In 11 years, a vegetative belly in Jiangsu became larger, and the doctor’s examination found that he was pregnant. His husband: born

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On the morning of September 19, 2013, the reporter came to Dongmengxi Community, Puyang County, Jiangsu Province, and saw Zhang Rongxiang, who woke up for nearly 4 months from the paradoxic state.

At this time, Zhang Rongxiang was curled up on the bed due to the atrophy of the limbs, but his complexion was very good.

She and her two -year -old son laughed at each other, and sometimes opened her mouth to contain her son’s food and handed them to her mouth. Her eyes were full of tenderness and exuding the glory of motherly love.

The reporter was moved to see this beautiful picture.

Who would have thought that three years ago, Zhang Rongxiang, who was pregnant, became a plant man in a car accident, but under the careful care of her husband Gaodejin, she not only gave birth to his son, but also woke up miraculously.

So what kind of story did Zhang Rongxiang’s body happen?How did she give birth to a son when she became a vegetative?What kind of power made her wake up from the coma?

Unexpectedly becoming a vegetative

Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang are ordinary couples living in Puyang County, Jiangsu. Although the economic conditions in the family are not good and lived in poor lives, the relationship between the two people is very good, and they are also satisfied with their lives.

After the marriage, the two had two daughters. The eldest daughter was 17 years old. She was sensible and filial. The younger daughter was more than two years old and very cute.

Gaodejin’s father died very early. He was not assured that his mother lived alone, so he took his mother to his home. The family of five was happy and lived happily.

Because Gaodejin does not have any culture, he usually lives with pulling goods, while Zhang Rongxiang takes care of the elderly and children’s diet and housework at home.

Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang thought their lives would always be so bland and happy, but an accident changed the life trajectory of their family.

On the afternoon of December 1, 2010, Gaodejin was going to deliver the goods again. Zhang Rongxiang thought that he had nothing to do at home anyway.Viewing her parents.

Gaodejin readily agreed to let Zhang Rongxiang and the younger daughter get on the tricycle for their own goods.

The family of three said and laughed on the road, and drove to the crossroads of the Industrial Park in a blink of an eye. There were not many driving vehicles at the crossroads and had not installed traffic lights.

Gaodejin was very familiar with that journey, so he did not slow down, but he did not expect that it was because of this negligence that caused a huge tragedy.

When they were driving in the middle of the road, a car suddenly rushed out of the side. Gaodejin’s tricycle and the car collided with a solid.Under the huge impact, Gaodejin fainted before he had time to respond.

When he woke up again, Gaodejin was already lying on the hospital bed. He couldn’t care about multiple fractures on his body, and quickly asked the nurse around him to inquire about his wife and daughter.

Fortunately, Gaodejin was fortunate that his little daughter was basically not harmed under Zhang Rongxiang’s protection.But Zhang Rongxiang is not so lucky.

At that time, the family of three did not wear a helmet. At the moment when the accident happened, Zhang Rongxiang subconsciously held her daughter in her arms, but her head hit the flower bed next to her, and the injury was serious.

The doctor told Gaodejin that Zhang Rongxiang caused severe intracranial injuries because of the severe impact on his head, and he would be in danger of life at any time, so that Gaodejin was psychologically prepared.

The doctor also said that even if the rescue is successful, Zhang Rongxiang is likely to become a vegetative.

Gaodekin, who heard the news, almost fainted again. His daughter was still so small. If Zhang Rongxiang had an accident, what should their family do?

He felt that he was about to fall.

After a long comfort of doctors and nurses, Gaodejin’s mood was calmed down.

Gaodekin, who was calm, asked to go to his wife’s ward to see her, but his physical condition did not allow him to get up, so after struggling for a while, he could only give up.

A few days later, Gaodejin’s physical condition improved, and with the help of his family and nurse, he came to the door of the intensive care unit.

Seeing his wife lying on the bed across the door, he was sorrowful in his heart and was paralyzed directly at the door of the ward. His mother couldn’t pull it.

