In 2002, Pregnant women in Hebei gave birth to the Olympic Five Blessing Blessing.

In 2002, a pregnant woman in Hebei attracted attention. Six years later, the Beijing Olympic Games selected five children as "Olympic Volunteer Menmest."

Today, the five children have grown up, everything is full of bitterness.Why is my mother bluntly said "I really regret giving birth to them"?

Five twins

In 1990, Wang Cuiying and Pubao in rural Hebei were knotted together.

At that time, most of the local rural people focused on men and women. They believed that there would always be a baby who had a baby in the family.

Therefore, paying treasure and Wang Cuiying are often ridiculed and discussed by the villagers.Over time, the two also considered whether to regenerate a son.

In this case, it can block the mouth of the villagers.Secondly, it is indeed a big deal at home, and the boy’s work is good.

In the past 8 years, the couple have been working hard in the great cause of "making babies".In 2001, Wang Cuiying was finally pregnant again.

The couple ran excitedly to the local hospital for pregnancy.The results of the inspection gave the couple’s bloody heart.

Wang Cuiying and Payment Bao Stock

The doctor told the couple that Wang Cuiying had four twins.Although it is blessed, but after birth, you can raise it in the future.

The couple somewhat doubted whether the hospital was wrong, so the two came to a hospital in Beijing for re -examination.

Doctors at Beijing Hospital said that the last hospital did not check the wrong examination. Wang Cuiying was not a twin, but a five twins.

After listening to this news, the couple were even more stunned.In the past, the two were looking forward to pregnancy every day. I did not expect that this was five.

With their family situation, and a total of 6 children in the big daughter, their lives have a very difficult life. If there are five more mouths, what do they use to raise these children?

The couple were in trouble, and the doctor was more worried than them.Doctors are also the first time I see a pregnant woman with 5 pregnant women, which is a big challenge for doctors’ career.

Five Bive Certificate

At the beginning, the doctor suggested that Wang Cuiying had a tire reduction surgery.That is to reduce the five children in Wang Cuiying’s belly several.

It was not the cruelty of the doctor, but based on the analysis of the experts at that time, the probability of the five twins was about one -60 millionth, but at the time in China, my country did not successfully produce a precedent for the five twins at one time.

If you insist on giving birth, the children in the stomach will "grab" the living space and nutrition.By the end of pregnancy, it is a great challenge to children and pregnant women. A little carelessness is a dead body.

Although the doctor said that it makes sense, it is uncomfortable to give up the child who has been looking forward to it for seven or eight years.

In this regard, the doctor said that there is currently a small fetus that has been squeezed behind by other siblings and squeezed for a long time. This child will have a big problem even if he is born.

When I heard the doctor said so, after paying Treasure Cun and Wang Cuiying, he decided to perform tire reduction surgery.However, the cost of this operation is very high, and the couple can only return to my hometown to borrow money for surgery.

The two who returned to their hometown made together to make up for the money.However, when they went to the Beijing Hospital for surgery, they were informed by the doctor that Wang Cuiying had passed the best tire reduction time.

At this time, if you have to reduce tire surgery, Wang Cuiying and the children in the stomach will be very dangerous.Faced with this situation, the couple looked at each other.

In the end, in the end, the couple could only choose to bet on one of the probability of five -sixtest possibilities.

Wang Cuiying

After returning home, Wang Cuiying was pregnant with five twins, so her belly was much larger than normal pregnant women. When she was more than 5 months, her belly was about the same size as the belly of the people.

As the fetus gradually developed in the stomach, Wang Cuiying’s internal organs were strongly squeezed. They couldn’t eat it every day. Even breathing was difficult, and even blood supply was insufficient.

And this also caused her to lie on the bed normally. She could only kneel on the ground every day and sleep on the bed, but she couldn’t sleep peacefully at all.

At the same time, her spine paind day and night due to excessive pressure.Watching his wife suffer so much, Paybaida seemed to be in his eyes in his heart. Such pain and torture lasted for more than 7 months.

In March 2002, Wang Cuiying finally waited for the moment of "unloading".Based on Wang Cuiying’s physical condition, the doctor decided to have a caesarean section at seven months of pregnancy.

Because this is the first time that doctors have encountered a pregnant woman who produces a five -time birth, and everyone is like an enemy.

For the successful production, the hospital convened more than 20 medical staff of obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics to pay attention to the situation of pregnant women and children.

After all things were prepared, the doctor took a deep breath and started surgery.After half a small, with the cry of the baby in the operating room, the child in Wang Cuiying’s belly was born, and the two men and three women.

However, the birth of children is only the first step in difficulties, and the more difficult and dangerous situation is still behind.Because several children were less than a month, and Wang Cuiying did not keep up with nutrition during pregnancy.

The five children who were just born were less than 4 pounds, and the thinnest second child had colonitis 5 days after birth.

After the doctor’s examination, the second child was inadequate, and now suffering from colitis, there may be only 6 hours left.Even if the child has been surgery now, it is likely to be an incomplete child when he grows up.

Faced with the doctor’s advice, Wang Cuiying and Paye Cun were hesitated for a few seconds and decided. No matter what the child became after the operation, it was impossible to give up like this.

Seeing that the two insisted so much, the doctor began to prepare for surgery.Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and the second child recovered well.

But in order to treat the second child, the two had a heavy debt again.In order to spend less money, Wang Cuiying followed his husband home after the line was dismantled at the hospital.

After returning home, Wang Cuiying thought that such a bitter day would always be survived, but the reality is often very cruel.

Because there is no money to buy a special bed for infants, Paying treasure and Wang Cuiying can only surround the children to sleep in the middle of the two when they sleep at night.

