I was pregnant at the age of 16 and had a boyfriend betrayed again. Four years later, I bought a house in Shenzhen and returned to the counterattack.

I was pregnant and had children at the age of six of my boyfriend.Four years later, I finally embarked on the road to happiness by myself

Text/Qiao Qiao

I am Zhou Hui, today I am my 20th birthday. With my family, I have the first birthday for four years.Think about the past four years, I have been dreaming. After experiencing a nightmare -like life, I have seen the ugliness of human nature at a young age.

Fortunately, I came out today, and my mother encouraged me to bravely let go of her baggage and welcome a new life.Today, I wrote down my blood and tears and warned those girls who were fainted by love.

The following is the first person.


At the age of sixteen, I was admitted to the county seat, and I dreamed that one day I could be admitted to the university I like.I don’t know, this is where my nightmare is started.

I have a refreshing personality and often play with boys.It is the age of youth and ignorance, and I also quickly have the person I like.

His name is Fan Wei, two years older than me.We met while meals in the school cafeteria. He accidentally hit me when he walked, and a bowl of hot vegetable soup was splashed on my leg.

My legs were burned, and of course he had to compensate him. He accompanied me to the medical room to rub the medicine.

In order to rest assured, he reported his own door, and the two of us were not far away.When we fight, we will contact more.

On October 1st that year, the school was on vacation for three days, and he asked me to go out with a few classmates.

We went to KTV to sing and drank a little wine, and it disappeared at five o’clock in the afternoon.He caught up alone, saying that he couldn’t go home now, and his parents would blame him to drink. He pointed at the express hotel on the opposite side and said that he had opened an hour to order the room and asked me to take him to rest. He said something to me.

I was panicked in my heart, and I foresee what he wants to say. I want to refuse, but he was paralyzed on me, and I hesitated up.

After entering the room, he pulled me in bed, smelled the unique atmosphere of men, and he was breathless.My heart banged.I stood up and left, but he was pulled by him and pushed it down on the bed.

Things still happened, I panicked, scared.Afterwards, Fan Wei hugged me and said that he liked me in the first side. Today, it was really unavoidable.

I broke away from his arms, quickly sorted out myself, and ran home without saying a word.


After arriving home, my parents hadn’t come back to work, and I lay in bed weakly, thinking about the scene that happened.Think of what Fan Wei said to me again.

I do not know what to do!

Fortunately, no one at home saw that I was inappropriate. Three days later, I went to school again.

Seeing Fan Wei again, he asked me if I took that medicine. I shook my head. He asked me when I was menstrual period. I learned that I was so relieved that I was relieved.Pregnant.

In the next days, Fan Wei was also very good to me, and I slowly accepted him in my heart.However, since then I dare not happen to him anymore.

One month later, my aunt was postponed. I was panicked and asked Fan Wei to discuss.He panicked the pregnancy test stick and measured two, showing that he was not pregnant.We breathed a sigh of relief.

It may be that learning is nervous, irregular menstruation, and my menstruation is usually inaccurate.

But I did n’t have a routine vacation for two months, and I was completely panicked.Try the test strip again, the two bright red bars are shocked.

Fan Wei and I panicked.

Time does not want to think about it, and at the end of the year, we are on vacation.


I was panicked all day and never dared to conceal it. On the third day of my home, I told my mother.

My parents responded like what I thought. First of all, I couldn’t believe that I would do this, and asked who I was. I had to send him to the police/inspection/bureau.

Dad was going to call the police and was stopped by Fan Wei and his mother.

In my living room, Fan Wei knelt on the ground, full of affection, saying that he vowed that he liked me so much, and it was really affectionate.

Fan Wei’s mother also begged, ask me not to kill this child. When I was too young, the fetal fetus was too hurtful at this time, and it was likely to leave a problem.Second, this is also her grandson, she really accepts it.

In order to show her determination, she was willing to take the gift of Cai Li, only to let the child a way of life.

Perhaps my parents did not want to make things bigger, and considering that I was a girl, it would not have a good impact.

After thinking about it for a long time, my parents proposed to let Fan Wei drop out of school and form a factual marriage with me.

Fan Wei agreed.

But only two days later, he sent me a message saying that he hoped that he could finish high school and say that his family conditions were average. If he did not have a studies, how could he give me a better life with my children.

