If you are pregnant, your mother -in -law does not allow shrimp. Can pregnant women really eat shrimp?Science answer

My friend complained to me. She liked to eat shrimp very much, but after pregnancy, her mother -in -law would not let her eat shrimp, saying that shrimp is cold, and it is not good for the fetus. Sometimes she secretly eats it.Very depressed, ask me if I can eat shrimp when I am pregnant?

Regarding the food that should be avoided after pregnancy, there are really a lot of folk statement. For example, if you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat crabs, you ca n’t eat barley, do n’t eat turtles, you ca n’t eat black fungus.EssenceIt is also said that when you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat rabbit meat.My friend’s mother -in -law did not let her eat shrimp, and she also used the older generation. But what is the fact?Can pregnant women eat shrimp?

Let’s take a look at the nutrients of shrimp first.

Each hundred grams of nutrients:

There are nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin B.

From the nutritional ingredients, we can see that the protein content of shrimp is very high, accounting for about 20%of the total. It is one of the most protein content, and it also contains other nutritional elements, which is a very rich nutrition.It is one of the preferred foods to supplement protein.

Is eating shrimp harmful to pregnant women and fetuses?

From the perspective of shrimp’s nutritional components, there is no material that is harmful to the fetus and pregnant women, so it will not affect the health of the fetus and pregnant women.So pregnant women can eat shrimp.

As for shrimp -cold cold can cause sliding tires, in fact, there is no scientific based on the support of and data, but it is for granted.

Some dietary misunderstandings during pregnancy, in fact, most of them do not have scientific basis. For example, crabs cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Pregnant women living at the beach have crabs.It did not have an impact on taking it wrong.

How to eat shrimp during pregnancy?

Shrimp is rich in nutrition and is very suitable for pregnant women who need to supplement nutrition. Pregnant women eat shrimp, which can supplement protein, calcium, iodine, etc., which is conducive to the development of the fetus, but it should also pay attention to eating shrimp. If the following three points are achieved, you can rest assured that you can rest assuredeat.

The first is to pay attention to the quality of shrimp and do not eat metamorphic shrimp.

During pregnancy, the same is true for our daily diet. Do not eat food deterioration. Pregnancy is more important. Foods that have spoiled foods will have bacteria and toxins, which may affect fetal health.

The second is to match other foods to achieve nutritional balance.

The "Chinese Women’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society is recommended. The daily diet of pregnant women should include: milk and nuts soybeans, fish, poultry eggs, vegetables, fruits, and grain potato.One of them, so consumption should be appropriate, with other foods to achieve nutritional balance.

The third is to pay attention to allergies.

Some allergies may be allergic to shrimp. If allergic reactions occur, they should stop eating shrimp in time, but allergies can be eaten with confidence.

Since eating shrimp will not affect the fetus, and there are many benefits, it can explain to her mother -in -law, so that her mother -in -law can change their concepts and eat scientific diet can make pregnant women and fetuses healthier.

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