In 2011, the belly of the female plants in Jiangsu was raised, and the doctor checked and found that she was pregnant.

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At the end of 2010, Zhao Gang, who was in Muyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu, drove a car and collided with a small three round at an intersection without a traffic light. Afterwards, he had no big deal, but the family of three on the tricycle was hit into the hospital.

Gaodejin and his two -year -old daughter who drove a three -wheeled car were not a big deal, but Zhang Rongxiang, his wife in the car, hit his head, so he fell into a long -term coma and became a "vegetative".

After the accident, Zhao Gang had twice compensated the Gaodejin family twice, but shortly after Gaodejin, he once again sued him to court.

This time, Gaodejin asked Zhao Gang to compensate the younger son of the Gaodejin couple who had not occurred at the time of the accident, which made Zhao Gang puzzled.

So what happened at the scene of the accident?Why did Gaodekin’s young son who did not appear at the scene of the accident?What about the final result?

In 2010, it was not too peaceful for Zhao Gang. The small business he operated lost a sum of money. At the end of the year, he rushed to a traffic accident because of a hurry.

It was a crossroads without a traffic light. Both intersecting roads were planted with trees. Most drivers would slow down and slowly, and carefully observed whether there was a vehicle crossing the cross road covered by the trees.

Zhao Gang is a locals and is also familiar with this intersection. Here the traffic is not large here. Generally, it is a small three -wheeled or battery car in the county town. The speed is not fast.

On the day of the car accident, Zhao Gang encountered some urgent incident. When he hurriedly passed the intersection, he had no deceleration with luck. His driving car was about 60 yards, but he did not expect to have a faster three -wheel wheel.

The owner of the tricycle did not expect that there would be a car without slowing down the intersection. His speed was indeed too fast. When he found that the car had been too late to avoid, the two cars hit each other.

Because of the severe frontal impact, the airbag on Zhao Gang bounced directly. He was hit dizzy, but he quickly returned to get off the car to check the situation.

The tricycle was lying at the intersection, and the front of the car was completely deformed. A man and a woman on the car fell near the three wheels. The blood was already in a coma. A girl who looked 2 years old fell on the grass on the side of the road.

The bright red made Zhao Gang suddenly softened. He quickly picked up the little girl and immediately called 120, and cooperated with the doctor to send the family of three to the hospital.

After some inspections, Zhao Gang himself had no trauma except for being frightened. The little girl was only protected by her mother’s desperation.

Gaodejin, a bicycle, was unconscious for a few days, but the doctor checked him with multiple fractures and breathable. After a period of treatment, he recovered and discharged from hospital.

The most tricky thing was Zhang Rongxiang. The moment she collided with the two cars, she was thrown out and fell heavily on the side of the road. The back of her head was unconscious on the road.

After the doctor’s judgment, she was a heavy brain injury, and if she woke up in three months, she would become a "vegetative".

The traffic police department in Liyang County quickly rushed to the accident place, and both recorded Zhao Dijin, who woke up from the coma two days later.

Both parties admit that they did not pay attention to the deceleration and avoidance when passing through the intersection. The responsibility of the accident this time was responsible. The traffic police department quickly issued an accident identification letter to determine that the two parties had equal responsibility.

Originally, Zhao Gang did not need to bear any compensation responsibility, but it didn’t take long for him to receive a subpoena from the court.

Gao Degin sued him to the court to make a claim for compensation. Gaodejin believed that his wife became a vegetative, and Zhao Gang should be responsible.

Zhao Gang took the initiative to visit the Gaodejin family after the accident. By understanding, Zhao Gang found that Gaodejin’s family was not good. Zhang Rongxiang’s long -term coma has a huge amount of coma. It is indeed a heavy burden for this family.

Zhao Gang had just lost money in his business, and he was not wealthy at hand, but he never thought of escape, but thought: "It’s all a fellow, and you can help you feel at ease."

After Gaodejin’s claim was required, Zhao Gang immediately contacted the insurance company to compensate the Gao family and prepared a total of more than 40,000 yuan to support the cost of the Gaodejin family’s early treatment.

After the mediation, Gaodejin was also very grateful and shook hands with Zhao Gang.

Zhao Gang thought that the money was in place, even if it was over, but before a few months, he received a subpoena from the Puyang County People’s Court, and he was sued by Gaodekin again.

This time, Zhao Gang was brought to court again, and Gaodejin was very helpless, but the hemp rope was detailed. Their family was really hard, and the medical expenses were really unable to pass.

