I trembled and held the pregnancy test stick, and tensely tested whether I was really pregnant again.

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At this time, the 10th floor of the public female toilet.

The green ventilation fan on the ceiling screamed, blowing away a hint of heat for the sweltering bathroom.

Wen Tiantian trembled and sat in the innermost one with the pregnancy test stick, and told me nervously to test whether it was really pregnant.

Everything is ready, still wait for a few seconds.

Wen Tiantian’s breath looked at the pregnancy test stick.

Soon, two red lines were displayed on the white pregnancy test stick quickly.

Two lines, really pregnant.

Wen Tian Tian was completely paralyzed on the toilet in the bathroom. Is she really pregnant?

what to do?

The thought of the old lady may also guessed that she was pregnant, and she had to catch her to the hospital for examination.

Fingers clinging to the pregnancy test stick and starting to find a way.

Although she hasn’t decided to leave this child, she doesn’t want the old lady to interfere with her own affairs.

Wen Tiantian thought about it for a while, and suddenly remembered the playmate when she was a child. Her other girlfriend was now famous for studying in the United States.

Today’s famous family is rich and powerful to help her.

Thinking of this, Wen Tiantian quickly got up with the pregnancy test stick and was ready to return to the office first.

However, because of her pregnancy, she was a little uncertain, and she forgot to throw away the pregnancy test stick. She took the pregnancy test stick and walked out of the women’s toilet.

When she walked out of the women’s toilet, she found that Li Jingnian was standing in the middle of the public toilet in the middle of the public toilet, bent slightly, and washed his hands elegantly.

There was a row of waiting for his assistant and bodyguards behind him.

Wen Tiantian looked at him for a few seconds, and his brain seemed to be down and could not work.

Still Li Jingnian Yu Guang first saw her, turned off the faucet, straightened his tall body, and turned to look at the little woman who was shocked at the door of the women’s toilet.

This is the first time that Li Jingnian saw the gentle and sweet dress after adulthood.

The pink skirt was worn on her, holding her milky skin more fair and pink.

Probably today was reported to the company on the first day.

She also melted light makeup.

The makeup is very pink and the eyes are bright. The black long hair is tied with a tall ponytail with the hairband of the same color.

The entire face is filled with pure and bright and beautiful.

Li Jingnian’s black eyes slowly collapsed like falling into the abyss, but Jun face has not changed. He knows that Wen Tiantian does not like him to touch, so he did not show her any gentleness and it was not too close, but it was quiet and quietLike my brother, say, "Come on today?"

"Yes, yes." Wen Tiantian nodded quickly.

But the pregnancy test stick held by his little hand was still forgotten because he was too nervous.

Li Jingnian was slightly headed, "If you have any questions, you can find my assistant."

He originally wanted to talk to him, but considering that she didn’t seem to like him approaching, he changed his speech.

Gentle and sweet nodded gently.

Li Jingnian didn’t intend to continue to say anything, ready to turn back to the top office.

When he turned around, his eyes fell on her hand.

Li Jingnian is an adult man. Although it was only one month ago in bed, it did not mean that he didn’t understand anything.

He saw at a glance that she was holding a pregnancy test stick in her hand.

The man Junmei couldn’t control anymore. Jun Rong sank a little bit, silent for a few seconds, took the initiative to approach her, lowered his eyes, his voice was low: "Warm and sweet, is this a pregnancy test stick? Are you pregnant?"

Hear three words of pregnancy test stick.

Wen Tiantian reacted. She just thought about it, so she took the pregnancy test stick from the bathroom like this?

Wen Tiantian didn’t dare to be discovered by him, and quickly hid the pregnancy test stick.

However, the movement of her hiding things is tantamount to ‘do n’t fight self -self’. Li Jingnian ’s eyes are even more thick, as if there is a huge thick lake hidden in it.

Can suppress people deeply.

"Take it, let me see." Li Jingnian reached out his hand, and his chest was faintly unknown anger began to spread.

Which man he raised was spoiled by the little girl he had?

For the first time, Li Jingnian felt that he was out of control.

If he was in Li Gong House before, he respected her, and also hindered the parents of Wen family, and he restrained his emotions.

But at this moment looking at the pregnancy stick, he couldn’t calm down.