He also guarantees that I only need to take a break for one year. When I get my child in my life, his mother will take it home to raise it, and I can continue to school.

My parents and I believed his tricks.

In this way, I was suspended.My mother took me to Luoyang, thousands of miles away, and found a foothold to wait for the child to be born.

During this period, Fan Wei and his mother kept sending me WeChat to care about me, comforting me, and kept eating one by one.

Fan Wei is even more. As long as you have time, he will send me a message and call.Promise to study hard and wait for me in college.

I was even thinking that maybe I could return to school soon.


Facts have proved that these are just my delusion.

Fan Wei’s mother suddenly became cold and no longer cared about my situation.Far in a foreign country, only Fan Wei, as always to me.

When I was 8 months pregnant, Fan Wei’s mother did not come as appointment.In this regard, Fan Wei’s explanation was that his mother complained about him and was unwilling to bring her children. She thought that with a child, she tied her freedom.

Fan Wei is advising his mother to let me wait.

The child has been 8 months old and can not be processed by labor.And I was reluctant to kill him.Mom was so angry that he felt played by their house.

At that time, I thought that Fan Wei was supported!After the child was born, I threw it to his parents.

When she was in labor, Fan Wei did not show up, and her mother called her to quarrel.

It is ridiculous that at the beginning, the mouthful begging now became my son, and wanted to use the children to hold their family.

In a word, whether it is a man or a woman, she will never accept it.

When the child was born, he was a boy.I took a video to Fan Wei. He said he wanted to come, but he had no money and was busy with the college entrance examination. He couldn’t come to me.

Fan Wei threatened to break the relationship with his parents, and in the future, only filial piety to my parents.He also said that he owed me too much in this life, and he would fight well for the rest of his life and strive to give me a good life.

Regarding children, he euphemistically proposed that if my parents do not raise, they can give them away. When we have matured in the future, we will come back.

It is said that having a child is silly for three years. I was at an ignorant age at the age of 17, and I was trapped in the ingenious words. I felt that everything was expected in the future.

My parents have to report/police, I stop it.I knelt down and begged my mother to help me bring my children.

Mom Cheng Su Cheng couldn’t sleep, and finally forced Fan Wei to set up a guarantee.In the end, I agreed.

I looked at my parents because of my business, blame myself every day, guilt, and I was even more sad.The conditions at home are not good, and the child and grandma can’t expect it. Mom will help me bring the child and cannot go out to work.

How do I have to go to school?

I decided to go out to work, at least I can support the money of my child.


Three months after the child, the mother took him home. In order to leave me face, he claimed to be his brother’s child.And I chose to go south.

When I first arrived in Dongzhang, I was unfamiliar with my life. I have entered an electronics factory, shoe factory, and clothing factory.

The peers in the factory are talking about falling in love every day, buying, eating, and drinking.I am like an alternative. I work hard in the factory, dare not eat well, and dare not wear well.

After half a year, my monthly salary in the factory was first.With money, I all sent it to my mother.Every night, I watched my son’s small video and sent him to Fan Wei.

Fan Wei went to a junior college and saw his son’s video. From the beginning of his happiness to a bland response. Later, he became more and more busy, and we rarely contacted.

I had doubts in my heart, so I didn’t say hello to see him.

At the entrance of the school, I saw that he was intimate as a girl, as close as a male and female friend.

Fan Wei lied to me!This is the desperate struggle he calls me a better life for me and children?

In the hot summer, I was cold from head to toe.The whole world decided to abandon me, leaving only my son and I was lonely.At this moment, I completely woke up.

I gritted my teeth, holding up the urge to rush to fight, and opened this scene and recorded this scene.

Then, I stepped forward quickly, facing a pair of men and women in front of me, and my backhand slapped on Fan Wei’s face.

"Scumbag, your son has all, what are you lied to the girl here?" I took a sip, glaring at Fan Wei.

"Zhou Hui, you’re here, you listen to me, she, she is …"

"Pop!" A slap fan was on Fan Wei’s face again. The girl fell her milk tea on his face and turned her head away.

At the beginning, Fan Wei also wanted to continue to coax me and said that it had nothing to do with the girl.I sneered, I was too stupid before, too naive.The same mistake, I will not make a second time.

I said coldly: That’s the way, I take my son to school, or we can find a reporter to report it.

