In 2008, the Shandong female college student was a dream -changing aunt, and her 14 years have passed. What does she do now?

"Principal, I want to drop out of school and become a nun." Shi Zhengxiao said to the principal seriously.

The principal was surprised first, and then looked at the girl in front of him, and asked seriously, "Are you serious? Do you think clearly?"

"Considering it clearly," Shi Zhengxiao replied.

This was a scene that happened in the office of the President of Shandong University in 2008. Shi Zhengxiao, 19, decided to drop out of school from 985 and go to the temple to be a nun.

After dropping out of school, she went to the Tiantai Temple in Hubei to become a monk, and the change number was Shi Zhengxiao.

What is the reason why the flower season girl with a good future is willing but red, and she enters the empty door?Now 14 years have passed, how is she doing now?

A good girl in front of a person, a Buddhist idiot

Shi Zhengxiao was originally named Shi Zhengxiao. He was born in rural Henan and his family is very ordinary.

Shi Zhengxiao’s grandmother believes in Buddhism.

Her behavior directly affected her future life.At that time, Shi Zhengxiao’s parents had been married for many years, but there were no children. The family was very anxious. Her grandma went to the temple to worship the Buddha.

Coincidentally, Shi Mu finally became pregnant, and this child was Shi Zhengxiao.

Expressy, Shi Mu was overjoyed and thought that the child was given to her by the Buddha. In order to repay the kindness of the Buddha, she was devoted to the Buddha and meditated at home, eating vegetarian dishes, and copying the scriptures.

Shi Zhengxiao has been smart and sensitive since he was a child. Under the audience of his mother, the obscure scriptures in the eyes of others have a flavor in her eyes, and the sound of chanting is extremely boring. It is a wonderful music in her ears.

Children in childhood like to play everywhere, but she likes to hold her hands at home, and quietly listen to her mother telling the story of the Buddha’s sentient beings. When her mother goes to the temple to worship the Buddha, she will accompany them.She has a strong interest in Buddhist culture.

By the age of going to school, she entered school like everyone, and her talents and hard work and hard work made her grades among the best. Even the teacher who taught her could not help praising her wisdom.

Shi Zhengxiao, who has excellent grades and well -known and sensible, has always been a good girl in the eyes of others. Many people envy Shi Zhengxiao’s parents have such an excellent daughter.

When I hear this, the release mother often smiled slightly, thinking that everything followed.

And like most parents, President Shi is full of expectations for her daughter’s future. I hope she will be able to take a good university in the future, find a good job, and then get married and have children.

In order to live up to his father’s expectations, Shi Zhengxiao has always followed his father’s wishes, and the college entrance examination admitted to 985 colleges and universities in Shandong University, becoming the "proud girl of heaven" in the eyes of relatives and friends.

However, all this glorious life did not make Shi Zhengxiao happy. She even had some disgust and kept asking herself, "What kind of life do I want?"

With a question about future life, Shi Zhengxiao entered the university, but also changed the direction of life because of a dream made by college.

Confused girl, a dream enter the empty door

Shi Zhengxiao who has just entered the university, like everyone, strives to learn, make friends, and actively participate in various social activities.

She is quiet and well -behaved in her students. Among them, there are many suitors, but she has been rejected one by one.

After the freshness of the university passed, Shi Zhengxiao fell into confusion again: this is not the life I want, where do I live?

This problem has always troubled her, making her heart very impetuous, she can’t eat well every day, and she can’t sleep well.

After returning home, my father saw her sluggish and thought it was caused by the busy school, so he proposed that the whole family went out to play and relaxed her mood.

When asked where Shi Zhengxiao wanted to go to play, she thought for a while, thinking that she always liked Buddhist culture, it was better to go to the temple to see if she could calm her impetuous mood.

The family then set off for Tiantai Temple in Hubei to play.

When Shi Zhengxiao walked on the quiet ancient temple, the bell echoed in her ears over and over, her heart got unprecedented tranquility in her heart.

She enjoys this kind of peaceful state. After the worship is over, when the family is about to return, Shi Zhengxiao hesitated to ask his father to live for a few days.

Father Shi always knew that her daughter liked Zen. This time, I had the opportunity to come to Tiantai Temple. It was normal for a few more days. I didn’t think much, so she agreed to her request.

However, this living allows Shi Zhengxiao to have new thinking about life, and her longing for simple life takes root in her heart.

Like all monks, Shi Zhengxiao gets up early to meditate and reads the scriptures, eats vegetarian vegetables, and lives a clear life that works at sunrise and sunset.

Such a life is boring for 19 -year -old girls, but Shi Zhengxiao enjoyed it.

Happy time is always very short, and before he knows the days of setting off home, Shi Zhengxiao reluctantly left the temple with his parents’ urging again and again.

A few days of clearing time was short, but it turned around in her heart.

After returning, Shi Zhengxiao has always missed a pure life in the temple. She wants to go back to the temple to live a simple life, but after all, this idea does not meet the secular standards, and she has to bury her thoughts quietly in her heart.

When she went to school in school, she often took class in the same class, made trouble with her classmates, and participated in community activities.Thinking, there was a dream at night. One night, she had a dream to make her determined that she had to be a monk.

She dreamed that she was a boy around the Buddha, and followed the Buddha to recite the Buddha and enlighten the Zen Olympics every day.

Shi Zhengxiao was immersed in this dream, and even after waking up, he remembered everything that happened in the dream.

She wanted to understand that life in the temple was her favorite life.