Gaodejin and Zhao Gang are also locals in Puyang. He was born in the countryside. He did not rely on his own hands. He could only rely on his own hands in everything. His income was not high.

Zhang Rongxiang was an elderly mother when she was a young daughter. In order to be safe, she could no longer go out to work. The pressure of the family had reached Gaodejin. He had to work two jobs at the same time to maintain the family early and return to the family.

Fortunately, such a hard work in exchange for the birth of the younger daughter’s peace, God also gave up the family, and Gao’s hoped to the demolition and got a set of resettlement houses and some demolition funds.

With this model, Gaodejin doesn’t need to be so bitter. He can buy two jobs without using the axis, and directly buy a new electric tricycle, and he has done a job for delivery.

Originally, Gaodejin felt that his life was getting more and more smooth.

His wife Zhang Rongxiang thought that this trip was about to go to his mother’s house, just to buy something along the way, and hugged the younger daughter into the car squeezed. Gao Degin thought about it and agreed happily.

The family of three set off happily. The younger daughter hummed all the way. Gao Dejin did not pay attention to slowing down at the intersection. The tragedy happened.

Gaodejin, who woke up in the hospital for two days, opened his eyes and looked for his wife and daughter everywhere. He learned that his daughter was just scratching him and was fortunate. When he turned his face, he saw his mother crying and crying.

"I don’t know how to tell you, Axiang she … she has always been unconscious, the doctor said she couldn’t wake up …"

The old lady’s words made Gaodekin feel congested. The doctor wanted to wait for him to be better, but he couldn’t hide it anymore.

"Your wife’s craniotomy is severe. If you can’t wake up for three months, the probability is a vegetative …"

Gaodejin was struggling to get up. Regardless of everyone’s dissuasion, he had to see his wife. Everyone couldn’t stab him, and he could only go to Zhang Rongxiang’s ward with a wheelchair in a wheelchair.

Watching his wife’s face was pale, he was lying on the hospital bed, hanging a hanging bottle on his arms, and his body was covered with a tube. Gaodejin couldn’t stop crying. He regretted that he had not complied with the traffic rules and made a big mistake.

On the day of the hospital’s disease, Gaodejin was in an extremely anxious. Although his leg injury slowly healed, his wife’s hospital hospitalization fee was two or three thousand a day, and the money compensated for demolition was finished.

Before the accident occurred, Gaodejin’s delivery could still have some income, but now the car is hit, his legs are folded, and he will not be able to work for a while.It’s right.

In order to save money, Gaodejin hurriedly went to the hospital before he was good. The house had not been built. The family rented a warehouse barely. In order to treat Zhang Rongxiang, Gaodejin borrowed friends and relatives.

Relatives and friends sympathize with the situation of Gaodejin’s couple, but this kind of thing is not to save the poor. Zhang Rongxiang sees that it will become a vegetative. No one knows how long she will be in a coma, and it is impossible to help.

In helplessness, Gaodejin could only put Zhao Gang in the court, hoping that he could get some compensation from Zhao Gang’s side. What he was pleased was that Zhao Gang was a man, and Gaodejin successfully received 40,000 compensation to solve the urgent need.

What Gaodejin did not expect was that the 40,000 yuan had just got a trip to the hospital and had little left. The wife had a long -term hospitalization bed and had a huge expenses in addition to treatment.

In order to save money in a hurry to leave the hospital, Gaodejin has no good legs or work. He spends money at home and does not make money. It didn’t take long for him to fall into a dilemma.

In order to survive, Gaodejin could only sue Zhao Gang again, asking him to bear the cost of his wife’s follow -up treatment. Zhao Gao received the subpoena and was helpless.

At the court’s mediation site, Gaodejin was knelt down to Zhao Gang. He couldn’t bear to give up his wife who was alive, and begged Zhao Gang to give some compensation.

"Well, forget it, it is unlucky to help me, and I am unlucky. His wife is still in a coma!"

Gaodejin’s wife’s heart moved Zhao Gang. With coordination, he took out more than 10,000 yuan, and Gaodejin finally saw the hope of his wife’s life again.

At this time, it has been more than three months since Zhang Rongxiang’s coma. During the period, the doctor was in critical condition, and Zhang Rongxiang became a vegetative.However, Gaodejin was still reluctant to give up his wife. Considering the situation of the Gao family, the hospital gave Zhang Rongxiang conservatively for treatment.

In addition to taking care of the family every day, Gao Degin came to the hospital to take care of his wife. The day passed. Zhang Rongxiang did not improve, but Gaodejin found that his wife’s body was strange.

"Doctor, take a look at her stomach!"

