I went to donate blood for the first time today, but I did not expect that this would happen

I wanted to donate blood very early, but I never went,

Because I am afraid of pain …

Today, I finally gathered my courage and presented 400 ml

Unexpectedly, the needle is so thick

I hurt me so much

Why do you want to donate blood?

It’s about love.Because I am a medical school, I also like to watch some medical -themed TV series. Everyone cannot avoid, old, sick, and dead. When the disaster comes, there are helplessness.

I remember when I was in a community hospital, a person’s nail protein index was very high. The doctor asked him to go to the large hospital to take a look, but the doctor did not tell him that he was liver cancer.He was only in his 30s and looked blank, but he still went to the Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital to see the doctor. The doctor also contacted the doctor to see if he could quickly check him.

One of his relatives and our doctor met. The doctor called her. She came to the doctor and told her: "Your brother -in -law may suffer from liver cancer, but I didn’t say it, let him go to the big hospital to see it."Later, she learned that her brother -in -law was the backbone of the family. She rarely had medical examinations and loved drinking. People were super good. If she really had cancer, what could her sister do?

Yeah, how much helplessness in life, you can’t decide your life, and you can’t absolutely control your death. What I can do is to try to be good at yourself, be better to others, and save more kindness.I will treat you well.

What are the benefits of donating blood?

With the improvement of living standards, chronic non -infectious diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes have continued to increase. The poor diet structure and do not love sports, people’s physical fitness is getting worse and worse.Blood donation can achieve the purpose of reducing blood. With the replenishment of our body’s moisture, the blood is diluted, reducing the risk of lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and reducing hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Bone marrow is our hematopoietic organs. As we grow older, if our blood has been lost, the hematopoietic organs will rust, and the hematopoietic function will decrease. If you often donate bloodThe hematopoietic function can also improve immunity.

For free blood donation, it is actually equivalent to a free medical examination.The blood of those who donate blood free of charge will be performed (three times for fast inspection, preliminary inspection, and re -inspection). There are eight inspection items, namely blood type, RH, hemoglobin, transaminase, hepatitis C, hepatitis C, syphilis, AIDS.Only all qualified blood can provide clinical needs, which is equivalent to a comprehensive and detailed blood test on you.After one week of donation, you can get detailed results and be guided by an experienced physician. In the future, you can use blood with your straight relatives to use blood for free.

In addition, the average life expectancy of blood donation is higher than those who have not donated blood.According to investigations in the world -renowned medical scientist Karl and others, 332 people participating in the laws were analyzed with 339 people who did not donate blood in the same region. The average life expectancy of blood donors was 70.1 years old and 67.5 years old.2.6 years high.

Precautions for blood donation

The age of blood donation is 18 to 55 years old, which is in line with health examination: not to donate blood or in the disease period;

Men’s weight must be greater than equal to 50kg, women must be greater than or equal to 45, carrying effective identity proof;

You must eat meals before donating blood, and you can donate blood half an hour after meals;

It is not advisable to exercise violently within 24 hours after blood donation, work high -altitude and high temperature operations and excessive fatigue, add more water, do not drink alcohol, ensure sufficient sleep;

The interval between blood donation is generally half a year, and blood donation can be donated after half a year.

I wanted to donate blood last week, but I hit the physiological period, so it was postponed to this week.Girls must avoid the physiological period. Do not donate blood within three days before and after the end of the physiological period.There are also abortion surgery within half a year and pregnancy. Do not donate blood.

Although blood donation is worth advocating, it is necessary to consider the actual situation of your body.Because after donating blood, there may also be some situations. If you are weak and sick, and you can force blood donation, it will become more likely to get sick, but pay attention to the care before and after blood donation. Eat more iron -containing foods, such as animal blood orRed meat, also eating more vegetables and fruits at the same time, can achieve the purpose of vitamin C to promote iron absorption, and make the iron absorption utilization rate higher.As long as we do what we do, there will be no major problems. Blood donation is not only good for our own body, but also helps others.

Did you donate blood this year?


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