Plants were found to be pregnant

Gaodejin’s heart was very blame. He felt that he had caused a car accident because he was accidentally driving, which would cause his wife to suffer such serious injuries.

But everything has happened, and it is useless to regret it. Gaodejin is determined that if his wife can survive, he must take good care of his wife.

In the first three months of admission, the hospital had issued a dozen illness notice for Zhang Rongxiang more than ten times, but Gao Degin always insisted on treating his wife. Each time, Zhang Rongxiang turned to safety.

The medical staff were surprised by Zhang Rongxiang’s many times from the Ghost Gate Pass, but the things that made them even more surprised were still behind.

On the day when Zhang Rongxiang was admitted to the hospital for three months, Gaodejin, who took care of her next to her, found that her mood was very bad and trembled. Gaodejin was particularly scared and quickly found the doctor.

The doctor quickly rescued Zhang Rongxiang. Several doctors had been staying in the rescue room for more than an hour. Gaodejin was so nervous that he didn’t know what was good.

He can only pray that miracles can appear again on his wife, allowing her to break away from the danger of life again.

However, the doctor from the rescue room told Gaodejin that Zhang Rongxiang might be possible and explained that their family was prepared for psychological preparations.

Gaodejin didn’t want to accept this reality, but he was helpless, and could only endure pain to prepare for his wife.

He called his brother -in -law to buy some clothes for Zhang Rongxiang. After buying the clothes, Gaodejin squatted beside his wife and wanted to put on clothes for her.

In carefully observing, Gaodejin unexpectedly found that Zhang Rongxiang’s lower abdomen was slightly raised. He was surprised, but he wondered if the new lesion in his wife’s abdomen affected the rescue effect, so he quickly called the doctor to diagnose.

The doctor came to Zhang Rongxiang’s hospital bed and observed her abdomen, but she couldn’t see what the reason, so she conducted a B -ultrasound examination of Zhang Rongxiang’s abdomen.

During the examination, the doctor’s expression was very serious. Looking at the doctor’s dignified face, Gao Dejin thought that the big deal was not good. The wife’s belly was definitely because of the tumor or stagnant water in the abdomen.On the ground.

Gao Dejin and Zhang Rongxiang’s eldest daughter were jumped when she saw her father. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she couldn’t help crying.

When Gaodejin and his eldest daughter were crying sadly, the doctor suddenly said: "Don’t worry, Zhang Rongxiang is pregnant."

At that time, the child in Zhang Rongxiang’s belly had been four months old, that is, she was pregnant a month before her accident. Because the reaction of the early pregnancy was not obvious, she did not notice that Gaodejin didn’t know.

When he heard this, Gaodejin didn’t even know that he should cry or laughed. It was definitely a great news for him to have a child.

However, with Zhang Rongxiang’s current physical condition, she itself is difficult to protect. This child does not know if she can survive. Even if the child can survive, how can Zhang Rongxiang give birth to this child as a vegetative?

Gaodejin’s brain was messy, and he didn’t know what to do.

A few hours later, Zhang Rongxiang’s life signs were miraculously stable.

The chief physician of the two obstetrics and gynecology analyzed the situation of Zhang Rongxiang. With the idea of Gao Dejin, adults have already been like this, how can they care for their children?

She couldn’t eat it at all, and the child couldn’t keep up with nutrition in her abdomen, and even if she was born, she would likely cause disability.

However, the surgeon believes that it is not possible to induce labor. With Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition at that time, if the induction of labor is performed, it is likely to ask her life.

After repeated considerations, Gaodejin still decided to try it. Maybe the miracle will appear again on his wife. Maybe she can really give birth to a healthy child?

Love to make life miracles

In order to allow Zhang Rongxiang to give birth to a child smoothly, the hospital conducted a lot of treatment for Zhang Rongxiang. Gao Degin wiped his body and massage Zhang Rongxiang every day. He tried his hair and nails regularly, and took care of her.

