If you accidentally take medicine or examination in the early pregnancy, will it affect the fetus?Don’t give up easily

In this case, go to the hospital to consult a doctor, and most doctors may recommend to kill the baby; if they encounter a responsible doctor, he usually wants to check the drug manual and make a decision, but the Chinese medicine manualThe ups and downs are usually only indicated that "disable" or "use cautiously". These warnings do not mean that pregnant mothers must be deforming when they eat these drugs, but sometimes doctors may directly recommend that such warning medicines are directly recommended to protect themselves.Pregnant mothers beat the baby.Is this really right?

In fact, a large number of clinical evidence in foreign countries shows that in the early pregnancy (note: here is the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, that is, within 28 days from the first day of the last menstruation)The influence of the baby in the belly is only two results: the first result is that the baby accepts all adverse effects and natural abortion; the second result is that the baby is not adversely affected and naturally grows normally.This is currently the theory of "all or nothing" in the internationally recognized early pregnancy.In other words, before 4 weeks of pregnancy, the results of the abnormal baby that people worry about giving birth to the abnormal baby will not appear before 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Because in the early pregnancy stage (that is, before 4 weeks of pregnancy), sperm and eggs were just combined. The fertilized eggs only performed simple cell division, and different cells had not been differentiated.The malformations on the organs, so they will not have the malformation that people worry about at all.In addition, the embryo has a self -correction function during the division of the cells. If the cells are divided smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthily. If the cell division is not smooth, the baby will be eliminated naturally.

Many people, including some medical staff, do not necessarily understand this truth. When I heard that I took medicine or take X -rays in the early pregnancy, it was recommended to kill the embryo., Listening to the doctor’s suggestion to kill the fetus, in fact, the healthy fetus was killed.Some people can recover after the fetus is killed, and they can conceive their babies again, but some people are unlucky, and they are likely to never be pregnant.

It is still necessary to emphasize that the situation here is that before 4 weeks of pregnancy, I have taken medicine or take X -rays in the case of accidental pregnancy. If the embryo is not aborted naturally, you can consider the theory of "all or no" theory.Come to keep your baby.However, for couples who are planning to be pregnant and preparing for pregnancy, in order to avoid the occurrence of natural miscarriage caused by taking medicine or according to X -rays, you should do the test of whether you are pregnant before taking the medicine or before the X -rays.X -rays.Also, on insurance, you should avoid pregnancy within 3 months after X -ray, including both men and women.

Some people want their babies. They look forward to their pregnancy all day. Sometimes they have to take medicine to treat infertility. They do n’t come for a long time. Some people do n’t want their babies.EssenceClinically, women often take emergency contraceptives after intercourse. As a result, they are still pregnant. Can this baby ask?

Before answering this question, first understand what is emergency contraceptive.The main ingredient of emergency contraceptives is elegance left apertophyllone.This type of medicine mainly plays a contraceptive effect by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, preventing sperm and eggs, and preventing fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.In fact, the contraceptiveness of such drugs is not 100%, but at about 80%, so women still have 20% of pregnancy probability after taking such drugs.If the drugs taken did not successfully suppress ovarian ovulation, failed to stop the combination of sperm and eggs, and did not intercept the fertilized eggs in the uterus, then according to the theory of "all or no" during the above -mentioned early pregnancy, in this caseIf the baby is not abortion, it can be retained.

This theory conveys a message to us: If you do not clearly take medicines disabled during pregnancy, do not easily make a decision to terminate pregnancy.Because even if you are worried that if there is any problem, you can then exclude it through medical discharge testing.The current obstetric testing technology has been quite mature, and can monitor the development of the fetus through B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture, and testing methods in various aspects.In case there is something wrong with the development of the fetus, it is too late to terminate the pregnancy. Don’t easily sentence your life to death or give up lightly.

This article is published by Jiang Ping, deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Do not reprint without authorization.

Author: Jiang Ping, deputy chief physician of reproductive center, master tutor, inheritor in Anhui Famous Chinese medicine experience, member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Reproductive Committee of the Chinese Medicine Society, member of the Chinese and Western Medicine Commission of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of the Chinese Society.(Scope of diagnosis and treatment: infertility, male dysfunction, combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment and auxiliary fertility intervention for fetal stopping.), Needle medicine combined with therapeutic dysfunction (diabetic ED, ejaculation disorder), cocktail therapy for premature ejaculation (nocturnal emission).

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