Fan Wei hesitated and confessed, and began to ask me to let him go.After he graduated in the future, he is willing to bear the child’s support fee. Just ask me not to make any noise, he will definitely be responsible.

Looking at this selfish and hypocritical man in front of me, I really regret not seeing his face early.In addition to hate, there is no pain of love.

It turned out that I didn’t love him.

When I got the agreement he wrote, I turned my head and left. Looking at him more, I would be disgusting.


Today, the bubble is broken, and I should plan for myself.At this time, Sister Gong came to me again. This time, I did not refuse.

People always stimulate unlimited potential when they reach the desperate situation.Now, I can only rely on myself.

Sister Gong is making cosmetics and is the kind of high -end cosmetics.

It is rumored that she is the lover of the boss. She has found me before, saying that she rarely sees such a girl who dare to work hard now, hoping that I can do things under her.

And I have never agreed to her identity.

Nowadays, I no longer care about it. I have been working for a life that I want. For myself, for my children, I must work hard.

I resigned from the factory and moved to the dormitory provided by Sister Gong.

On the first day of work, she dumped me a stack of thick information, making me quickly familiar with it.I followed her to and from various sales points during the day to learn how to deal with customers.Go back at night, I stay up late until two or three o’clock to see those obscure materials.

If you don’t understand, I will make up for all kinds of knowledge.To learn, I hurry up all the fragments to ponder research.

In just three months, I have initially learned about the basic knowledge of the beauty industry.

Sister Gong arranged a new task for me and asked me to go to a chain shop to work.After only half a year, I successfully became the manager.One year later, I ran all over the country as an independent dealer.

Behind the halo and appreciation, no one knows how much effort I have paid on the ground.Fortunately, there are always gains.

In my career, I have achieved a young age, and my son is three years old.My mother said that her son had not been in the hukou, and he wanted to discuss with me if he could go to my brother’s hukou.

I refused.Because of this, my brother has not yet become a family.I can’t drag my brother anymore.

I returned to my hometown and took out a sum of money to my brother. The location asked him to open a cosmetics chain, and the goods were directly taken from me.Seeing that my brother’s shop was gradually on track, I felt a little comfort in my heart.


Next, I have to deal with the things between me and Fan Wei.Fan Wei came back with the fangs of her mother, and worked in her hometown, as if she was in love with a leader’s daughter.

I found Fan Wei and proposed that the support for his son had to pay a lot, and he had to pay a lot, and the river water would not be committed in the future.

Fan Wei looked at me like this now, her eyes gurgled two times, and they kneeling down and began to seek peace.What he said was stunned for a while, and now it seems that I am the best … ………

I really did n’t draft a draft. Since I came back, my son had never seen it at a glance, and now there are children with faces.

I calmly watched his performance, and fell to him with a paper agreement, giving him three days to perform signatures.Otherwise, waiting for him is really uncle.

Fan Wei glanced at the agreement, got up from the ground, stared at me fiercely, and yelled at me: "Your lion speaks, dare to have so much money. Where can I get you for you?Yes. Tell you, I don’t recognize now! "

OK!It’s so shameless.I was wrong at the beginning., Should not believe his words.As long as he is willing to bear the responsibility he should take.I don’t want to investigate anything else.

Since he chose this step by himself, then I couldn’t say so, and he couldn’t immediately enter the place he should enter.

I took two guarantees he wrote, and in recent years, the voice and text messages he and his family sent me with his family hugged his son to Fan Wei unit to find him to lead.After an hour, get satisfactory results.

There is no doubt that Fan Wei will be fired.Waiting for him will be legal sanctions.

I gave all the evidence to the lawyer and entrusted him to actively act.At this point, I don’t want to see this person again.

When I returned to Dongzheng, while working hard, I reported my self -examination.The dream of the university is broken, and I can complete it in another way.

Soon, good news came from my brother.He talked about a girlfriend in the store and was ready to get married.In the future, my sister -in -law heard me, and was very pity for my experience. She also praised my brother’s approach, and loved my son especially.

Our family is slowly getting better. In the future, I plan to continue to work hard and strive to settle in Shenzhen before my son goes to elementary school.

In this way, I will take my parents and my son. In the future, the elder brother and the grandmother will also take over to work. The elder brother has a child and allows him to go to school in Shenzhen to receive the most advanced education.

I believe that as long as I work hard and move forward, I will definitely realize my wish in the future.

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