I want the second child, but the endometrium has been bad, relatively thin, how to adjust this

As the old saying, if the crops grow well, it must be fat.Similarly, the uterus is like a crops, and the thickness of the endometrium represents the fat of the uterus.The endometrium is thin.

Normal uterine endometrium thickness is 8-14mm. If the endometrium of women is thin, it means that the planting land is barren, the embryo is difficult to survive when the embryo is bed, and women cannot get pregnant.

It is currently recognized that the thickness of the endometrium of follicles ≤7mm is considered to be thin endometrium.

1. Diet conditioning

The common cause of endometrium is insufficient estrogen. You can eat more estrogen foods, such as soybean products, snow clams, etc.

In addition, you can also eat more meat such as valley, potato, mutton, black chicken, etc. At the same time, it is recommended to eat high -protein foods such as eggs, chicken, etc.There are also jujube, longan, etc. that benefit qi and nourish blood.

2. Acupuncture and moxibustion

Selecting related acupuncture points for acupuncture, or moxibustion in the related acupoints of the waist and abdomen, can improve endometrial tolerance, increase the thickness of the endometrium, and increase the pregnancy rate.

Acupuncture combined with patients with intravaging infertility in the treatment of infertility, acupuncture Sanyinjiao, uterus, Guan Yuan, and middle pole, acupuncture for two consecutive days after promoting is promoted, which is of positive significance for improving endometrial tolerance.

3. Surgical treatment

For those with thin uterine endometrium, such as uterine cavity adhesion and tuberculosis, etc., the cause should be actively eliminated.Promote endometrial growth; tuberculosis infection is treated with anti -tuberculosis treatment.

4. Drug treatment

(1) Western medicine: The commonly used estrogen is natural estrogen, including complement of Jiale, Fen Tong, Esto, etc., to take the medicine to take medicine, Fen can be taken orally or vaginal medicine.Plugs and medicine.Drugs that improve endometrial blood supply include aspirin, low -molecular heparin, Van Aiko, and growth hormones.

(2) Chinese medicine: astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Yunling, Licorice, Angelica, Bai Zhi, Xianmao, Xianling spleen, etc. can nourish blood, promote blood, nourish yin and kidney, and improve the thin endometrium.

1. Keep pleasure

Keep a relaxed and happy mood, and avoiding excessive mental stress is one of the most effective ways to regulate endocrine. Happy mood is conducive to health.

2. Menstrual warmth

Pay attention to warmth during menstruation. If necessary, you can place hot compress pads or warm water bags on the abdomen to promote blood circulation, relax your muscles, reduce organ spasms, and promote menstrual blood discharge.

3. Persist in exercise

Exercise can enhance physical fitness and is good for uterine health.However, exercise must be appropriate.

Especially for mothers who want to be a second child, their physical functions have declined. Be sure to adjust their bodies and strive to welcome Erbao in the best state.

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