If you have the following symptoms, it is likely to be pregnant

Each of the Preparation of Juimi hopes to get pregnant. If you find your following symptoms during the process of pregnancy, it is likely to be pregnant.Let’s see if you have a medium move?

1. I have not visited for more than ten days.If your usual menstruation is regular, you can doubt whether the baby is visiting for more than a week without visiting it.If your menstruation is not a special law, in general, if there is no visit to more than 10 days of menstruation, it is likely to be because of pregnancy.I used to see my aunt because I saw this possibility for almost 10 days, but I was really in the middle.

2. Your breasts suddenly become sensitive, a bit painful.This may also be the reason for the baby.Because pregnancy leads to rising hormones, it is a bit similar to the painful pain before you usually come to the aunt, but in fact there is no real menstrual period, so do you have to think about it in that way?

3. When preparing for pregnancy, there will be symptoms of cold these days.Some people will ask, will it be possible to get pregnant if you have a cold?My classmate told me that when she was pregnant with her baby that year, she had a cold for many days and was not good. I went to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, I did n’t take taboos at that time.The baby in her family was born smoothly.

4. Dyslexy than before, this is also a very important feature.If you one day you feel that you are drowsiness than before, sleeping longer than before, you can’t sleep enough.After excluding the state of spring difficulties and sub -health, you must consider whether you are pregnant.

Want to know if you are really pregnant, you can check it with the following methods.

1. The most popular choice, buy a pregnancy test stick for testing.You can go to the pharmacy to buy a box of pregnancy test sticks. The first urine is tested every morning. The positive or two red rods are a great chance to get pregnant.If the results are out within five minutes after testing, it is not allowed to re -test for a long time.However, it is not easy to verify if it is early during pregnancy. At least it will take a week after a week.I also had a red pole after five days at that time.

2. It is also possible to be at home. Basic body temperature test.Get your body temperature at a fixed time every morning. If your body temperature rises, it may be pregnant.If this is the case, the following method will be used.

3. The last accurate link, blood test.Whether you buy a pregnancy test stick or test your body temperature at home, you have to go to the hospital for blood testing. Test the HCG value to determine whether you are really pregnant.Because, whether it is a pregnancy test or body temperature test, these are not accurate enough.It can only be said that it is a bigger opportunity. Only when you go to the hospital to test HCG can you accurately determine whether you are pregnant.

Every Baoma who is looking forward to pregnancy must relax her mentality and treat her natural development attitude, so as to greet the baby with a better physical condition.

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