In 2008, the 42 -year -old rich woman "Tianzheng" son, the woman was not pregnant or produced, and the investigation found that it is not easy

Children are a family. The future hope of a country is often the happiest moment of a family when the child is born. But suddenly there is a child who "falls from the sky". What will you do?

The first reaction of this rich woman in Hong Kong and most people is the same, and she is full of surprise and doubts. So how can she face the son of this "fall from the sky"?

In 2008, a rich woman received a strange phone call, which completely changed the trajectory of the rich woman after the rich woman.

"Your son, in my hands, want to be safe, take out 100,000 to change" a cold female voice came out of the phone.

Normal people will definitely ask their son’s whereabouts when they receive such a phone call, but the rich woman hung up the phone. Will they think that the rich woman has money and does not want her son?

No, the rich woman is named Wang Zongqiong, who has hundreds of millions of families. She lives in Shenzhen. At the age of 42, she has been single for many years, and she has been diagnosed with innate infertility.

How could she have children infertile?That’s definitely a scam call, and Wang Zongqiong didn’t care about hanging up the phone directly.

"Don’t hang up, don’t you want to see your eight -month -old son?" It is still a strange number call.

Wang Zongqiong was even more doubtful. How could he have a son in infertility, and he was a son who was just born, and was a joke.

After a few minutes, a MMS was sent over, and the photo was a child’s photo.

Seeing the child, Wang Zongqiong’s heart seemed to be caught by both hands. The children in the photo were sleeping quietly, and they looked very cute. Her fleshy face and round chin.

Wang Zongqiong watched the children in the eight -month -old child carefully. Although it was only eight months, she could also see some of the children’s facial features. Wang Zongqiong found that the child looked like his sister’s child.

Wang Zongqiong thought that she was joking with herself, calling to confirm in the past, and found that it was not a prank. Who was "joking"?

Wang Zongqiong sent the children’s photos to her sister and other relatives respectively. Everyone always thought that the child did have some similar to himself.

As a woman, as a mother, how can I not know that I have given birth to a child?Although their two daughters were surrogated, how could she have a son and her ex -husband for many years?

In order to understand the confusion in happiness, Wang Zongqiong called back the phone back, but the other party did not answer.

The other party sent a text message directly, saying that if Wang Zongqiong did not believe it, he could be a parent -child identification.

According to the hospital written in the SMS, Wang Zongqiong came to the hospital but did not see his son, but some people took Wang Zongqiong to draw blood.

Wang Zongqiong, who returned home, was very disturbed, waiting anxiously to wait for the results of the parent -child identification. The result showed that the child had a blood relationship with himself.

Wang Zongqiong was worried that there was a fraud in it, so the two people communicated on the phone this time. The other party said that she was a surrogate mother. Wang Zongqiong proposed to do a parent -child identification again, and the other party agreed.

The second time the parent -child appraisal was the same as the first time. The probability of the mother and child between Wang Zongqiong and the boy exceeded 99.9%. Is it really his son?

Wang Zongqiong was puzzled. She wondered how the son came from, and the son who took extra output made Wang Zongqiong take off guard.

At present, he can’t entangle how this child comes. As a mother, Wang Zongqiong eagerly wanted to "redeem" the child and let the child grow up by himself.

Wang Zongqiong proposed to the other party to return the child, and the other party made a bite of 100,000. If he wanted to return to the child, Wang Zongqiong had to hand over 100,000 yuan, otherwise the child’s life would not be guaranteed.

The other party was enticing and seduced by the child as an excuse. Wang Zongqiong couldn’t care so much, and could only agree to the other party’s request.

The other party proposed to trade in the hotel. Wang Zongqiong was concerned. After all, he had never seen his son. Wang Zongqiong was afraid that the other party would extract or extort.

Wang Zongqiong chose to exchange at the door of the police station. On this, Wang Zongqiong came to the door of the police station with 100,000 yuan in cash.

Wang Zongqiong and waited for a thin woman. The woman was simple, unlike a wealthy family, holding a baby in her arms, and the baby was still asleep.

