I was stolen from the fetal medicine at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

On June 30, a "woman was stolen by her boyfriend for 6 weeks of pregnancy" caused widespread discussion.

According to reports, the woman went to the hospital immediately after finding something wrong, but was told that she could not determine whether the child could be kept.In the face of the news, netizens asked: Is this child going to do it?

The woman was secretly pressed by her boyfriend for 6 weeks of pregnancy, causing her blood pressure to rise, and she kept complaining.

This happened somewhere in Beijing, and women kept crying on social platforms.

She said: She has been pregnant for more than 6 weeks and hopes to leave this child, but her boyfriend does not want, so he secretly gave her a fetal medicine.

So how do you secretly apply the medicine?

In the evening, her boyfriend began to rush a glass of brown sugar water for his girlfriend, showing full of love, but behind it was hidden.

The girl was asleep in the morning. After waking up, her boyfriend began to clarify what he had done.

My boyfriend bluntly said: I have added meterone, promoting blood circulation and cold to brown sugar water. These items have the effect of promoting blood circulation, but they may also cause fetal malformations.

The girl was stunned all of a sudden, she thought she had heard it wrong!

Can that medicine cause deformity?

The girl decided to go to the hospital immediately. This was the first time she encountered such a situation. She was not good for her, and her blood pressure soared to 160.

The doctor prescribed a fetal preservation medicine, but it was not sure whether the child could be kept.

After the incident, netizens strongly condemned the man and persuaded the girl to break up.

Some netizens believe that men’s behavior has reached the level of intentional injury, and what girls have to do at the moment are:

First of all, you ca n’t ask this child, because you have taken those medicines, and do n’t bet that he will be a healthy child. If you lose, it will be your two losses in your life!IntersectionIntersection

Second, the alarm should be called, accusing the man of murder and giving others medicine to hurt the intention!

Indeed, even if you don’t want this child, the two parties should communicate well, instead of forcing the girl to give up by taking the medicine.

In addition, some netizens are trying to persuade the girl to break up:

This shows that men don’t love you, it is best to break up.

You do this just to move yourself.

He is all like this, why do you have to keep your fetus?Is this child?

Indeed, I don’t understand. The man has done such a hurtful behavior. Why is the girl so persistent?Does the man’s family have a large property in the house that requires children to inherit?If not, it is better to stop loss early.

Stop loss in time, don’t move yourself.

As netizens say, girls insist on choosing to have children, but they have to bear various consequences such as deformity and single parents, which is not only unfair to themselves, but also unfair to children.

Just like those children who grew up in difficult families, when they were asked if they had the opportunity to return to the past, many people answered that they would try their best to prevent their parents from meeting, because they wanted their mother to have a better life.

The same is true of this girl. To know the pain of native families, it is necessary to use the child to cure it throughout their lives. This is unfair to them and a kind of torture.

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