If you want to know whether you are married or not, you can actually see it at a glance during pregnancy

Those things under the pen tip, a sincere writer, may I hope that I can send you a warmth with a sincerity.

Spinach:”事 盟”

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In fact, if a person loves you, you don’t need to guess or test. When you have these actions, the answer is long long, but you are not willing to admit it yourself.

Those who love you, even if you are not in a statement now, you will always be regarded as a treasure in the other person’s heart; those who don’t love you, even if you take your own heart, the other party will be indifferent.

Sometimes love is inadvertent. Some people are the tofu heart of the knife mouth. What they say is always different. They obviously care about you, but they still do not admit it, showing a look of indifferent.

If you meet such a person, I think you are lucky, you should cherish every moment with him, because his appearance looks cold, but the heart is enthusiastic. What you have to do, you only need to be in a certain thing in a certain way.Just ignite it.

Luke (pseudonym) and Liu Linlin (pseudonym) were not long in marriage, but they had been pregnant for more than five months. They were indeed unmarried first, so they married later.

After getting married, Liu Linlin was relieved at home, while Luke continued to work.

Liu Linlin has always been a cat. She is even more rustic after she is pregnant. There are many things that need to be taboo during pregnant women. She can’t eat the sea as before, but she just can’t control her mouth.

Although Luke blame her every time, she bought back everything she wanted to eat. Maybe the so -called love is reflected here. On the one hand, it is care of care and love.

Once Liu Linlin wanted to eat crabs, he kept asking Luke to buy it. Luke severely criticized Liu Linlin. During his pregnancy, she only cared about her enjoyment, regardless of her children in the stomach.

After a while, Luke bought a crab and took it home and went to work, so Liu Linlin took the crab to eat while Luke went to work.After Luke got off work, he didn’t mention it and didn’t ask, so he passed.

After a while, Liu Linlin was curious and asked her husband Luke crab.

Luke laughed with a snack, and he replied: "Although you said ‘I want to eat crabs at that time,’ I criticized and rejected you, but then I couldn’t bear to be hungry because I knew my daughter -in -lawIf she didn’t eat something in her mouth, she wouldn’t stop. Instead of letting you babble all day, I might as well buy it for you! "

Liu Linlin said, "Who said‘ crab is cold, pregnant women should not eat ’. Later, I did it by myself, you must not know that I would eat it!"

Luke replied: "Can I not know, after I came back, the crab legs were full of the kitchen, and there was a small piece of crab skin on your mouth.After that, Luke unconsciously used his index finger on Liu Linlin’s nose.

At this time, Liu Linlin had a tears in her eyes, hugging Luke and said, "Husband, I love you, marrying you is the best thing in my life."

Do you envy such a marriage?To be honest, I envy!

Marriage should have such an attitude and daily communication, so as to really make the relationship between the two people slowly sublimated in the days, and finally the relationship becomes affection.It’s sad.

Some love is engraved in his bones. He will put you all the little things around you and the little things around him feel infinite. He naturally thinks about the small things you think, and you will definitely not let each one go.

During the pregnancy, a woman is the best way to run in a man’s mind and feelings for you.

There is no absolute or affirmative thing in the world. It is just a saying and benchmark for avoiding taboos during pregnancy. If there are some things, it is also possible to eat it appropriately.

Just like Luke, if he is really mechanical and rigid, then the experience for Liu Linlin will never be such happiness.

Taking care of people is not only what we say to eat and live, but also the emotions and feelings of the other person’s body and mind. I think that as long as it can reach a certain level, it must be much more like a material.

When I am pregnant, it is actually a problem for men. As long as these two men can catch them, and they are still happy, I think this man is worth marrying.

Life after marriage is actually about the same as this, that is, we are constantly paying attention to details and duplicate issues. As longThose who live in life are extremely lucky and happy.This kind of marriage can be indestructible, and we are not afraid of any changes. What we want to pursue should also be this kind of perseverance!


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