If you get pregnant, how can you prove that you are not pregnant?

The shocking one -reading king | Min Min’s picture feels this one, and now the romance novels are never stunned.In the case of being misunderstood by others, the heroine who wanted to prove that she was not pregnant, and directly pulled out the blood cotton with blood and fell to the ground.The misunderstanding between the Lord has been clarified, but the fortunes who are fortunate to see this description are not very good.Someone shouted "Create evil", and couldn’t help but automatically circulate a bloody sanitary napkin in his head and fell it to the ground. Some people began to think about how to complete this difficult action in your head …… In short, this picture is firmly rooted in everyone’s mind.That is to say, why is such a picture lingering?Is it difficult to forget one thing?What is the impressive picture, let’s first have a small test.Below is two paintings, one is Van Gogh’s "Starry Sky", and the other is the landscape painting of Ivan Ivanoovic Histec.Which painting is more impressed with?

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After plastic surgery, I believe many people will choose "Starry Sky". It can not only give people a deep first impression, but also exist in people’s memory for a long time. Even if you have only seen this painting a few times, it will be firmRemember it.But why?In order to figure out what kind of pictures can be more memoryable, researchers from Massachusetts University of Science and Technology and the University of Lumin have done a study.They created technologies Ganalyze (GAN), a technology that studies cognitive characteristics. This technology consists of three parts: Memnet -based assessors, converters executing instructions, and output final images.In other words, as long as the target picture is determined, then GAN technology can transform it into a series of pictures, and output the picture in the order of memory that is memoryable, which can evaluate what factor affects the memory of these pictures.EssenceAfter studying too many sets of pictures, the researchers found that the picture that made the most deepest memory has the following characteristics:

Bright color

The background is simply in the position of the picture (center) to look at the two groups of examples.Researchers change the color of the pepper in the chart and make their position more centering. At the same time, simplify the background (a lot less background leaves). As a result, the memory of peppercorns is almost doubled.The pictures processed with GAN, from left to right, the memory of the picture is getting stronger and stronger | Source of the picture: Reference materials [1] and the puppy below, which does not change the color, but change the background where it is locatedThe position of the puppy in the picture can be enhanced.If you change the three elements at the same time, it will be like the round and large tent below. The final effect chart will not say that it can make people forget it, at least much more memory than the first one.Then think about the scene described in the starting novel: the female lead drops the blood with blood on the ground, the floor is the background, which is simple enough; the protagonist is only sanitary napkin, the location is enough;EssenceThe picture we imagine in our minds perfectly fit the characteristics of impressive pictures.Coupled with, "the sanitary cotton with blood" is a negative event, and people’s brains are more sensitive to negative events, remember to be more firm.Rick Hansen, a well -known neuropsychologist in the United States and a doctor of clinical psychology, explained the negative preferences of the brain. He believes that people are always anxious for survival. Negative information means potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it is a potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger, and it means potential danger.We must cope with danger and keep in mind the lessons, so we are always easier to remember for negative events.For comparison, think about it: How many do you remember?How much do you remember if you remember dog blood (or sadness) scene?Forgotten is more rebellious than remembering more strenuous life.This kind of rebellious watch is now. Your reason tells you to be full of love and peace in your heart, but your brain is disobedient. The more you tell yourself, the more you can’t forget, the more you can’t forget.This phenomenon of rebound is called the white bear effect.It originated from an experiment by Harvard Social Psychologist Daniel Weigner.He asked the participants not to imagine a white bear in his mind. As a result, people had a strong thinking rebound, and almost everyone imagined the white bear in their minds.The more you want to sleep early, the more you can’t sleep. The same is true that you may be stimulated by the picture. Remember the bloody sanitary napkin. At the same time, you don’t want to be controlled by it like other netizens, so you tell yourself that you must forget it.You can’t help but imagine this action in your head for eight hundred times.And once you remember this picture in constant compulsory, it is even more difficult to forget.A study in "Magazine of Neuroscience" has specially studied this issue.Researchers from the University of Texas University Austin showed pictures of scenes and faces for healthy adults, and asked them to remember or forget each picture. Researchers will use nerve imaging technology to track the subject’s brain activity in the process.EssenceResearchers are tracking the subject’s brain activity | Source: Reference materials [2] As a result, the researchers found that the picture corresponding to the forgotten instructions triggered the processing activity of the topotrak cortex of the brain, and at this time the activity of the area at this timeThe level of activity corresponding to the level of memory instructions is higher.Combined with other data, researchers concluded that increasing the treatment activity of the temporal lobe cortex of the brain’s abdomen can lead to more forgetfulness, especially those things that make the brain’s moderate degree of activity. You will forget it easier.In other words, if you remember one thing, but this incident is not so important for you, and you can’t afford too much emotion, you say "hey, forget it", then you reallyYou can forget it.But if you are deeply remembering something and when trying to forget it, you are so angry that the level of brain movement has soared, then the problem is troublesome: not only can you not forget it, but in the process of trying to forget it, related memories will still be will be being tried to forget it.strengthen.Think about the predecessor of your half -dead dregs. How long are your heads full of TA’s face?Think about your embarrassing experience of your toes, can you reproduce the scene in your mind no matter how many years lapse?These remembrances that make people feel uncomfortable are like giving birth to a root in their heads, and they want to be uprooted, unless people are gone.An extra small discovery is that it is easier to forget scene photos compared to face photos, because facial expressions can convey more emotional information.How do you say, fortunately, "falling out of a sanitary napkin with blood" is just a text description. If someone does it in front of you, then you may not forget the cold -shaking heroine for a lifetime, and the incredible male after angerLord.Before watching the novel next time, first turn over the comment area.Sometimes, if you don’t listen to netizens, you will suffer.

[1] Ganalyze: Toward Visual Definitions of Cognitive Image Properties [2] Tracy, H., WANG, Katerina, Jarrod, A., & Lewis-PEACOCK. (2019). SS: Increased Processing of Unwanted Memories FacilitiesForgetting. The Journal of Neuroscience: The Office Journal of the Society for Neuroscience.

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