If these phenomena appear in a woman’s body, it may be pregnant. The prospective mother congratulates you

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I once had a colleague who had been in love with her boyfriend since graduating from junior high school. Now there are many years of feelings, so they decided to get married. Before the marriage, they resigned and returned to their hometown to have a wedding. Xiaobian was before the wedding.I arrived in her house a day. During the chat, I asked her when she was going to start working, but the colleague said that it would not work for a while, because of pregnancy, this child came suddenly, which made the job find a good job.After work, she has to give up, and she can only be a prospective mother with peace of mind

Many of the young people are married today, because the woman is pregnant, so the wedding is also in a hurry, and even the wedding after giving birth to a baby. Many of the expectant mothers are all about the baby’s arrival.It is very confused, because it is not prepared to be a baby who wants to baby. Today women are becoming more and more independent. The child seems to stop her career. If the child finds early, the pregnant mother can decide whether to do it, but if it is late, if it is late, it is too late.Children can only give birth

In fact, women will have a sign during pregnancy. Careful women will definitely find that if you have these phenomena in your body, you may be pregnant. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

1: Do not come for a holiday

In today’s society, many foods will have additives, so it will cause women to be inaccurate, so some women will ignore this problem, but in fact, it is a very obvious sign of pregnancy. You must pay more attention:

2: Love to sleep

In the early days of pregnancy, women would feel tired. When I was resting, she often fell asleep, and during this period, I couldn’t be interested in many things.

3: Pregnancy

Most women will be uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy. They will be more sensitive to what they eat. They will be nauseous and vomit, especially when brushing their teeth in the morning

4: The small belly has tenderness and pain

When the baby is in the stomach of the prospective mother, the expectant mother feels like a slight pain in the small belly, but it is not too uncomfortable, so many people will not take it to heart

5: Frequent fire or crying

Women are very similar to during the period of pregnancy, because they will disrupt the endocrine in the original body, so they will be irritable, emotionally unstable, fire anytime, anywhere or crying

If women with the above symptoms are likely to be pregnant. In fact, the fate of parents and children is very deep, so when the child comes to the mother’s body, the mother must feel it, but some people will not care about these, So I missed the best time to discover the baby. In fact, when I saw that some women found that they were pregnant when they were about to give birth, they were all regrettable for them, because if they were found early, they would not be very good.In a hurry, and seeing the baby in the stomach grow up a little bit, the feeling is very wonderful

So how old did you discover it when your baby is?What are your signs during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message to discuss


During the parenting process, you can find me no matter if you encounter any problems. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles and confusion in the process of bringing the baby.

I am Xiao Ling’s mother, a senior childcare teacher, family education instructor, and mother of a 3 -year -old baby.

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