When he scrubbing his wife, Gao Dejin noticed that his wife’s lower abdomen was slightly confused, and it was still hard. He felt bad instantly, for fear of tumor.

After the doctor came to consider the possibility of retention of urine, he immediately arranged a B -ultrasound for Zhang Rongxiang, but as soon as the results of the examination came out, the doctor was very surprised.

B ultra -ultra -clearly showed a formal fetus -Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant!

In terms of time, Zhang Rongxiang was just 1 month when she was pregnant and had no pregnancy reaction. Therefore, the doctor did not notice it. Now that the child has been 4 months old and develops well.

When Gaodejin, who learned the news, was overjoyed, Zhang Rongxiang always wanted a boy, which may be God’s son.

However, the doctor splashed him with cold water. Zhang Rongxiang’s state is not suitable for pregnancy. She can only eat liquid food now. After the fetus is large, she needs nutrition.Children will have an impact.

The doctor seriously suggested that Gao Dejin did not want this child. Zhang Rongxiang was not suitable for pregnancy at this time, and now he really couldn’t afford the child in order to take a hollowing on the bottom of his wife.

Perhaps it was his own will in the meditation. Just when Gaodejin wanted to give up, Zhang Rongxiang had a short soberness. When she learned that she was pregnant, she said with a dumb voice: "Okay, there is a child."

The words of his wife gave Gaodejin a great encouragement. He realized that this was the persistence of his wife’s disease and a gift from God. He made up his mind to protect the child.

After another period of time, Zhang Rongxiang’s body recovered, and he happened to place the house to hand over the house. After the doctor’s examination permitted, Gaodekin took Zhang Rongxiang back to the new home.

After that, Gaodejin was seriously taken care of his wife and the child in his belly every day. Although Zhang Rongxiang still stayed in bed, the child grew up every day in her belly.

In October in October, Zhang Rongxiang finally ushered in the moment of childbirth. Gaodejin was at a loss at the operating outside. For the first time, the hospital encountered such a situation. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and the mother and child were safe.

The arrival of this boy made the Gaodejin family overjoyed. He named his son "God". Gaodejin felt that his life was hopeful. The son was born, and his wife would be better.

However, when the doctor checked Zhang Rongxiang again, he regretted that Gao Dejin still needed to stay in bed for a long time, and continued treatment was a huge expense.

Gaodejin could not give up his wife, but he also knew that he was unable to bear the expenses of an old and small expenses. With the advice of a friend, he took Zhang Rongxiang to make disability identification and asked for compensation again.

Zhang Rongxiang’s appraisal report stated that her brain injury was seriously unable to live normally, which constituted a third -level disability.

Considering that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant during a car accident, the lawyer suggested that in addition to asking for subsequent treatment and nursing costs, part of the support for newborns should also be required.

After all, Zhang Rongxiang could not take care of his son like an ordinary mother at this time.

Zhao Gang, who received the subpoena this time, was no longer calm, and repeatedly prosecuted, making him feel that the other party had some rogues. He looked at the prosecution and could not understand the cost of reducing this newborn:

"He didn’t give birth in a car accident, why should I raise him?!"

Zhao Gang bluntly stated that he had heard that the doctor did not recommend that Zhang Rongxiang who was unconscious had a child. The child was actively born by the Gao family himself, and he should not be responsible.

This incident said that the public and well -being said that Gao Dejin felt that it was not easy. Zhao Gang, who had already lost two money, was even more aggrieved.

However, although Zhang Rongxiang did not notice it, Zhang Rongxiang was indeed pregnant at the time of the accident. No matter what, he could not deprive the child’s right to birth, not to mention that the child was indeed born.

Under the persuasion of the court, Zhao Gang finally thought about it. He was willing to give the child a certain compensation. In March 2012, the dust settled. The court ruled that Zhao Gang finally paid 530,000 yuan.

After getting compensation, Gaodekin finally supports the family. As Xiao Tianci grew up day by day, Zhang Rongxiang gradually improved, and everything was changing in a good direction.

The eldest daughter returned home to help after adults. Gao Degin was able to go out to work and had income. Xiaotianci would accompany her mother to chat with her every day, and even feeds her mother to feed.

Maybe it is the power of love. Zhang Rongxiang can sit up slowly from consciousness to slowly, and now he can walk slowly. This family has finally ushered in the dawn of hope. Maybe all of them have to thank the family for their persistence.

It is said that "it is just a mother", Xiaotianci is the miracle of Zhang Rongxiang. The birth of God also gives her courage. I hope Zhang Rongxiang will get better and better, and he will grow up with the children healthy.

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