In a blink of an eye, a month has passed, and Zhang Rongxiang’s situation has improved. Although her consciousness has not recovered, she can open her eyes occasionally.

Zhang Rongxiang’s change made Gaodejin very pleased, and his wife’s tenacious vitality also moved him. He took more careful care of his wife. He hoped that the child would be born smoothly one day, and his wife could wake up again.

Coincidentally, the resettlement house after Gaodejin’s house was demolished, and he discussed with the hospital to pick up Zhang Rongxiang home to take care of it. This can save some costs. It is also convenient to take care of Zhang Rongxiang himself.

After returning home, Gaodejin communicated with Zhang Rongxiang every day according to the doctor’s entrustment. Even if she did not respond, Gaodejin was happy to tell his wife the growth of the two daughters.

Talking about the interesting things he encountered in his work, telling his work pressure, encouraging Zhang Rongxiang to live well, and successfully gave birth to a child. He firmly believes that his wife can hear his speech.

Once, when Gaode Jin mentioned the child in Zhang Rongxiang’s belly, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly responded and said vaguely.

Zhang Rongxiang’s response made Gaodekin happy. He saw hope. He looked forward to saying a few more words to his wife, but since then, Zhang Rongxiang never said anymore.

On July 22, 2011, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly developed the symptoms of production. Gaodejin quickly sent his wife to the hospital. The hospital quickly arranged Zhang Rongxiang to enter the delivery room.

Zhang Rongxiang is an elderly mother or a vegetative person. The danger of having children can be imagined.Gaodejin was nervous outside the delivery room. He thought about his wife who was undergoing surgery.

More than an hour has passed, and a good news came from the delivery room: mother and child are safe!Zhang Rongxiang had a 5 catties and six pounds of boys.

Gaodejin was so happy that he cried suddenly. His wife’s wife gave birth to his son smoothly, and his body was not affected too much. This was what he had been looking forward to.

Because this child did not come easily, Gaodejin felt that this was a gift that God deliberately gave him and his wife, so he named the child.

After having a child, Gaodejin was more confident to awaken his wife. He often called her in front of Zhang Rongxiang’s bed with heaven and called her up to see the child.

Soon, Xiaotianci also reached the age of 天 呀 很, and he also learned the appearance of Gaodejin. He often called her in front of Zhang Rongxiang. The sweet "mother" gradually started to respond.

Gao Degin found that as long as it was a little heavenly shouting his mother, Zhang Rongxiang’s head would turn slightly. Later, her close eyes opened.

One day in May 2013, when Gaodejin talked to her with Zhang Rongxiang, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly laughed, resumed consciousness, and said with a confused saying: "Okay!"

After Zhang Rongxiang resumed consciousness, she spoke more and more, but because she was lying on the bed for a long time, her limb muscles atrophied. If she wanted to walk down again, it would take a difficult journey.

When the reporter found Zhang Rongxiang, she was interacting with Xiaotianci.

Xiaotianci was also very sensible. He knew that his mother could not eat itself, so he kept feeding his mother to eat.

When eating a hard fruit, Xiaotianci knew that his mother couldn’t eat such a hard thing, and he put the fruit in his mouth and chewed it, and then gave it to his mother.

Xiao Tianci’s nursery was surprised and moved by reporters present.


The plant life of the plant is simply a night, but Zhang Rongxiang did do it. She gave birth to her children with her tenacious vitality and firm belief. All of them originated from the power of mother love.

When Gaodejin was in critical condition, he was able to insist on treating his wife, and after returning home, he could take care of his wife carefully. This is also an important reason for Zhang Rongxiang to have a child and wake up.

As Gaodejin thinks, Xiaotianci is indeed a gift that heaven has given them. It is because of the existence of Xiao Tianci that Zhang Rongxiang also has the perseverance of supporting, so he has the motivation to wake up.

The family of Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang told us with personal experience: love can create a miracle of life.

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