In 2005, the 40 -year -old peasant woman was pregnant for 4 years, saying that the fetus responded to foreign objects. Doctors: There is no sign of pregnancy

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Since ancient times, women have given birth to fetuses in October, which is normal.

Of course, there are also premature birth phenomena caused by premature breakthroughs and multi -pregnancy pregnancy. For example, many twins are premature infants.However, the phenomenon of not childbirth for a long time is rare. Everyone knows only about the myth of Nezha.

According to legend, Nezha was reincarnated by Lingzhu. Her mother was sinned when she was pregnant with him. After three years of conceived, she gave birth to Nezha.But it is also limited to the legendary story. In the final analysis, this phenomenon is against the physiological laws of nature, and it is also rare in the world.

But in 2005, such a strange thing happened in Fengxian District, Shanghai.

40 -year -old Zhang Yonghua is a peasant woman in a small village in Fengxian District, Shanghai. In this year, she was pregnant unexpectedly, but it was surprising that she had not giving birth for 4 years.

Not only that, but what makes people feel incredible is that the villagers call Zhang Yonghua a "prodigy" that can talk to the outside world.The weirdness of this incident is stunning. What is going on with things?

The feudal thoughts of men and women are not uncommon in traditional Chinese rural families.In rural areas, many families also think that having a girl is a "loss of money", so that the birth of a son can continue the blood.

Zhang Yonghua’s mother -in -law is no exception.

Since Zhang Yonghua and her husband Wu Zhengquan got married in 1991, the two of them have been happy. Zhang Yonghua respects the elderly, diligent and frugal, and has won the love of her husband Wu Zhengquan.

So when the couple welcomed the first child in the early twenties of Zhang Yonghua, Zhang Yonghua, who was pregnant, became a character like a panda -like national treasure at home. The mother -in -law took care of her carefully and carefully.Cooking eggs supplement Zhang Yonghua.

However, this kind of careful care disappeared after learning that Zhang Yonghua was born with her daughter. Zhang Yonghua’s mother -in -law asked warmly from the original booing and turned to the later evil language.Essence

"I knew that I was born such a loss of money, and I did n’t rush to take care of it. I did n’t use it. I ate so many good things.”

Not only that, when Zhang Yonghua gave birth to a confinement after she gave birth to her daughter, her mother -in -law not only ignored it, but also asked her to do all the dirty work in her family.

Although Zhang Yonghua’s husband has always unswervingly maintaining his wife, because of his mother, he should go out to work frequently, and he cannot stay with his wife all the time.

Looking at her husband who was going to make a face with her mother -in -law, Zhang Yonghua’s heart was not a taste. He felt very sorry for her husband and blamed that she could not give her husband a son.

In fact, Zhang Yonghua can also see that her husband wants to have a son very much, but he has never been moving. For a long time, he wants his son to become an indescribable obsession.

Perhaps he heard the voice of the couple naively, and decided to help the two realize their wishes.

One morning Zhang Yonghua’s forty -year -old, her husband Wu Zhengquan prepared breakfast for his wife as usual, and he was ready to work.

When I was leaving, I thought that it would be cold after a while, so I asked his wife to get up for dinner. But who knew that Zhang Yonghua had a little nausea just a few mouthfuls, and ran to the toilet for a long time.Seeing that Wu Zhengquan thought that his wife had eaten something unclean, he injured his stomach, so he found some of the common gastric medicine for his wife.

But who knows that Zhang Yonghua’s medicine for a while is still not good, and it is still disgusting for a few days.Wu Zhengquan was worried about his wife, so he took his wife to see the famous Chinese medicine practitioners in the village, and wanted to see what was going on.

"Is it just vomiting? Are there any symptoms of fatigue, boring, and often feel tired?"

Old Chinese medicine has changed the edge of the edge of Chinese medicine.

"There are these symptoms, and the disgusting is also powerful."

Zhang Yonghua answered carefully.

"That’s right, you are happy, you are pregnant."

Old Chinese medicine said to Zhang Yonghua.

I heard that the old Chinese medicine said that the couple were surprised and happy. I did not expect that when people reached middle age, there was still the joy of Tim Ding.

