I was in a hurry to have a child in half a year after marriage, but I came here, my wife: I’m satisfied now

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After the marriage, the young couple will basically be given birth to their children. Some couples also hope to be parents as soon as possible. For ordinary families, it is not easy to raise one or two children.The sour stimulus that is unable to bear the general family.

Xiaofeng and Xiaoma are young bamboo horses. After graduating from college, they entered the palace of marriage. Because the two sides were familiar with each other long ago, they could be described as the bottom of the knowledge, and they naturally lived a natural life.

After a year of marriage, the two urged the two to ask for children. Xiaofeng was anxious. Although the pony was a little reluctant, he had to be a mother in the morning and evening.plan.

Everything went smoothly. It didn’t take long for the pony to get pregnant. Xiaofeng also put more energy on taking care of his wife. However, over time, the couple found that the situation was not right, and the wife’s belly was obviously obviouslyIt is larger than the maternal of the same age.

Is this the rhythm of twins?Xiaofeng was a little surprised, but after pregnancy, he even "surprised" him, but he was a trilogy.This time the cola was broken, but at the same time, he was worried about his wife and was afraid that his wife would not be able to eat.

Fortunately, God cares, although the pony has suffered a little bit, but in the end, the mother and son were safe.The family finally put down the hanging heart.

However, since then, the couple have been suffering.Even if an old man helps, taking care of the three children is a big thing.Xiaofeng’s spare time is almost all on the child.

Xiaofeng, who was resting on the weekend, just got up in the morning and did not wash his hair, just walked into the toilet. The three little guys who came when they heard the news went straight to the toilet. The wife said that the three little guys were going to take a bath. As a result, no one was obedient. Whoever was obedient.If you are not willing to fall behind, you have to wash it for the first time. What do you do?

Xiao Feng, who was sleeping with a chicken nest, was helpless, and he could only wash it together. Thinking of this, he squatted down and picked up three little guys and walked to the bathroom.

The pony looked at this scene and smiled at it with heart. It is really not easy to raise these three babies.

Find a helper

After knowing that the twin or multiple births of pregnancy, the first thing Bao Ma and Bao Da is to seize the time to arrange the helper, or to help the relatives and family help, or ask the Yuezhang to hire a nanny.Essence

Hurry up

Baoma should consult the doctor or relatives and friends around, or add some Baoma groups through the Internet, and find some related polyphrobic families to consult experience, as well as some key points in the process of childbirth.

Leave meals alone

The appetite between each baby is different. At the same time, after feeding, some babies may not be full. At this time, the mother needs to leave the baby with extra milk based on experience.Make sure children with a good appetite can be full.

baby product

Baby supplies are different according to different features, such as strollers and cribs. Those who can buy large people can use it as much as possible.It is a good choice that allows parents to take care of their children more conveniently, and it is also convenient to travel to the car.

But some other infant supplies need to be used separately, especially bottle, water cup or something, and cannot be mixed.When you encounter a baby, you should pay attention to "isolation" and try not to make healthy babies infected.

On vacation

According to the specific situation of the child, Baoma can consider applying for maternity leave from the unit, which is good for recovery and care for the child.If you are allowed to be allowed, you can also resign to take full -time to bring your baby.

In short, the educational education of multiple or multi -child families is by no means as simple as 1+1 = 2. More often, in some ways, parents’ thoughts increased geometrically.EssenceTherefore, once you prepare or have a twins, it is necessary to prepare many aspects in advance.

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