If you think your child’s urine pants are purely unforgettable, please come in and see

A few days ago there was a mother feedback

The baby is less than three years old and "constipation" every day. Now he is particularly stool. He dare not go to the row. He can bear it back.If you do n’t take the initiative, you can hide.From July to the present, stools are lined up every three days.

Moms sometimes force the baby to stool, but once they are forced, they will make trouble. Sometimes the baby wants to lift it to the toilet at that time and say that the baby is not ranked.Mom is afraid of "constipation" for eaten probiotics

To determine whether the child is really constipation, it is not the subjective imagination of our adults, but whether the actual situation is really constipation.If this kind of diet is normal for 2-3 days, it is normal to cause constipation due to the diet. If the long-term more than one month of 2-3 days is once every 2-3 days is a sensitive period that can be easily ignored by our parents-anal desire period

Poor sensitive period

In the process of children’s growth, they will go through the period of mouth, language sensitivity, order sensitive period, and action sensitivity.

Any human skills must go through the process of childish to mature, and the ability to control urination is no exception.The development of children’s control of urination has gone through the disorderly urine in the baby-being trained by adult training-practice to control the stool-the stage of controlling the urine autonomy.The stage of urethral sphincter.

If parents are aware of the existence of this sensitive period, they can promote their children’s growth in time.In the process of the child’s bowel movement system gradually mature, the most unreasonable period is the anal desire period.

At this stage of anal, you need to go through a process

Stupid or urinate-experience the feeling of unreasonable-controlling "when you can’t hold" to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and urinate-complete the development of controlling the ability to control

What exactly is the anal period?

Why did the baby who would urinate suddenly before suddenly "degenerating", he often had to hold, and he was still pulling on his pants.Many parents cannot understand.When the baby pulls on the pants, some parents will be irritable.

Let’s take a look at the performance of some babies’ anal desires:

Some use their toes to the ground, and they can walk around with their buttocks, but they just don’t pull.Sometimes the stool came out a little, and I was stunned back.

Some babies were pulled for half an hour, and after the fight, they pulled their parents to study what their stools were like.

Some babies hid behind the curtains of the living room with their urine, pinching their legs tightly, holding their buttocks, and very nervous.


Austrian psychoanalyst-Florerd in "development of sexual heart"

It is believed that the anal period is the second period of the development of human spiritual structure.With the development of the sphincter, the child began to control his urination to a certain extent, and the accumulation of stool causes strong muscle contraction. When the stool passes through the anus, the mucous membrane has a strong sense of irritation.Bring high pleasure.Therefore, during this period, children will repeatedly appear to be stool or urinate.

Mr. Fload

Master Freud said

Anal area activity

Children often obtain the pleasure of the anus by controlling their stools, that is, the way to defecate the defecation until it is not strong.In this way, the stool accumulated in the body stimulates the anus mucosa and instantly passes through the anus. This stimulus is accompanied by a pain, but in addition to the pain, there is a unique feeling of hearty.

The nanny takes a child to the toilet. If the child always refuses the nanny to defecate in front of him, and like to enjoy the joy of defecation alone, then it is likely that this child forms a weird personality and a precursor to become nervous.In fact, what he carried out in this action was not the problem of unable to control the stool to stir up the bed, but that he liked to control the stool until the moment he was discharged.

This child who deliberately controls the stool is a naughty child, and educators have realized this problem.The feelings of the intestinal excrement stimulating the sensitive mucous membranes in the intestine are the same as the special feelings of the sexual organs developed after childhood after childhood, so this action has a very strong sexual meaning.

This is likely to be of great significance to the childcare baby. This kind of activity represents the first contribution. Children are unwilling to discharge feces, because excretion obviously has a sense of compromise.It shows that he has objections to the environment.

Children usually experience the meaning of "production" from the meaning of "contribution".People are pregnant because they eat something, and then they "produce" from the intestines. This is the child’s understanding of sex.

The original purpose of holding the stool that is not easily excreted in the body is to stimulate the anus area to obtain a kind of pleasure, that is, the purpose of masturbation.We can use this to explain the reasons why people who are weak often constipation.

Almost all patients with neurosis have strange bowel habits and methods, and they carefully retain this habit and method like protecting secrets.From here, we can see the significance of the anal area.

How do parents help their children to spend an anal desire period

Montessori describes "children who experience sensitive periods"

Its helpless body is being commanded by a sacred order, and its little heart is also encouraged.The sensitive period is not just

The critical period of children’s learning also affects the development of their soul and personality.Therefore, adults should respect nature to give children

Actions and actions, and provide the necessary states.So as not to miss the special vitality of only once in my life

If the parents do not respect the development of the child’s anal period and destroy the development process of the child’s anal desire, the child’s anal desire will be extended, and some children are in the embarrassment and pain of urine pants and stools in pants for several years., Parents should respond to their children’s anal desires. The following principles are as follows: 1: Accepting and respecting children’s anal desire period 2: Do not interrupt the child’s urination behavior 3: Do not treat the child’s stool rhythm as constipation for treatment 4:Calmly deal with children’s urine pants 5: Don’t humiliate, laugh, scold, and threaten children 6: Do not treat the changes in the rhythm of the child as constipation 7: Do not interrupt the child’s urinating behavior of the child.Stupid picture books, or stories as guidance

It takes 3-4 years from the disorderly urination to the universal toilet.During this period, parents may encounter: "children are unwilling to sit on the toilet", "out of control of urine on pants", "have to change the underwear frequently", "Suddenly refused to go to the toilet" and so on. ParentsBe patient, don’t be too anxious.

Tiger mom grows up and writes various practical articles with carefully.If you can help you and the people around you, please pay attention, there is no absence on the parenting road.

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