If progesterone is low?Be careful of your liver, the side effects of progesterone, you have to understand

My husband and I were still immersed in the joy of wedding, but they were pregnant immediately after marriage, disrupted all our plans, and the plan really couldn’t keep up with changes.At the age of childbearing, we are not Dink couples, so we are happy to welcome the upcoming baby.

Early pregnancy test paper strong positive

Seeing that people are pregnant, they will be born directly, and every little point on themselves will worry about it, and they care about the baby when they are sick.Pregnancy is a happy event, but maybe there may be many troubles with this happy event, and "low progesterone" is probably the most prominent one of these troubles.

Some people have done statistics saying that eight pregnant women have encountered "low progesterone", so many pregnant mothers have fallen into a strange circle of babies.

Welon is an ovarian secretion of a progesterone, and most of them are secreted by luteal in the ovaries.When the fertilized eggs form an embryo after the bed, it starts to secrete a large amount of choric membrane to promote glandular hormone (HCG). HCG also stimulates the ovarian to produce a large amount of progesterone to provide sufficient nutrition and safety guarantee for the embryo.The progesterone content in the early stages of pregnancy is affected by the stimulation of choricular gonad hormones, not just luteum.

It is not necessary to protect the fetus when it is low, not all tires can increase the progesterone. Low progesterone is the result of poor embryo development, not the cause.

A large part of progesterone is relatively normal, and if the progesterone is too low, the fetus can not develop normally. At this time, it is easy to cause malformations or direct tires.Instead, there is no way to protect the fetus at all!Because it is caused by the poor development of the embryo itself, the progesterone is low, and it has no effect on supplementing progesterone.

However, if there is a low progesterone, there is symptoms of threatened abortion, such as vaginal bleeding and lower abdomen pain. At this time, it is necessary to keep the fetus. However, it is necessary to note that it is either brown discharge or bleeding.In the early pregnancy, it is normal for pregnant women to secrete brown secretions. As long as it is not bleeding from vagina and does not feel pain, don’t be too nervous.

Magrogenium is a steroid hormone secreted by ovarian, placenta, and adrenal glands, and is natural.When sufficient estrogen exists, lutenone can change the endometrium from the proliferation period to the secretion period, providing favorable conditions for the bed in the bed. After the fertilized egg, the placenta formsPregnancy state; can promote breast development and prepare for breastfeeding.

The products I took for the luteum capsule were called "Yima Xin", which is suitable for threatened abortion and habitual abortion, preliminary tension syndrome, ovulation -free blood, and ovulation -free amenorrhea, combined use of metropolitanopophylated syndrome with estrogenEssence

6.29 The last menstrual period, the 7.27 hospital checked HCG showing pregnancy, progesterone 12.35ng/ml, the doctor prescribed 4 boxes of luteum capsules, 2 times a day, 2 times each time.Take.

8.3 Checking the blood and seeing HCG doubling, showing that progesterone 10.51ng/ml is really a bit low. Although I still do not trust the medicine, I am afraid that the child is wrong.For one or two days), 8.12 review of progesterone is still only 12.24ng/ml. Ask doctors from multiple hospitals, it is recommended to take progesterone. Doctors recommend that the luteum injection will be injected immediately.So began to take 1 setting of luteum capsules/time, 2 times/day.

8.12 My HCG and progesterone value

Early pregnancy is more than 25ng/ml, which is greatly increased by the chance of abortion below 15ng/ml.

8.17 Due to conscious early pregnancy reactions (drowsiness, breast pain, nausea, fatigue, slight dizziness, dim complexion, bad breath brushing can not be alleviated) disappear immediately.The doctor asked for a file, and a lot of blood was drawn the next day. In the afternoon report, the liver function: AltStepping.

8.18 My liver function shows that ALT is elevated

ALT (gifda aminotransferase) and AST (cannase) are the most important indicators of liver function detection, especially the high sensitivity of ALT, and the liver has 1%damage. Alt can immediately display it.Essence

Because I am the medical and health industry, the most basic common sense is there, and 7.20 has been used to check the liver function Alt 20 due to the pregnancy test (unknown at the time).There are indeed related side effects.

Later, I thought that my early pregnancy response suddenly disappeared, but the child grew normally. It is considered that the liver function caused by the luteum capsule is abnormal. Early pregnancy reactions in the middle of the way (drowsiness, breast pain, nausea, fatigue, slight dizziness, dim complexion, bad breath brushing can not be reduced)All disappearance may be the adverse reaction of progesterone. It may not be able to adapt to exclusion in the early days.

The adverse reactions of luteum capsules include breakthrough bleeding, vaginal bleeding, weight gain or decrease, cervical scale column junction changes, cervical secretions change, breast swelling, nausea, and dizziness.Headache, burnout, fever, insomnia, allergies or no itching, dark spots, melasma, obstructive vermiculite, and abnormal liver function.

Drug metabolism in the liver

The following patients are disabled: 1. Those who are allergic to other ingredients in progesterone or this product; 2. Bleeding from unknown vaginal cause; 3. Those with thrombosis, vascular embolism, brain stroke or past medical history; 4. Breast tumor or genital tumorEssence

Even if you are in the pharmaceutical industry, you will inevitably take medicine, and taking medicine means side effects. Therefore, it is recommended that the general public must pay attention to the adverse reactions of the drug and go to the hospital for treatment in time.It is also hoped that the state can introduce more policies related to reasonable medication to ensure the health of patients taking medicine.

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