating from college, we stayed in the city’s development career.

In fact, we do this so.

However, after working in the city of school half a year, our hometown has a place to enter the state -owned enterprise. I have more conditions in all aspects. Therefore, my parents encouraged me to go back to the exam.

The state -owned enterprise is the best unit in our local income, so I am tempted.

I didn’t say this to my girlfriend, but I just said that if there is something at home, I need to go back to deal with it.

In the end, I was successfully accepted by the current unit.

So I broke up to my ex -girlfriend across the screen.

In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed.

In the past ten years, I have experienced marriage and divorce.

Some time ago, my classmates met, I attended, my selfishness: I hope to see my ex -girlfriend, and want to know that she has lived well these years.

I didn’t see her ex -girlfriend, but saw her best friend.

The news of her ex -girlfriend, she: You still have a face to ask her if it is good, I can only tell you, very bad.

And learned that when we broke up, she was pregnant, and our children are now 9 years old.

At the beginning, this classmate was unwilling to disclose the whereabouts of his ex -girlfriend, because after we broke up, the ex -girlfriend went to other cities. In recent years, he did not contact other students.

The classmate who has a good relationship with his ex -girlfriend may think that the life of his ex -girlfriend is too hard now, or he feels that there are children between us after all, and I still give me the place and contact information of my ex -girlfriend.

Calling the ex -girlfriend, she cried there, but still refused to see me.

In the end, after I said it, I also agreed to meet me.

Now, I have received her with me and intend to make up for her for many years.

This is also a better ending.

Muzi Li Biao’s post -language:

In ten years, people’s changes are quite big.

The reason why you are willing to recover with your ex -girlfriend, in fact, rely on the memories between you, you have a child, and you owe her.

Whoever marries with, in fact, is not so much. The key is whether life can travel smoothly after marriage.

Your love that year may not be able to integrate into each other’s life now.

In the past ten years, she has lived a near -occlusion life, including personality and insights will form contrasts with you.

Therefore, my reminder to you is:

I hope you will always remember this loser, and in the future daily life, he has more considerate, treating, and understanding.

Don’t try to turn her into what you hope is the greatest kindness to her.Only in this way can your marriage be likely to travel smoothly.

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