The woman only told Wang Zongqiong that the child was indeed Wang Zongqiong, so that Wang Zongqiong could identify it again. Wang Zongqiong wanted to ask something, but the woman hurriedly left.

These things left the mystery. The woman seemed to know what useful information, but she didn’t tell Wang Zongqiong what kind of mystery between this.

Wang Zongqiong took the child to the hospital to issue a birth certificate, and once again identified the parent -child identification to confirm that the child was his son, but this was really incredible.

Who is the child’s father?Who will let the surrogate mother give birth to a son with her own blood?Who is the surrogate mother?What is the connection between surrogate mothers and children’s father?

As early as 2001, the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Health’s "Administrative Measures for Human Affairs Auxiliary Reproductives" clearly stipulated that surrogacy is illegal, and once verification, it is found that the conditions of them need to bear legal responsibility.

Wang Zongqiong knew that she was infertile and infertile, and even the two daughters were born through IVF.

So how did the son of "fall from the sky" came to the world?

Wang Zongqiong recalled his last marriage and the birth of two children.

Wang Zongqiong, who has not married, has always lived in Hong Kong. She has always been a young lady who has supported the excellence. Before marriage, she had huge family property. The husband who met was also a rich man who was right.

Life after marriage has always been bland, and life is considered happy, but after a few years of marriage, two people have never had children. Wang Zongqiong went to the hospital to check his body.

As a result, Wang Zongqiong found that he had innate infertility and could not get pregnant and gave birth to children. The news was a thunderbolt for Wang Zongqiong.

The two people do not have children as a bond, and the relationship between the two is getting lighter, and the husband’s temper is getting worse and worse. The two have been in a state of "half divorce".

Wang Zongqiong was determined to cure his illness, and he couldn’t see one in major hospitals in Hong Kong. So, Wang Zongqiong turned to Shenzhen hospital and continued to cure the disease.

In the urology department of Zhongshan Hospital in Shenzhen, Wang Zongqiong met a doctor named Zhang Xiwei. Since then, the two have a delicate connection.

As Wang Zongqiong’s doctor, Zhang Xiwei took care of Wang Zongqiong very carefully. In the face of Hua Rongyue’s appearance, Wang Zongqiong, Zhang Xiwei gradually moved his mind.

Wang Zongqiong understood Zhang Xiwei’s meaning. After Zhang Xiwei invited himself to watch movies many times. After eating, Wang Zongqiong also had some heartbeats, but because he was married, he repeatedly rejected Zhang Xiwei.

After a few checks, there is good news that although Wang Zongqiong is infertile, his egg cells still survive, which means that he can get pregnant in other methods.

Zhang Xiwei told Wang Zongqiong’s method to be a test tube baby that Wang Zongqiong, a test tube baby, can realize his desire to be a mother.

Wang Zongqiong knew that the news was very happy. When he was happy, he faced Zhang Xiwei’s violent pursuit, and gradually Wang Zongqiong was also open -minded to Zhang Xiwei.

Wang Zongqiong also realized that she was sorry for her husband, but her sweet feeling with Zhang Xiwei defeated her ashamed of her husband.

After being together, Zhang Xiwei continued to "encourage" Wang Zongqiong, and told Wang Zongqiong to have a child with Wang Zongqiong. The child who gave birth must be obedient and obedient. Wang Zongqiong also agreed.

Maybe it was Wang Zongqiong’s motherhood, maybe because of the sweetness of Zhang Xiwei, the two decided to try IVF.

Wang Zongqiong recalled that she had a IVF in the hospital twice, and took a total of 17 eggs. 15 of 17 of the 17 were healthy. As long as these 15 embryos were transplanted to the uterus, they could raise children.

When I was pregnant with two daughters, I used two embryos, and the remaining embryos were stored in the hospital. Does anyone take their own embryos?

At that time, Zhang Xiwei gave Wang Zongqiong a word, named the Convention on the Love. In addition to the convention, Zhang Xiwei also promised to buy a 300 -square -meter building for Wang Zongqiong.