"Li … Mr. Li, I …" Wen Tiantian was frightened by his momentum, and he didn’t dare to show her the pregnancy test stick.

Outside, she dare not call his brother, for fear of being misunderstood by a person who is unknown and discredited him.

"Sweet, should you show me as a person who has raised you? And explain what’s going on?" Li Jingnian felt that she was a little bit of life, but outside, this shouting is really less right.She has any slander or doubt.

It was just that Li Jingnian was still a little uncomfortable. He lowered his voice, and the handsome face approached warm and sweet.

Wen Tiantian knew that he couldn’t hide, bit his lips, and gave him the pregnancy test stick.

Li Jingnian took it and glanced at two lines.

Really pregnant.


Of course, it was him, but the gentle sweetness did not dare to admit it. She bit her lips and worked hard to calm herself, and then quickly said, "Yes … my classmate."

"How long do you have a relationship with him, do you do such a thing?" Li Jingnian gripped the pregnancy test stick, and couldn’t wait to crush the pregnancy test stick.

Now, Li Jingnian understands. Why did she push him away in the middle of the night?

So I have a boyfriend long ago, and I am still pregnant?

"Mr. Li, this is my private affairs." Wen Tiantian didn’t want to say more. She knew that Li Jingnian had a strong insight. If she said more, there would be a loophole: "I went to work first."

Wen Tiantian wants to run.

Li Jingnian grabbed her wrist and grabbed it, and he saw her thin and white wrist wearing the bracelet.

Li Jingnian’s eyes were even more sinking, and he stared at Wen Tiantian’s panic with a panic.

Suddenly, you said, "Have you ever been to the Royal Club on the evening of the 28th of last month?"

"No." Wen Tiantian denied it.

Why did Li Jingnian ask her?

Did he doubt something?

"Really?" Li Jingnian suddenly doubted that night, the little girl lying begging for mercy was gentle and sweet.

However, there was no her in the monitoring, and he arranged for everyone to check everyone and did not find her.

However, his intuition …

"No, Mr. Li, I went to my boyfriend’s house on the evening of the 28th, you can ask him." Wen Tiantian began to lie.

Li Jingnian’s heart hurt and released her wrist.

He calmly said, "Two days later, take him to see me, you are pregnant, he can’t be responsible."

Actually, more … he wants to see what the man she likes is like?

"Although you are not our family, but I have regarded you as me … loved ones, you will do it in the future, you will do it for you."

Li Jingnian dropped this sentence, and the handsome face brought his assistant to the top floor first.

He actually didn’t want to treat her as a little sister at all.

But this little girl has other men in her heart, he can’t help …

Wen Tiantian stood in place, and the whole person was stupid.

what to do?what to do?

An old lady had to catch her to test her pregnancy, but she was now captured by Li Jingnian. Where can she find a boyfriend?

Wen Tiantian really hates his "stupid" just now.

How could she accidentally bring out the pregnancy test stick?

For the first time, Li Jingnian on the top floor of the calm face felt anxious, and the entire popularity was low. The assistants who followed him felt his low pressure and did not dare to approach him.

After all, it is terrible that they are always angry.

But they couldn’t figure it out. Why was Li’s anger just now?

Is it because of that girl?That girl, they all know, is the little girl who is always angry, is she always angry?

Everyone guess it may be like this.

It seems that Li always cares about the little girl.

After being grasped by Li Jingnian, the whole afternoon, Wen Tiantian had no intention of working at all.

What should she do with her small head?what to do?

How did I lie to Li Jingnian and the old lady?

After thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t expect any good way.

After finally getting off work, I called Anyi, took her to dinner, and celebrated her on the first day of work.

Wen Tiantian had no mood to eat, but comfortable was to pull her. She could only clean up things and go downstairs to take a taxi to find comfortable.

The restaurant set by Anyi is in the Little House.

Wen Tiantian rushed to the place slowly, and Anyi had already ordered her a lot of delicious.

Wen Tiantian looked at a table deliciously and had no appetite, but in order not to worry about Anyi, she still accompanied her with a smile. After eating, the two went around the streets of the road.

Anyun Xing was high, pulling Wen Tian Tian every clothing store to visit.

