I was tired, the fish was so fishy … What should I do if I can’t eat things in the early stages of pregnancy?

Recently, Xiaoqian (pseudonym), 32, who lives in Qingdao.After a few days, Xiao Qian began to react during pregnancy.First of all, the nausea and vomiting after getting up in the morning. Later, I developed to vomit after each meal, and I was nauseous when I saw greasy food. I was uncomfortable when I smelled the meat …Essence

Xiao Qian was tossed enough during the pregnancy. He didn’t increase his weight, but also dropped several pounds.So he hurried to the Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital for medical treatment.

Is this what the older generation says "harm"?

When will it be good?

Will it affect children’s development?

In the diagnosis room, Xiao Qian asked the doctor anxiously.

In fact, Xiao Qian encountered an early pregnancy reaction.Compared to before pregnancy, most expectant mothers in the early pregnancy will feel that "eating" has become a problem, the main reason is that early pregnancy reactions.Pregnancy vomiting is not a disease. After 13 weeks of pregnant women, the annoying pregnancy response will naturally improve.However, there are also some pregnant women who have a serious response to early pregnancy and cannot eat. They will not only vomit food, but also cause blood vomit or bile.

So, what is the correct way to reduce vomiting during pregnancy?

Specific mothers should adjust their mentality, do not have psychological burdens, and transfer their attention as much as possible.The fetus is still small in the early pregnancy, and the nutrition you need is not much. Even if your weight loss will not affect the growth of the fetus.

In terms of diet conditioning, you can choose your favorite food according to the taste of pregnant women, eat less meals, and eat them separately, choose light, refreshing, and easy to digest foods. Do not have too high food temperature.

Of course, if the response is very heavy, persistent vomiting, or even eating, water into the water, weight loss, at this time, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to cause metabolic disorders and accidents.

Experts from the Nutrition Department of Maternal and Children’s Hospital Suggestion: Pregnant mothers can eat this way


Pregnant mothers eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and other foods rich in high -quality protein, vitamins and minerals.


Due to insufficient carbohydrate intake, it can lead to the occurrence of keto acid poisoning, which affects the development of the fetal nervous system.Therefore, pregnant mothers should supplement a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.Stable types such as grilled buns and grilled slices can reduce early pregnancy reactions."Rough grain food" is also recommended, such as coarse grains, potatoes, and miscellaneous foods. Its B vitamin content is high, which can effectively alleviate the occurrence of early pregnancy reactions.


You can also add some sour foods in your diet and increase appetite.

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