And children who sleep together are easily affected by each other. As long as one child wakes up and cry in the middle of the night, several other siblings will cry.

This situation happened almost every night, and the couple did not sleep for several months since the children were born.

What’s even more difficult is that Wang Cuiying’s breast milk is not enough to eat 5 children, and she is not willing to buy milk powder.Every time I heard the child’s hungry crying, Wang Cuiying was uncomfortable and weak.

In order to feed the child and pay off the debts as soon as possible, Payba decided to go out to work to make money by himself, and his wife took care of 6 children at home.

And this left, there was a big contradiction between the couple.

Since paying treasures and leaving home, it has rarely contacted the family.Later, there were fewer and fewer money sent at home.

Based on the performance of her husband during this time, Wang Cuiying had a bad premonition in her heart, and the husband would not have two hearts outside?

Wang Cuiying’s suspicion was dispelled by his fellows who worked with her husband.According to his fellow villagers, the husband couldn’t wait to turn the axis for 24 hours. In order to pay the debt as soon as possible, he could put a penny into 8 and a half flowers.

Hearing her husband’s hard work outside, Wang Cuiying was very bad in his heart.In order to reduce a little pressure on her husband, she also found the job of work to make up for the family.

When spring comes to autumn, several children are at the age of going to school, which can make it difficult for Baobao’s deposit.In the past few years, it is difficult to pay back to the debt and to feed a family. It is difficult to have the money for these five children to go to school, not to mention that in addition to these five children, there is a daughter of junior high school.

For a while, the two sons were in trouble. When the two were unprepared, a good news came.Professor Cheng Junxun saw an interview with the five twins in their births a few years ago, and he was very impressed. Now after learning about their family conditions, they quickly come to provide help.

Professor Cheng Jun gave the children a sum of money, and said that they could allow five children to go to the kindergarten they handled in Beijing, and the tuition fees were free.

Facing Professor Cheng Jun’s "sending charcoal in the snow", Paying treasure and Wang Cuiying were very grateful.After discussing, the two decided to let Wang Cuiying accompany the five children to study in Beijing, while paying treasure deposits went to work in other places to make money.

The husband and wife were separated from the two places like this. During the children’s school, Wang Cuiying was not idle.Although she has no culture, she has a strength.

As long as the housekeeping, packaging workers, and waiters make money, Wang Cuiying is doing it.During this period, Wang Cuiying also took the children to accept the invitation of the TV station.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the "five twins" of the Wang Cuiying family were selected as the Olympic "Olympic Volunteer Men". Because the names of the five children were "blessing", they called them "Wufuwa".Essence

Through TV, everyone knew the situation of their family. Because it was the first five twins in the country, the popularity of five children became higher and higher.

As more and more people pay attention to their special family, Wang Cuiying has received the help of caring people from all over the world.

The days at home have gradually improved, and when everyone thinks that the days will get better, a bad news pulls the family into hell again.

In 2017, Payba died of illness due to oversh Liga work, and died of illness.This allowed them to have a breathing life and was beaten back to the prototype again.

The burden of the entire family fell on Wang Cuiyun alone.She was suffering from the pain of my husband, and on the other side, she also needed to soothe 5 children. In her world, life was too bitter.

However, Wang Cuiying did not give up. She took the children back to his hometown in Hebei, and still made money from working early every day.

Fortunately, all five children are very sensible. They will not only help Wang Cuiying do some daily housework that they can do, but also work hard in learning. Basically, they do n’t have to worry about her.

In 2020, five children ushered in their college entrance examination.After the college entrance examination scores came out, the highest test was 498 points, and the minimum of 269 points was 269 points.

Although, in our opinion, these scores are not high, it can be said to be relatively low scores.But at least five children have learned. The main thing is that they have grown up healthy.

Since the children went to college, Wang Cuiying no longer accepted the help of good people in society.In her opinion, the children have already been in college, and they should also be responsible for their own lives.

In addition, she wants children to understand that a happy life is to work hard by herself, not the funding of others.

During the school, several children will work hard and earn living expenses and tuition, and they will also use the winter and summer vacations to make part -time jobs to make money.

They know more about money than ordinary children, so they usually save lively living. The monthly living expenses are less than 500 yuan. In their opinion, every penny in their hands should be used on the blade.

Theoretically, all the days of suffering have passed. It was when it was hard to come, and the burden on Wang Cuiying’s body was reduced because of the sensible children of a few children.

But every time he was idle, Wang Cuiying had a very negative emotion.She said that she had known it, and she shouldn’t have give birth to them (five twins).

The reason why Wang Cuiying said so was that the children dragged her up, nor because the child was not sensible.

On the contrary, it is because a few children are so sensible that she feels owed to children.

In her opinion, she did not have the ability to give the children a better growth environment and life, so that these children followed her to suffer and suffer. As a mother, she felt that she was not competent.

If she knew at the beginning that when the children were born with so much hardship, they may not choose to give birth to them at the time. Maybe that’s like that, they can vote for a good child.

For mothers, several children shook their heads unanimously. They never felt that they lived with Wang Cuiying very hard, but they felt very happy.

Now they have the ability to feed themselves, but this is not enough. They also hope that in the future, they can give their mother a better life. She is too tired and should take a break.

Although Paybaosi has gone early, as his father, he has assumed most of the responsibilities and burdens of his family. He also used his actions to educate the children what responsibilities and responsibilities.

Wang Cuiying used the first half of his life to teach several children how to love people. At the same time, she also showed the world what it means to be the mother.

Several children are also very sensible. Although they were born in a poor home, they did not abandon themselves, but they spent their own path of life.

May Wang Cuiying’s mother be happy in the future, and also hopes that several children can find their own way to live safe and smooth.

(Pictures and story materials are derived from the Internet)

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