In 2011, the vegetative women’s abdomen was raised, and the examination actually found that she was pregnant. The husband said:

Gaodekin, an ordinary Jiangsu man, lives a happy family life, full of laughter and warmth every day.

They live in a spacious and bright home, full of rich dinner on the table. The children played on the sofa, and the couple communicated with each other’s mood and interesting things in their work.They are mutually understanding and supporting, and their love flows so naturally and sincere.

However, fate pushed Gaodejin’s life to a trough in a car accident.That day, when they drove the vehicle steadily on the road, a crazy driver suddenly hit their vehicle through the red light.The world of Gaodejin collapsed instantly, and they were forced to fall in deep pain and helplessness.

In that terrible car accident, his wife Zhang Rongxiang suffered the worst injury and became a vegetative.Gaodejin could not accept the reality in front of him. He felt that he was defeated by the cruel destiny, and the happiness of the family was broken into pieces.

He sticks to Zhang Rongxiang’s bed every day, looking at her eyes that she can’t respond, and her heart is like a knife.He tried to hold her hand gently by constantly calling his wife’s name, hoping that she could wake up, but everything seemed so hopeless.

The original happy family was shrouded in darkness and lost the laughter of the past.Gaodejin felt like he had lost his direction. He spent every day blankly, and deep inside was full of pain and helplessness.

The accident changed Gaodejin’s life and put him into an unprecedented trough.However, when everything seemed no hope, fate brought them a turnaround again.The story has not ended, and a miracle is about to be staged.

On December 1, 2010, Gaodejin and his wife Zhang Rongxiang and two children encountered a terrible car accident.Destiny is not friendly to them, and his wife’s injury is the most serious, becoming a vegetative.

However, when the doctor did a full -body examination for Zhang Rongxiang, an unexpected discovery caused Gaodejin to fall into thought.The doctor told them that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant for a month.This is undoubtedly a difficult choice for them.The doctor warned that retaining the fetus may have a worse impact on Zhang Rongxiang’s body, but Gaodejin firmly decided to keep his wife and children’s life.

So they chose to give birth to the child.In September 2011, Zhang Rongxiang gave birth to a baby boy smoothly, but she still fell asleep in a coma.Faced with this difficult situation, Gaodekin made a decision -he would take his wife home and take care of her in person.He also made money at the same time, and assumed the burden of taking care of the whole family.

Two years have passed, and Gao Degin still adheres to his wife and silently guards the family.Until one day, his son Gao Tianci awakened his mother with innocent love.It was the day of Gao Tianci’s two -year -old birthday, and the entire family was filled with a happy smile.After the dinner, Gaodejin’s eldest daughter found that her brother secretly took a few fruits and slipped into her mother’s room.

At the beginning, they did not realize the mystery.However, when they heard Gao Tianci’s "giggling" laugh, everyone was stunned.Gaodejin rushed into the room with his two daughters, and the scene in front of him was ecstatic.Zhang Rongxiang was lying on the bed, her eyes closed, but at this moment she opened her eyes and looked at her son with a smile.The juice flowed out from the corner of her mouth, all like a miracle.

They once again sent Zhang Rongxiang back to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.The doctors were amazed. Zhang Rongxiang’s body indicators were all normal, and brain congestion was dissipating.The occurrence of this miracle not only made the Gaodejin family feel extremely happy, but also became a miracle in the history of modern medicine.

Today, the Gaodejin family lives a happy life.Gaodekin knows that his decision is correct, love is powerful and amazing. It can create miracles and overcome all difficulties.

In fact, no matter what kind of predicament of our lives, as long as we are with love and firm courage, we can defeat everything.Believe in miracles, cherish everyone, and warm each other’s hearts with the power of love.

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