With the Convention on Love, the two also gave birth to their lives smoothly, but at this time, the two were not husbands and wives or couples. Strictly speaking, the two belonged to the relationship between patients and doctors.

The relationship between the two people does not have artificial conception. The two have neither a marriage certificate nor a permit certificate. There are no various approval.

Zhang Xiwei used his position to forge all documents and processes, and he had a IVF with Wang Zongqiong.

The first child was a daughter, and the two were named Wang Yi. The child was born with a happy thing, but Zhang Xiwei was unhappy.

Zhang Xiwei told Wang Zongqiong that he hopes to regenerate a child to accompany Wang Yi.

Wang Zongqiong was immersed in the sweet love, and Zhang Xiwei passed the test tube again. He was pregnant with the second child and the second child was a daughter.

After Wang Zongqiong found that the second child was born, Zhang Xiwei was not very happy. It turned out that Zhang Xiwei was a man who was a man and a young woman, and he also had old thoughts.

Gradually Zhang Xiwei stopped watching Wang Zongqiong and the children, and even did not answer the call of Wang Zongqiong. At this time, Wang Zongqiong did not see the other side of Zhang Xiwei, but just thought that Zhang Xiwei’s work was busy.

Wang Zongqiong felt that both children had giving birth. They should have a wedding. The two got married, so that both daughters had home.

So he returned to Hong Kong to marry her husband and planned to find Zhang Xiwei to get married, but Zhang Xiwei was always avoking Wang Zongqiong.

Wang Zongqiong, who took the two children, could not find Zhang Xiwei through the law. I hope Zhang Xiwei can be a husband and a father.

Before the police found Zhang Xiwei, Wang Zongqiong first received a letter from a court. He said that Zhang Xiwei’s wife sued Zhang Xiwei. The reason for the prosecution was Zhang Xiwei who was married.

It turned out that Zhang Xiwei had a wife, and Wang Qiong did not know at all. In the past few years, Zhang Xiwei had never mentioned it. The news was like a thunderstorm on a sunny day.

Wang Zongqiong has never been able to find Zhang Xiwei. He can only communicate with Zhang Xiwei through the law. The court finally judged that Zhang Xiwei paid Wang Zongqiong to Wang Zongqiong for 2,000 yuan per month as a support for the two children.

The love that Wang Zongqiong was eager to get finally changed. The lives of fantasies and Zhang Xiwei were also broken. Now Wang Zongqiong only wants to find Zhang Xiwei.

Wang Zongqiong wanted to find Zhang Xiwei through various channels, publishing newspapers, news broadcasting, online rewards, etc., not only if she also ran to Zhang Xiwei in person.

From 2003, he found in 2008. The whole five years was that Zhang Xiwei could not be found. Zhang Xiwei was like evaporation on earth, and there was no trace.

A few years have passed, Wang Zongqiong has gradually forgotten Zhang Xiwei. Wang Zongqiong has never remarried and lives with her two daughters.

Without the appearance of his son, Wang Zongqiong would not think of Zhang Xiwei, nor would he think of this "dog blood love".

With his son, Wang Zongqiong wants to raise his son, and he must first get a hukou for his son.

Although Wang Zongqiong was from Henan, Wang Zongqiong moved his hukou to Hong Kong in his early years, so his son Wang Le’s hukou also needed to fall in Hong Kong.

Wang Zongqiong submitted his own application to Hong Kong, but the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government did not allow approval because Wang Le was born of Wang Zongqiong.

It is necessary to prove that Wang Le is born by Wang Zongqiong to handle it. All the birth materials of Wang Le need to be submitted. However, Wang Zongqiong could not find someone who was surrogated and could not submit an application.

There was no way to settle in Hong Kong, so Wang Zongqiong consulted the lawyer in the mainland and wanted to migrate his son Wang Le’s account to the mainland.

After asking the lawyer, Wang Zongqiong came to the Public Security Bureau to apply for a hukou for his son. Wang Le’s account could only settle in the children of a single -parent family.

