I wonder if I have an impact on the fetus?Authoritative agency: safe before this time

In terms of pregnancy, one of the most controversial topics is drinking.We all know that alcohol will harm unborn babies, but lack of specific research means that it is difficult to accurately say how much wine can drink.Most women follow these known rules or completely avoid drinking.But what do those who don’t know they are pregnant?How about women who drink a few weeks before pregnancy, because they don’t know they are pregnant unexpectedly.

After learning that they are pregnant, some women are worried that drinking can hurt the fetus before, so she wants to know if the child can still want it.Regarding this issue, the Royal Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology gave an authoritative answer.

1. Drinking two weeks before pregnancy, the impact on the fetus may be all or none

The Royal Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology said that for most women, the risk of drinking two weeks before pregnancy is very small.This is already a consensus, that is, if you drink excessive drinking within two weeks before pregnancy, or take anything that may cause damage to your baby within two weeks before pregnancy, then it often has a great impact on the baby.Or there is no nutrition at all.

If you drink alcohol two weeks before pregnancy, and this does not cause you to have a miscarriage, or in the early examination, the fetus does not have abnormalities, so continuous pregnancy will often not have any harmful effects.

2. If you continue to drink after two weeks of pregnancy, the risk will be slightly higher

Although the risk of hurting the baby two weeks before pregnancy is very low, with the development of important organs, drinking will bring risks to the fetus in the later period.Alcohols enter the fetus through hormones and placenta secreted in the body, and many risks are not detected at the fetal stage.

3. Everyone is different

Regarding drinking during pregnancy, the impact on all aspects of the fetus has great differences in individual aspects.Everyone is different, and the risks may be different, depending on how much wine women drink, when to drink and their physical condition.Some people drink alcohol, which can indeed cause fetal alcohol syndrome. This is a serious disease that allows some children to develop development problems and deformities due to contact with alcohol.Fetal alcohol syndrome is usually related to women who drink a lot of alcohol during pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman did drink alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy, but if she found that she was pregnant, she stopped drinking immediately, then her child would not have a high risk when suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.Instead, if you continue to drink during pregnancy, the incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome will be high.

It is completely normal to find a woman who has been drinking and not knowing that she is pregnant. In fact, there are people who are there.Only half of women who are pregnant are preparing for pregnancy, which means that most women may take a few weeks to know that they are pregnant.Most people did not realize that they were pregnant. They drank as usual. After a period of pregnancy, they tested and found that they were pregnant, and then began to worry about them.Now you understand that these will not have a great impact on the fetus, but once you know that you are pregnant, don’t drink alcohol!

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