Finally, I was tired, and Anyi was ready to buy two ice cream. Wen Tiantian thought of being pregnant, and quickly shook his head to refuse to eat cold things: "I have a bad stomach recently and can’t eat cold."

In fact, she is not sure if she should leave this child.

After all, this was from Li Jingnian … If he knew it … would you be angry?

But before hesitation, she could not have an accident in the baby in her stomach.

"Well, then I buy one." An Yi didn’t find any problems?I went to buy ice cream first. After buying it, An Yi bit the ice cream with some excitement to share with Wen Tiantian. Today, she went to her relatives’ live broadcast companies to meet various handsome and beautiful women.

What should I do while listening to Wen Tiantian while listening to myself?

Her high school girlfriend has not responded to text messages today. In addition, Li Jingnian … Wen Tiantian wanted to get away, and she didn’t find that the phone was shaking?

It wasn’t until Anyi pushed her arm that she quickly took out her mobile phone to see the information.

Looking at the screen, it was her college classmate and a good friend Zhang Quan?

Zhang Quan recently returned to his hometown to deal with his family affairs. After about a month, they did not contact much during the period. She almost didn’t think of him.

If there is Zhang Quan’s help, Li Jingnian should be able to pass the level.

Should Zhang Quan sell her?

The mood of Wen Tian and Tian’s haze became clear for a moment, and quickly returned the message to Zhang Quan: [Zhang Quan, you came back just, I would like to ask you to help?.

Zhang Quan has always had the relationship between the iron buddies who must have been seeking Wen Tiantian: [As long as the sweet order, I must have died..

Wen Tiantian: [Okay, I want to ask you to pretend to be my boyfriend, and my baby’s father in my belly..

The gentleness is finished.

Zhang Quan looked at the phone on the other side, and almost didn’t scare death.

what’s the situation?

He returned to his hometown for a month. Why is Wen Tian Tian still had a baby in his stomach?

Also … ask him to be a dad?

What happened?

Zhang Quan shook his hand back: [Sweet, what’s the matter?How did you get pregnant?Don’t scare me!.

Wen Tiantian: [One sentence, two sentences, or two sentences, so I invite you to help, I will take you to see Li Jingnian..

[Also, don’t tell you this matter, I didn’t tell her, I am afraid that too many people know about it, it is not good..

If it wasn’t for Zhang Quan to help, she didn’t want to tell him.

She just wants to deal with herself.

But it is impossible.

Although Zhang Quan still dare not believe it, Wen Tiantian needs him to help.

[Okay, sweet, I will help you..

Wen Tiantian is grateful: [Thank you Zhang Quan..

Zhang Quan: [Don’t thank you, we are all friends..

After chatting with Zhang Quan, Wen Tiantian was a little relaxed, and accompanied Anyi to continue visiting the meeting. The two girls returned to the apartment that they rented.

As a result, as soon as I arrived at the bottom of the apartment, I saw a black Hun VIP car familiar with the license plate 888.

This is Li Jingnian’s exclusive vehicle.

Wen Tiantian was frightened, and he almost puzzled his throat and couldn’t spit it out.

Is Li Jingnian found where she rented?

"Sweet, why don’t you leave?" An Yi saw her stop, and I wanted to pull her arm.

"An comfort, I think of the drawing of the drawing of the drawing tomorrow, I go to the small shop outside to buy it." Wen Tiantian said quickly.

An comfortable sound: "Do you need me to accompany you?"

Wen Tiantian shook his head: "No need, I’ll buy it quickly."

"Well, I’ll go upstairs for you first." An Yi didn’t doubt anything, carrying a bag of clothes purchased today to try clothes.

Wen Tiantian waited for her to go upstairs to go towards the black Bentley not far away.

In front of the car, the courage knocked on the window of the rear seat.

The window fell quickly, and Li Jingnian really sat in it.

Wen Tiantian didn’t know what he came here suddenly, and quickly said, "Mr. Li, how do you come here?"

"Knowing that you are pregnant, I think it is necessary to take care of you more." Li Jingnian said lightly and warmly, "In addition, you don’t need to call me Li in private."

To be honest, in the past few years, he has not stayed abroad to take care of her abroad.

But usually when you have time, he will check her situation through a video.