This way of settlement needs to provide the identity card and hukou book of any parents, but Wang Zongqiong is a Hong Kong hukou, and Wang Le’s father does not know who it is.

The urgent prince was to find the child’s father. The first thing Wang Zongqiong thought of was Zhang Xiwei. Only Zhang Xiwei knew that he had retained the embryo, so the child’s father could only be Zhang Xiwei.

Wang Zongqiong eagerly wanted to find his child’s father. He hoped that Zhang Xiwei could prove himself that he could make the child’s hukou, and do not let the child turn into a black household.

In the extreme way, Wang Zongqiong told Zhang Xiwei to court, and Zhang Xiwei still could not choose to face it, and he assigned lawyers to dock with Wang Zongqiong.

Zhang Xiwei said that he would not provide proof to Wang Zongqiong, because his life after his remarriage was very complete, and he did not want to have any connection with Wang Zongqiong.

Zhang Xiwei countered Wang Zongqiong, saying that Wang Zongqiong had entangled herself many times, causing herself to work properly and was even fired by the hospital.

The two sides were deadlocked, and the court finally ruled that if Wang Zongqiong could prove that the child was Zhang Xiwei, then Zhang Xiwei should provide proof for free to account for the child, and pay the support fee on a monthly basis.

So far, only the surrogate mother knows who the father’s father is. Wang Zongqiong could not find the surrogate mother at the time for a while, and Wang Zongqiong could not provide proof.

Therefore, it is impossible to use Zhang Xiwei’s identity to give the child a hukou, and the child can only be black households.

Wang Zongqiong came to the hospital again. The embryo should still stay in the hospital that year. If you check the record to see who takes away the embryo, he can find the child’s father.

Later, Wang Zongqiong brought a lawyer to the hospital. According to the hospital’s records, Wang Zongqiong did have the embryo, and these embryos were removed later.

The explanation given by the hospital is that Wang Zongqiong took away the remaining embryos, and there was no specific time.

Wang Zongqiong himself determined that he did not take away the embryo, nor did he let anyone take himself to get the embryo.

Where did these embryos go?If these embryos are eventually bred, wouldn’t it be possible to raise a few more children?This is a bit terrible.

Wang Zongqiong and the lawyer hoped to find the hospital to check Zhang Xiwei’s frozen eggs and Zhang Xiwei’s operating records that year, but the hospital refused.

The negotiation with the hospital was still unknown. The hospital used Zhang Xiwei as an excuse, saying that Zhang Xiwei was illegal during his job. At present, Zhang Xiwei is no longer in employment. The hospital has no way to preside over Wang Zongqiong.

Wang Zongqiong also couldn’t take his son back to the household registration in Hong Kong. The mainland could not give his son a hukou because he proved incomplete.

At present, Wang Zongqiong can only work hard with three children, and the former flower season girl has become embarrassed.

Until 2015, Wang Zongqiong complained to the hospital of the Health and Population Family Planning Commission, hoping to find his father for his children.

In the end, the hospital was exempted from punishment because the two first bred life were on May 29, 2001, and the extraction of embryo was started on August 1, 2001.

It proves that at the time, the two people extracted embryos and gave birth to life was illegal, and they were also illegal.

Until this year, Wang Zongqiong still didn’t give his son a hukou, and he still failed to find his child’s father.

In such a "love", not only the two families were destroyed, but also three children. Wang Zongqiong and Zhang Xiwei were derailed in the marriage, which caused tragedy.

Regardless of the reason, you should resolutely refuse to derail in marriage. Don’t let this generation of grudges affect the next generation.

Regardless of the world’s "disorderly flowers and fascinating eyes", don’t forget the warmth and warmth of the family.

In addition, surrogacy is also illegal. Women should not be regarded as "fertility machines". They should pay attention to protecting women and protecting the next generation.

At present, IVF technology is to help more couples with fertility problems and help more families to achieve the success. Doctors and hospitals should pay attention to protecting these personal information.

Remember, the uterus is not a commodity, and life cannot be traded.

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