I’m pregnant, don’t ignore oral health

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Recently, when encountering such a mother, the weight decreased significantly, and the baby’s size has not increased significantly.

It turned out that her toothache had caused her to eat for two consecutive weeks and couldn’t sleep.

I am strange: "Why not go to the dental department?" She was even more strange: "Didn’t you mean that you can’t look at your teeth when you are pregnant?"

Most people think so.

Is it really like this?Today, oral experts will tell you the issue of oral health during pregnancy.

The changes in female progesterone after pregnancy will make your gums more sensitive to stimulation, and it is easy to cause gum redness, sensitivity, pain and bleeding;

Estrogen hormone can also relax the ligament that keeps the normal position of the teeth;

The number of diets increases, partial eclipse;

Immunity level drops;

In addition, if you have pregnancy and acid reflux, you will increase the acidity in the mouth. The teeth are exposed to the acidic environment, causing acid erosion and ore to teeth.

Therefore, if you don’t pay attention to oral health, you will easily occur during pregnancy:

Gingivitis during pregnancy

Almost half of the pregnancy women suffer from "gingivitis during pregnancy", manifested as gum swelling, sensitivity, pain, and prone to bleeding.The 2-8 months of pregnancy is the most common and disappear after giving birth.

Gingival tumor during pregnancy

Some women during pregnancy will occur "gingival tumors during pregnancy", which is manifested as red or dark purple, soft, and prone to bleeding.It often appears in 4-9 months of pregnancy and usually disappears after childbirth.

Dental caries

Loose teeth

Studies have shown that poor oral health is related to premature birth and low birth weight.

The American Obstetrics and Gynecologists Association pointed out that women to improve oral health will reduce the risk of babies that cause potential caries to give their infants, and also reduce the possibility of children in the future.

In order to reduce the occurrence of oral diseases during pregnancy, we suggest you:

Because gums are more sensitive during pregnancy, you can choose small and flat soft hair toothbrushes.To prevent dental caries, it is recommended that you use fluorine toothpaste.

For women with pregnancy, it is very important to rinse mouth in time. Women without pregnancy should also develop the habit of rinse after meals. You can use soda or dedicated mouthwash.

The suggestion of the American periodontal disease is: all pregnant women perform periodontal examination and complete oral therapy required.

We recommend that you go to a regular hospital for a thorough oral examination from 3 months to half a year before pregnancy to complete all oral treatment before pregnancy, including the treatment of dental dental diseases, treating peripheral diseases, cleaning the gums (washing teeth), repairing it to repair, repairingLack of teeth, remove bad repair (fake teeth) and re -repair.

After pregnancy, we recommend that you have a oral examination in the second trimester (4-6 months), and it is necessary to clean your teeth to prevent gingivitis;

If you have any oral discomfort, especially severe infection and pain, you should go to the doctor in a timely manner whether you are pregnant.

in conclusion:

Preparation period (3-6 months before pregnancy) conducts oral examination and complete oral disease treatment;

Keep basic oral health during pregnancy;

4-6 months of pregnancy should be routine to have a routine oral examination, and you can clean your teeth if necessary;

Oral discomfort during pregnancy and timely treatment in time for necessary treatment.

For the health of you and your baby, do not ignore the oral examination while the conventional production inspection.

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