If the body has these performances, it means that you are pregnant, hurry up and be happy.

After a long period of pregnancy, the belly and body have no response.For the young mother of the post -80s and 90s generation, the book of pregnancy is difficult to read.Everyone knows half of my knowledge of pregnancy. They all come up with a few knowledge points from different places to assemble themselves.It turned out that it was not the case. After pregnancy, the body would tell you in many ways, but I didn’t know what was going on, and it didn’t attract attention.

I often learn on TV:

1. "Auntie" did not patronize this time

"Auntie" did not come this month, it was an important reference for pregnancy.If the "Auntie" is not as promising, it is likely to be pregnant. At this time, you have to do further inspection.The premise is that there have been a house before, otherwise it is irregular menstruation.

2. Nausea, vomiting

Nausea and vomiting have become the standard for pregnancy. In fact, most women will have pregnancy after pregnancy, but only the degree of pregnancy vomiting.Many unswatable mothers will also think of whether they are sick, so if disgusting can not eat things after the intercourse, especially in the morning.Then congratulate you first, otherwise you are really ill.

3. Fine, drowsiness

The body feels weak after pregnancy, and it is a normal phenomenon, which is also a manifestation of pregnancy.I can’t mention anything.However, this is not the standard during pregnancy. Many people now like to stay up late, and all of them are national treasure during the day.So drowsiness is difficult to attract attention now, but this is the symptom of pregnancy!

Hide a few pregnancy performances and feel attentive:

4. The breast changes

Many mothers are difficult to open up, and tell her husband that he doesn’t understand.If you are pregnant, your breasts will become more sensitive. You can feel it if you touch it a little, and you will have pain when you touch the underwear.Some will feel the swelling of the breast, and some mothers are still excited to develop their breasts in the second time. In fact, there are already babies.

5. Rise body temperature

After pregnancy, hormones in the body will change a lot, which will feel hot than the original.The body temperature will also be higher than the original. If there is a phenomenon of rising body temperature during pregnancy, you must first inform the doctor for pregnancy when you go to the hospital for treatment.

6. Emotional fluctuations

Emotions cannot be controlled by yourself well, and you lose your temper.Just like the "Auntie" patronize, it is because the hormone secretion in the body stimulates the brain nerves, which will be easier to excite than the original.

Reminder: In the early days of pregnancy, there are actually many phenomena that let ourselves know that we are pregnant, but we do not feel good attentively.When the above reaction is used during pregnancy, you must first think that you may get pregnant. Go to check it first.What is the biggest response when you are pregnant?

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