In recent years, the work of work every day at night watching her life in Li Gongguan, her smile has been firmly trapped in.

However, he suppressed his feelings because of his late Wen family.

In fact, he knew he had long liked this little girl.

But this little girl didn’t like him at all.

Li Jingnian could not force him to force her, forcing her, which scared her.

He can only continue to suppress this feeling.

However, during her pregnancy, he didn’t want her to have a hard time, so he planned to take care of her again.

Wen Tiantian was stunned for a while, but did not expect that Li Jingnian would still take care of her again?

But she is an adult now and has a job.

It is not the warm and sweet of 18 -year -old handless iron.

Mainly, he should marry Zurich, and she does not want to be a third party in their marriage.

Wen Tiantian’s heart was slightly excited.

I changed my mouth and said, "Brother Li, thank you for your kindness, I am now … adult, I can take care of myself."

Li Jingnian continued to say, "Warm and sweet, and the pregnancy expenses are very large. How is your boyfriend’s work? Can you afford it?"

Wen Tiantian bit her lip, she was afraid of how much she thought about it, and she was tingling faintly. She was really reluctant to say so cruelly to a good man like him, but she couldn’t help: "Yes, Brother LiThank you, my boyfriend and I will take care of our baby, please … don’t be so good to me in the future, I’m afraid he is angry. "

Wen Tiantian looked at the handsome side face in the dark shadow in the car, and endured some kind of uncomfortable continuous saying: "Brother Li, you give me the kindness, I will not forget in my life, I will compensate for compensation in the future, I will compensate for compensation.your."

After Wen Tiantian finished speaking, he straightened his body and wanted to turn around and left.

Li Jingnian suddenly raised his hand to grab the gentle and sweet wrist. Although he was very angry, when he was facing her, he couldn’t move his anger at all.Is it? "

Wen Tiantian has let him break the ring again and again.

He really doesn’t know what to do with her?

"Well, Brother Li, I’m 21 years old, I can take good care of myself, including my boyfriend, he will also." Wen Tiantian finished speaking and slowly pulled back to Li Jingnian’s hand.

Turn around and walk towards the door of the apartment.

Li Jingnian sat in the car and watched her back disappearing in her field of vision.

The darkness of the eyes is deeper with the night outside the car.

The little girl may not know that when his warm palms were stuck in her soft palms, the gentle touch seemed to spread quickly on Li Jingnian’s skin.

He even wanted to hold her hand out of control.

But he also knew that she had others in her heart.

Li Jingnian looked back and ordered the driver to leave the apartment.

However, Li Jingnian’s exclusive Bentley just drove away from Wen Tian’s rental apartment. Lu Xiujuan, the aunt Lu Xiujuan, who had already heard the information of Wen Tian Tian, took her daughter to drive her to ask Li Jingnian to get money.

She also believed her ghostly, and Li Jingnian didn’t want her.

So she would verify her guess.

As a result … she saw Li Jingnian’s car, and Lu Xiujuan thought that her husband was being challenged by usury for a few days. He hadn’t returned home for a few days.There was a layer of fire.

Lu Xiujuan stopped her BMW car and pulled her daughter Xu Lingling down.

"Mom, do you say that Wen Tiantian will borrow money by this dead girl?" Xu Lingling was 2 years older than Wen Tiantian. She graduated for 2 years and couldn’t go out to work.

Now that the capital chain at home is broken, her luxury life is gone.

This is what Xu Lingling, who likes to buy luxury goods, can’t bear it.

"If you don’t borrow it, we must force her to ask Li Jingnian to borrow money, otherwise I will go to the reputation of Li Jingnian. Wen Tiantian was taken home by him at the age of 18. He is a typical play with a girl."Said.

As he said and walked to the apartment with her daughter Xu Lingling.

"Well, mother we must ask her to get money." Xu Lingling nodded: "Otherwise, my Prada bag will not be able to buy it."

"Baby, my mother will force her to get money, and then we will still have money." Lu Xiujuan had planned to be good at Wen Tiantian.

If Li Jingnian can’t do it, go to the old lady’s side.

The old lady is lying in the hospital now, and Wen Tiantian has been treated with her. As long as she takes her old lady home, she does not believe that she will ignore her grandmother’s life.

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