Recalling the symptoms of the first pregnancy, Zhang Yonghua was more affirmed that he was pregnant.She was happy to say to her husband excitedly.

"God opened his eyes, we finally have a son."

If the husband and wife get the treasure, they cherish the child very much. Wu Zhengquan even assumes all the housework, carefully and carefully take care of his wife’s diet, and the couple are happy to look forward to the birth of the child.

With the increase in pregnancy, Zhang Yonghua is also not taking care of her husband’s meticulous care, and its weight is also growing. From more than 120 pounds in the early pregnancy to more than 180 pounds in October, the stomach is also every day.Getting bigger.

Zhang Yonghua, who is eager to hope, can teach at the stomach almost every day.

"Son, mother holds a small bowl in his hand. Small bowls can be used for dinner. Can you eat and eat with your mother when you grow up?"

Thinking of the happy life of his son after birth, Zhang Yonghua’s heart was full of sweetness.

I do n’t know when, one day, Zhang Yonghua finished prenatal education on his son, and was surprised to find that his belly moved a few times, as if he was responding to what she had just said.

Zhang Yonghua was very shocked and tried several times. The belly had a slight tremor in the corresponding real estate. Zhang Yonghua thought of it.

"This must be what my son is responding to what I said."

It didn’t take long for Zhang Yonghua’s "prodigy" to spread in the villagers. Everyone discussed the matter and felt very unscientific.Such strange things have also attracted a large number of reporters to rush to report.

In order to explore the true and false of the matter, the reporter came to Zhang Yonghua’s home deliberately, and saw that in the case of covering Zhang Yonghua’s eyes with a cloth strip, the reporter said when the reporter was shaking in front of his belly with a comb.

"Is this a comb?"

As soon as the words fell, I saw that my belly shaking a few times, as if to be sure that the reporter’s answer and seeing such a picture surprised the reporter.

Can’t help thinking, is it really a "prodigy" in Zhang Yonghua’s belly?Not only so surprising that children who have been pregnant for four years have never been able to give birth.

Until the beginning of 2006, Zhang Yonghua had been pregnant for more than ten months. Over time, he continued to pass, but he still did not show signs of childbirth.

The couple thought that the fetus may not be completely developed, and they could not be anxious.But until the eleventh month, Zhang Yonghua’s stomach still had no movement.

This was worried about her husband Wu Zhengquan, so he took his wife to the traditional Chinese medicine medicine that was determined to be pregnant in the early days, but after the Chinese medicine was cut through the pulse, he told the children that they were normal, but the development was relatively slow.

After listening to the doctor, the two were a little relieved, so the husband and wife began to wait patiently, but who knew that such a wait was four years, and this phenomenon was unscientific any any time.

The normal pregnancy cycle of women should be about 42 weeks, and may be different from one to two weeks due to different constitutions.However, if there is no sign of childbirth for a long time, one of the fetus and the mother must have a problem.

If you do not go to a regular hospital in time, it is likely that the mother and the fetus will have a life!So Zhang Yonghua’s fetus is by no means normal!

05 The husband and wife learned that the truth is difficult to accept

Because of the curiosity about this, the reporter decided to take Zhang Yonghua and his wife to the regular hospital for examination.After arriving at the hospital, the relationship between the couple has been passing, which has made many crowds curious, and they want to find out.Everyone talked about it.

"I haven’t given birth for so long for a long time. Is there something in the belly? There must be something wrong?"

The discussion of people’s discussions did not feel difficult to feel for being affectionate, but was very proud of being "prodigy" for themselves.

As for the medical staff, he was unheard of such circumstances, and he began to carefully check Zhang Yonghua’s body while surprising.Under the attention of everyone, Zhang Yonghua lay down on the inspection bed slowly, showing his stomach, and the doctor carefully looked at Zhang Yonghua’s stomach according to the inspection process.

Different from other pregnant women’s tight and hard belly, Zhang Yonghua’s belly is fair and smooth, soft and elastic. When the doctor presses his hands, he does not feel the position of the fetus, and he does not hear the movement of the fetus.So the doctor began to test the fetal heart, but Zhang Yonghua’s stomach did not detect the sound of fetal heartbeat.

