If the expectant mother has a short breath during pregnancy, you must go to the doctor in these situations

In the third trimester, expectant mothers often feel like this. In the early pregnancy and middle stages, I do n’t feel tired. I can walk 500 meters before. Now I will breathe a lot after walking 100 meters.What about it?Let ’s take a look at the situation with Dou Baoma!

Most expectant mothers are in the late pregnancy. The blood capacity of the whole body will increase by 40%to 45%compared with the pregnancy, and the heart rate will increase 10-15 times per minute, and the heart emissions will increase by 25%to 30%, Which means that the heart workload will increase compared to not pregnancy.

Many expectant mothers’ uterine body increased because the diaphragm muscle was pushed and pushed the diaphragm muscle in the late pregnancy, and the heart shifted to the upper left., So that the body must increase the amount of heart rate and heart fight, so as to complete the excess workload.

In the first few weeks before giving birth, if it was the first child, the symptoms of shortness of breath may slow down. At this time, the expectant mothers will have some sense of relaxation. The fetal decline is mostly because the fetus enters the pelvis.

If the expectant mothers are short of pregnancy, do not be nervous. The shortage of gas during pregnancy is usually not a big deal, which is normal.When doing activities, you must first slow down all kinds of rhythms, don’t force yourself.Keep your upper body straight and do your shoulders backwards, so that the lungs are expanded as much as possible. When sleeping at night, it is best to choose a side sleeping posture and choose a pillow to raise the head. This will make the expectant mothers feel better.

If there is a sudden shortness of gas, you can try to take a deep breath and consciously slow down the rhythm.If the heart is panicked, it cannot be relieved. It may be due to anemia, hypertension, heart disease and other diseases. If this is the case, go to the doctor.

After the baby is born, the mother’s breathing will return to the before pregnancy, and the shortness of breath will not appear.

1. Balanced healthy diet

When the expectant mothers avoid excessive weight during pregnancy, they need to pay attention to a balanced healthy diet. Some high -fat, high -salt, and high sugar foods should not be eaten as much as possible. Such foods will increase the weight of expectant mothers and insist on drinking plenty of water every day.Taboo intake of caffeine containing caffeine and high sugar content, so as not to cause frequent urination to cause excessive dehydration symptoms.

2, iron -containing food

Expectant mothers should eat more foods rich in iron, which can consume sufficient vitamin C from it to help the body absorb iron elements (such as lean meat, green vegetables, fruits, etc.) in good health.

3. Nutritional ingredients (vitamin)

If the expectant mother feels that she is anemia and it is difficult to eat some foods, you can try some vitamin supplements or liquid iron supplements (it is best to ask the doctor before eating).Energy of nutrients.

4. Fitness exercise

Healthy exercise can help expectant mothers to relieve her body and mind effectively. To help themselves through exercise, we must first let fit fitness coaches know that you are pregnant and participate in some fitness courses specially founded for expectant mothers.Gasing, tired!

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