She applied to the school withdrawn from school, and the teachers were surprised, thinking that she had encountered any major things. After a survey, she confirmed that Shi Zhengxiao was a voluntary monk, and the teachers guided her psychologically.

After learning the news, her parents rushed to school to persuade.

Shi Mu’s long -term ritual Buddha, although he was a little surprised by Shi Zhengxiao’s decision, he could also understand that he asked her hand and asked, "Do you really make a decision to become a monk?"

Shi Zhengxiao replied carefully: "Yes, I dreamed that I was a boy around the Buddha in the dream, and the life in the temple was the life I wanted to live."

When I heard her daughter’s answer, Shi Mu knew in her heart that her daughter had learned the Dharma with her since she was a child. Now she is a deep species of Buddhism. No matter how discouraged it is, it is better to let her go.Can say to her with tears: "Everything is good, just be happy."

The Father Shi was unable to accept such a fact. In his heart, his daughter was well -behaved and sensible, with excellent academic performance, and admitted to a prestigious university. It has always been his pride. Now she wants to let go of all this to choose to become a monk.Destroying the future, tears flashed on the majestic face on weekdays, and he guided his daughter to stay well over and over again.

But at this time Shi Zhengxiao was decided and insisted on becoming a monk as a nun.

The attitude of her daughter’s persistence made my Father discouraged, and he knew that more persuasion could not make Shi Zhengxiao’s decision.

In his heart, her daughter is happy. Since it is the path she chose, it is useless to say that it is not useful, so it will become her.

In the end, Shi Zhengxiao retired successfully and came to Tiantai Temple in Hubei to become a monk.

On the day of her monk, she watched a handful of hair on the ground. There was not much waves in her heart, but she had a trace of liberation.

From then on, there was a woman named Shi Zhengxiao less vulgar, and a nun who was obsessed with the practice of practicing was Shi Zhengxiao.

But is the practice of practice really as beautiful as she imagined?Did she regret it again?

The most beautiful bhikkhuni, explosion network

The life in the temple is not everyone imagined every day to eat the Buddha. It is comfortable and comfortable. It is very boring. Most people are unbearable.

Before the day, you are going to meditate and recite the Buddha.

There is no fishy meal. I eat vegetarian dishes. I often steamed buns with cabbage.

The bedroom is also extremely rude. A wooden board placing a few books is a place to sleep.

I wore green gray monks all year round. The clothes were dilapidated and did not change new.

Picking water, sweeping the floor, and cutting firewood on weekdays must be done.

In the temple, mobile phones, computers and other network electronic products have strict regulations every day, and there are almost no entertainment activities.

Such a hard -working life makes the monks who practice together miserable, but Shi Zhengxiao is very enjoyable. She thinks that there is a less hustle and bustle of the world here, and a trace of purity of the world.

Coinciding with the temple to organize the first art troupe of Chinese monks -Guangxian Art Troupe, Shi Zhengxiao signed up for participation.

However, the road to study is not smooth. No one in the orchestra will pull the violin, so I can only study in a training course in Wuhan City every day. It takes 6 or 7 hours to take a trip on the road.

At this time, Shi Zhengxiao has already been in his 20s. He has long been the best age to learn the violin, and it is extremely difficult to learn.Many peers can’t stand them and give up their studies.

Regardless of how she complained and dropping out of school, Shi Shixiao clenched her teeth and insisted on studying. She actively asked the teacher when she encountered problems that she didn’t understand.

After the successful formation of the art troupe, Shi Zhengxiao became the lead singer and host of the Guangxian Art Troupe with his smart mind and solid music skills.

Because it is the first art troupe in China, it has attracted many tourists to watch.

Originally, tourists just came to make a fun, and did not have much expectations for the performance of the art troupe. However, when the melodious music sounded, people were attracted by this wonderful performance and couldn’t help taking pictures.

At a performance meeting, Shi Xiaozheng, who was hosting the event, was photographed by tourists and uploaded it to the Internet.

I saw her bright eyes and handsome smiles in the photo. Once released, she attracted the popularity of netizens and was rated as "the most beautiful nun" by netizens.

The combination of beautiful music and the "most beautiful nun" has greatly increased the reputation of Tiantai Temple.

Countless tourists came to watch the performance, but there was a question of what came.

Some people say: "Men and women monks are rehearsal together and do not become a body."

"The Buddhist gate is a place of clearing, and the monk sings and dances, it is better to be vulgar."

"Monks also dance, the world is too crazy"


In the face of these doubts, Shi Zhengxiao smiled. She said: "Zen music is the performance of Zen, very tolerant, there is no national and religious, all things in the world, as long as it is good and beautiful, we will praise it."

Shi Zhengxiao practiced Zen music, and her piano skills became more and more superb, and questioning also dissipated in a wonderful performance in a field.

Now 14 years have passed, and the years have not left too many traces on her face, but have added a lot of peaceful temperament to her.Life.

Someone asked her: "Have you regret it?"

She smiled indifferently: "I don’t regret it."


Many people think that Shi Zhengxiao has a good youth and a good future but chose to let go of everything. The behavior of being a nun is ridiculous and expressed unconcerned.

However, she said, "Our life is nothing more than pursuing a happiness and happiness. Here, there are fresh air, you can learn Zen music, self -cultivation, such life is simple and natural. I think this is my happy life."

Each of us is different, each has its own temper and personality, and the pursuit of life is not the same. Some people are obsessed with the glittering of the world and yearn for the lives of the fame.Life, but no matter what kind of life, there is only one purpose, that is, to make yourself happy.

Happiness is not defined by others, but it is determined by yourself and living in your own heart to live a happy life you want.

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