After a number of examinations, the doctor came to an unexpected conclusion -Zhang Yonghua was not pregnant at all!

But for this conclusion, the couple did not believe at all, and the explanation of doctors was full.

In the end, the doctor decided to take Zhang Yonghua to do the ultrasound, so that Zhang Yonghua might believe in the doctor’s words.Although Zhang Yonghua always believed that there was a "prodigy", he couldn’t help doubt when he saw the results of many inspections given by the doctor, so he followed the doctor to the B -ultrasound under the persuasion of many people.

As a result, as I just judged, the doctor said while checking it.

"There is nothing at all, it is a pile of fat, so much fat, she just has fatty liver."

Zhang Yonghua did not believe all the test results, took the door angrily, and said while walking.

"I didn’t want to check it. Before I came to the hospital, my son told me, and he left when he came to the hospital."

Why do Zhang Yonghua be so stubborn and unwilling to accept the results of scientific inspection?

Psychologist gave a convincing explanation: Zhang Yonghua, this is a typical mental stress disease caused by the 癔.

Disposal, as the name suggests, is a mental illness brought about by long -term mental pressure. For example, psychological cues and external pressure may cause people to cause sturgeon.

The psychologist believes that because Zhang Yonghua’s heart has always had the desire to want his son, he gradually became a long -term psychological suggestion.

Coupled with the external pressure from her mother -in -law, Zhang Yonghua had a serious spiritual burden of "having a boy".In this way, Zhang Yonghua slowly suffered from the hoe.

Powerful mental stress even affects Zhang Yonghua’s endocrine, so nausea, sourness, fatigue and other symptoms like pregnancy.

But how does the "prodigy" jitter explain in the stomach?It turned out that Zhang Yonghua could control the muscles on the belly under the subconscious and trembling movement, which looked like a fetal movement.It is the illusion of these self -hypnotic that Zhang Yonghua believes that the fetus is really moving in his belly for many years.

Because Zhang Yonghua was eager to be eager, he mistakenly believed that he was "a prodigy" and ignored the truth of Wuzi.However, as her husband, Wu Zhengquan knew that his wife’s behavior was difficult to understand, but he was willing to be an actor who was a "fake pregnancy".

Someone once asked Wu Zhengquan.

"If your wife deceives you and said that she is pregnant, what’s not pregnant? So what do you plan to do?"

But Wu Zhengquan said with a smile.

"That’s okay. If you are not pregnant, you will not be pregnant. From beginning to end, she is my wife. I raised her for a lifetime."

From the beginning, both of them were immersed in the dream of Zhang Yonghua’s "son" woven. This beautiful dream met the wishes of Wu Zhengquan’s successor, and also met the expectations of Zhang Yonghua to alleviate family contradictions and obtained the recognition of her mother -in -law.For the whole family, this dream is undoubtedly complete.

However, it is worthwhile that we are inseparable from the fact that this strange thing is inseparable from the feudal thoughts of "heavy men and women" on the spiritual impact on people.

It should not be ignored that until now, the feudal thoughts of "heavy men and women" have never been eliminated, and poisoning generations.Make families full of happiness, but there is an irreversible contradiction because of the problem of only the problem of the boy’s "passing generation".

It is not difficult to imagine that although Zhang Yonghua’s daughter has the favor from her parents, she grows up in a family of heavy men and women.

The girls who came out of the family of male light and girls have been treated by the difference from the dear person since childhood, so they may have rebellion, self -denial, and complaining psychological problems when they grow. However, it is for them to overcome them.These problems are undoubtedly painful.

Therefore, in today’s society, vigorously advocate equality between men and women, to treat men and women fairness, and abandon the thoughts of men and women.The state has also introduced many corresponding policies to help women protect their legitimate rights and interests and promote the completion of the equal and harmonious society of men and women.

We must cherish our lives, protect ourselves, and learn to pick up the weapons of law to protect ourselves, and try our best to eliminate the adverse social impacts brought by the thought of feudal tumor thoughts.

Children are the future of the motherland. It is necessary to take care of it to thrive. As a mother, women also need more affirmation and encouragement from the family. Only when everyone strives to build a "harmonious little family" can there be ""Harmony everyone"

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