I was beaten by my husband, and I asked me to get a fetus

My name is Xiao Jing. I am 26 years old. I am a high -Chinese diploma. I am not good at reading, but I love studying and my grades are not good. I am not studying in the book. After graduating from high school, I will not study.The introduction of my friend, know me now.

Since I am the only daughter in my family, my parents love me very much. It seems that I want what I want. They will give it. My family is too rich in the village. I usually do n’t miss anything economically. I am very proud when I was a kid.Pride, the same is true of friends around me, which led to growing up and getting married, and no friend came to my wedding.

Since junior high school, my personality has become a stubbornness. Regardless of the feelings of anyone, if you want to say, you can say what you want.All kinds of ridicule and irony, no matter what others say me, I will go back by sentence.This seems to feel a little bit refreshing in my heart, so gradually I do n’t have a few friends.

At the same time as high school pressure, no classmate was still willing to contact me. I was alone. When I ate, many people talked about me. No matter how lonely and lonely I walked there.

I will face the college entrance examination, there is no preparation in my heart, I feel stunned, and I do n’t have a good review. In addition, the grades are poor. In the end, the results of the college entrance examination have come out and the grades are poor.I also choose not to go to school anymore.When I went out to work outside, I came back for a year without any money.

When I came back to the New Year, I went to shopping on the street. I couldn’t think of an old friend who hadn’t seen it for many years. This friend was not so alienated to me, but I couldn’t talk about it. I met her. Since she had a child, she got married and had children.I talked a lot with me.

She said, "I do n’t study after graduating from junior high school. I go out to work outside. I will know my husband a year later." I said, "Actually, I was not good when I was in high school. Because my personality was not good, many students were unwilling to be willingI communicate together and don’t want to be friends with me. "She said to me comfortably, "It’s okay, everyone has different people, don’t care about what others say" I "Yeah!" She asked, "Are you still studying?"I said, "Don’t read books, the grades are not ideal, I can’t get into the ideal university." She said, "Do you go outside to work outside, or have been at home."I said, "I just went home for a year and just went home for the New Year. I can meet you today."

In this way, we added WeChat. During the Chinese New Year, there were activities in the village, and she happened to be the New Year’s New Year. Then she asked me to watch the annual meeting activities together. Anyway, I felt boring at home, so I went together.

At the meeting, I actually think about it really boring and fun.

After the annual meeting, we went to chat next to him. She said, "When I met you a few days ago, I went home and mentioned you with my husband. He said," There is a big brother nowly without a wife, I want me to introduce, "Actually, I am me." Actually, meMy husband, the eldest brother, is old and diligent, and work hard. Otherwise, you can try it, "I don’t think so much, I don’t know how to answer it. I slowly swallow it.I don’t think about these issues. "Then I said goodbye to her, go home!

After two days, she sent me a message and asked me if I would like it. I thought about it and agreed to be with him.

In this way, I have been with my current husband for a while, and I also discuss with my parents. The parents also agreed happily. After talking about it for less than half a year, the parents of both sides also met and agreed to the marriage.

In the 15th. On December 15th, I got married, joyful, and greeted my wedding day with a happy mood. Because there were few personal friends, friends who could invite also issued invitations.I didn’t come intentionally, there was still in school, and then I didn’t have a friend to participate in my wedding. The wedding was unhappy. I collapsed in my heart, and gradually started one minute and one second, so the wedding ended simply.

One year after getting married, my husband and I have the first child. I am very happy at home and my husband is very happy, but I have a bad temper, and I have started to have a lot of contradictions with my husband. Sometimes I hit me.The child is one year old, and at the same time, I am pregnant again, and I am pregnant again with a child.

My husband went out to work outside and came back very late. Sometimes he was still drinking. As soon as I said him, she hit me. My parents also knew that I had a bad temper and would not take care of others’ feelings. I often said something should not be said.Parents have no right to interfere with us.

Gradually, after a few years, the two children also went to school. I was pregnant again. This time I was really a little tired, because I always quarreled with my husband, and I was really reluctant.

The storm is coming, and the shouts for life. On this day, my husband told me to go back to her mother -in -law’s house together, because I have n’t returned to see my mother -in -law for a long time. I also go back with him and take two children back.

When I arrived at my husband’s house, I saw the big sister, and I started to be a little unhappy and dishly, because I came back to my mother -in -law’s house a few times before, and I was in conflict with Dasao. I was not very good. I started to think about it.My family "I still don’t listen to him. I continued to think about it. My husband couldn’t bear to start standing up, saying that I was thinking in my heart, is it important in your heart than me, I still say that my husband has been provoked.

In front of her mother -in -law, my husband hit me, roared me, and I became more and more angry, just quarreling with her husband, very powerful, saying such a word in inadvertently, making me difficult for me to accept "You TM,What do you want, go to your mother, and go to the fetus. "I also understand the true face of this ruthless man.

I have something wrong, but why is my husband so ruthless!Since I call me to get a fetus, haha.

What should I do in this ruthless situation!

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