If you have this need to deal with this need in time, don’t hold it, let’s do it for the fetus

Women who are pregnant will increase urgency frequent urination, mainly because the hormones in women are changing.Another point is that the mother’s uterus gradually increased to the bladder, which caused the bladder capacity to decrease. At this stage, there was a little "food" in the bladder, and pregnant women would feel urinate.Especially in the evening, the number of times pregnant women go to the toilet will definitely increase.Most pregnant women will think of frequent night troubles and choose to urinate.What mothers don’t know is that urination is not good for themselves and the babies in their stomach.Therefore, if pregnant women have urine, they should go to the toilet in time, even if they are for the fetus in the stomach.

So what factors are caused by urgency and frequent urination after pregnancy?

1. The impact of hormones

During the pregnancy, the amount of velvet membrane gonadotropin (HCG) in women in women will increase, resulting in the result of blood flowing to women’s pelvis, which causes pregnant women to develop frequent urination.

2. Increase metabolites

After all, there is a small life in the woman’s belly.And this little life will also "produce" some metabolites.The fetus itself cannot discharge these metabolites by itself, but excrete it from the body through the mother’s body.Indirectly add burden on the mother’s kidneys.And this can also cause pregnant women to develop frequent urination.

Third, the uterine increases, compress the bladder

As the fetus keeps growing in the mother’s belly, the uterus will slowly be expanded, and then the bladder will be compressed. The urine storage capacity of the bladder will decrease, which exacerbates the symptoms of frequent urination of pregnant women.It is even more serious in the late pregnancy. At this time, the fetus enters the basin, and some pregnant women even have symptoms of urinary incontinence.

So there is nothing to deal with frequent urination of pregnant women. Is it a way to deal with it?

1. Drink water in moderation

It is precisely because pregnant women usually urinate frequently that water is short of water in the body, and the appropriate amount of water supplementation is good for the body of the pregnant woman.

2. Moderate exercise

Try to practice anal reduction and help pregnant women exercise the muscles in the basin.During the exercise, remember to do your best, don’t come hard.

3, take medical treatment in time

A small number of pregnant women have frequent urination. The symptoms of urgency are caused by some diseases, so it is the most reasonable choice to seek medical treatment in time.

Women who are pregnant are urgent and frequent symptoms of urine.Pregnant women may wish to change their minds to think about it. Urinary urgency is also one of the lines of the healthy development of the fetus. Is it much better?

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