I took three emergency a day, all of which were luteum rupture. What exactly is the luteal?Women should know

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A few days ago, I received three emergency patients in a day, all of which were "luteal rupture".

Patient 1:

The 19 -year -old girl (Xiaoli), because of severe pain in her stomach, and even the symptoms of shock. The parents immediately sent her to the hospital. After examination, I learned that 400 ml of blood accumulated in the abdomen.Crimson causes.

Patient 2:

A young couple had been separated from the two places due to work reasons. When they gathered again, the woman suddenly felt that abdominal pain was unbearable. I went to the hospital for examination and found out that it was caused by the rupture of the luteum.Essence

Patient three:

A woman felt stomachache while doing a hula circle at home, and was in a shock state. She was taken to the hospital in time. The woman had a lot of blood accumulation in her belly because the rescue was timely to keep her life.

What is "luteal"?

Malpighia of the ovarian yellow system is named after a yellow object in the ovaries.

The function of the luteal is to secrete estrogen and progesterone on the basis of the secretion of estrogen secretion, so that the endometrium that has been affected by estrogen changes, which must be necessary to bed and embryo development.After a period of time, it died naturally, that is, luteum dissolving.

If conception, the luteal function continues to be the need for early pregnancy. If the luteal function is insufficient, it can affect the development of the bed and the development of the embryo and abortion.

In recent years, it has been found that the normal luteal function is still affected by local factors except for the regulation of gonadotropin regulation. However, the exact mechanism has not yet been clarified, and the mechanism of luteal dissolution and the natural apoptity of luteal cells has not been clarified.

The luteal is mature by the follicles, the follicles evolved after the eggs are discharged, and the granulocytes and foam cells in the follicles become luteal cells.

After ovulation, the base membrane between the granular cells and the bubble membrane cell layer is ruptured, and the blood vessels of the bubble membrane cell layer grow into the particle cell layer of the vascular without blood vessels to form a wide range of vascular networks to complete the vascularization process to ensure blood supply and enterEnough LDL-cholesterol to supply synthetic hormones.

About 5 days after ovulation mature, it has always been a structure of about 15mm, highlighting on the surface of the ovarian, luteal is temporary endocrine organs.sky.

Causes of luteal rupture:

1. Automatic rupture

Under normal circumstances, there are a small amount of bleeding in the luteum, but if too much bleeding, it may increase the pressure in the luteal, thereby spontaneous rupture.

2. External force

If the lower abdomen is hit, and the strenuous jumping, running, coughing or solving the stool, the internal pressure of the abdominal cavity suddenly rises, which can promote the cracking of mature luteum.

The main harm of luteal rupture to women

The main harm to women when luteal rupture may cause more severe abdominal hemorrhage. If it is not terminated in time, it may lead to hemorrhagic shock and even life -threatening.

The luteal is a naturally formed in the post -menstrual half cycle. Due to the abundant blood supply, if the rupture occurs, the vascular continuous bleeding may cause internal bleeding similar to ectopic pregnancy.

However, not all luteum rupture will have serious consequences. Some luteal rupture may be relatively ease and can stop bleeding by itself.

If the patient’s life signs are stable, after 24 hours, the pelvic effusion has not continued to increase, and the hemoglobin has not continued to decline, etc., conservative treatment can also be taken to prevent antibiotics.

If patients have experience in blood pressure, rising heart rate, decreased hemoglobinity, and pelvic effusion, and pelvic effusion can be performed in time, it is necessary to surgery in time to save their lives.

Will luteal rupture affect pregnancy?

In recent years, more diseases have occurred among women. If you take a doctor in a regular hospital and take timely treatment, the luteal rupture generally will not affect fertility.

Uachin rupture generally does not heal itself. If it is not treated in time, it can cause infertility. If the condition is stable and the amount of bleeding is not much, conservative treatment can be taken. In severe cases, it is necessary to open abdomen detection and anti -shock treatment.

As long as it is not luteal incomplete, luteal rupture and timely treatment will not directly affect fertility.If you have been prepared for a long time and usually have regular menstruation, but have not been pregnant for a long time, it is recommended to do endocrine examination and gynecological examination to understand the specific reasons.

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