I slept with the old centers for more than a year, and planned to divorce, but I found out that I was pregnant again …

I have been sleeping with the old cencular room for more than a year, and my feelings are close to the rupture. We originally planned to wait for the epidemic to divorce. As a result, the marriage had not left, but I found out that I was pregnant again …

I am 40 years old, my son is 12 years old, and just goes to junior high school.My husband and I are actually free to fall in love, and then walk into the marriage. There are foundations in myself. Moreover, my husband and I are both the personality of the daily life.

My husband and I have a deterioration after marriage. In the final analysis, it is mainly because of money.Because her husband also has a sister. Her husband spent a lot of money for her to go to college and find a job later.

Because this matter is also very small to my husband, I always suspect that he has not handed the money to me, but secretly relieves his family. My husband thinks that I see the money too much, but a little family affection alsoRegardless.

In this way, my husband and I had no quarrel for this. The two of us were like an invisible gully. Over the passage of time, the gully became wider and deeper!

At that time, considering that the son was still young, the child needed a good growth environment and a complete home, so I just ignored my husband, and then I fell asleep directly with my husband.Thinking about waiting for the child to get a little bigger, plan to divorce again.

In the past few years, my husband and I have basically didn’t speak much, and I rarely quarreled with him. I feel that there is no need to quarrel!We seem to be calm and lived calmly, but the child is often active in our family atmosphere, and the child has become the only link to communicate between us.

The child finally grew up slowly. My husband and I also felt that it was time to do it. Then I was ready to divorce this year.

However, I did not expect that this year after the new crown epidemic, it suddenly passed two or three months, and it was all strict home isolation. We were together every day from morning to night during this time.We have been together in the past 5 years.

For so many days at home, my husband has been at home, and he also sees my busyness and difficulty at home.

I went to bed from getting up to night, and I haven’t rest my day.Three meals and cleaning rooms a day took up for more than half of the time. Sometimes I saw that I was always busy, and he also came over to set up a handle, such as sweeping the ground, piercing the ground, and in the process, he also realized that these trivial matters in the family in the family wereIt is not as easy as you want to do well.

Slowly, he seemed to know my troubles and distress more depth, and began to take the initiative to relax the relationship with me.My original cold heart gradually melted with his efforts.Later, we lived together with the encouragement and persuasion of children.

A few days ago, my body never came, and I went to the hospital to check.The child is 12 years old, and my husband and I are 40 people. How can this be good?

In fact, I also wanted to ask a child deep in my heart, but in recent years, the Cold War with my husband has delayed.But considering the age of my husband, there seems to be a little late to have children now.

Husband said to me, "Still don’t want it, you are all at this age, the risk of having children is too great." I said to my husband, "I remember you never wanted a daughter? Or let’s try againtry?"

My husband was a little moved. It turned out that after so many years, I still remember his original wish.However, he considers the risk of an elderly woman who still shakes his head and does not agree with me to regenerate the second child.

At this time, I said, "Otherwise, let’s ask our son’s opinions, his feelings are actually very important."

Husband later agreed.So we generously said this to the child. As a result, he was happier than us, saying, "This is a good thing. You should have given me a younger brother or sister, rest assured, I will protect him.You will take care of you when you are old. "

In this way, our family is looking forward to the coming of this little life.And my husband also made it clear that this time he must participate in and take care of the whole process, and make up for everything he owed me before.

I told the parents of both parties that they were surprised and happy at the same time. I did not expect that the epidemic that made people smell the turmoil.

Husbands and wives should communicate frequently, understand each other, tolerate each other, to take the length, and make up for the shortcomings.We must respect each other more, cherish each other, cherish the same boat, and sleep together at room temperature, so that there will be a loving couple’s life, and there will be a harmonious family.

In retrospect of our past years, I found out that after a long time, life will gradually become bland, and even the romantic love of the past has gradually become affection.”Emotional Life””Source Network”

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