In 2013, the 22 -year -old mother in Nanjing lock her daughter to starve to death alive, but was reduced due to pregnancy.

"Some people have healed their childhood in their lives, and some people have healed their lives for their childhood."

How many tragedies in life are caused by the tragic encounter in childhood.

In 2013, a mother only went out to play and locked the two daughters into the room for a whole month.

When it was discovered, it had been died for a long time, and even the corpse had been dry.

Faced with such irresponsible mothers, netizens couldn’t hate. Although she was guilty, her childhood encounter was also sympathetic.

She was abandoned by her mother since she was a child, and her father threw her to her grandfather, but she still couldn’t feel love with her grandpa.

Before she graduated from elementary school, she went to school because she had no money to go to society and contaminated a lot of bad habits.

She will go to this step today and has nothing to do with her childhood experience.

Because no one has taught her what love is, and no one has taught her how to treat her daughter.

As for the big dye tank of society, she only taught her how to drink, drug use and ghosts.

When the incident was the incident, what did Le Yan do, why do you know that his daughter is at home, and he refuses to go back for a month?

After the tragedy, what will the ending waiting for Le Yan in the future?

In 1991, Le Yan was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Because her parents did not receive a certificate, she had no household registration since she was urinated.

During her mother’s pregnancy, her father was arrested for theft and was released from prison three months later, disappearing without a trace.

Helpless, her mother could only take care of Le Yan alone and raised her to 4 years old.

Later, because the pressure was too great and could not bear it, she could only give her to relatives to raise it.

In the hands of relatives, Le Yan was like luggage. He changed his hands several times, and finally reached the hands of grandparents.

Because of his childhood flowing away, Le Yan dropped out of school at home without finishing the first grade. At the age of 16, he was forced to flow on the street and began to live in a wandering life.

In order to survive, she did a lot of work, but she didn’t take a long time, and finally found a job in the bar.

At a young age, he was trapped in the big dye tank of society. No one has taught her what is right and what is wrong.

Under the cricket of Fox Peng dog friends, Le Yan dyed drug addiction. At a drug party, she met Li, who was 6 years older than her.

The two fell in love at first sight, and soon began to live together.

During this time, Le Yan always disappeared inexplicably, and then went home suddenly.

The longest time, two months long.

Two months later, on January 27, 2011, Le Yan returned home and had an extra baby girl in her hand.

Looking at Li’s surprised eyes, Le Yan said unabashedly.

"This child has nothing to do with you. We don’t intend to leave. If we can live well, let the child be with your surname," Li Mengxue. "

Faced with this slightly unreasonable request, Li did not hesitate to hesitate and agreed.

After that, the two did not receive a certificate and did not hold a wedding, they formally formed a family of three.

In March 2012, the love of the two people was born, and she was also a girl. Le Yan named her Li Tong.

I thought the birth of the biological daughter could make Le Yan take a little bit of heart and fulfill the duty of being a mother.

Unexpectedly, Le Yan was still my own afterwards, and often disappeared inexplicably. After returning home, he would bring back drugs.

Such days did not last too long. In February 2013, the two people had an east window incident and were arrested.

In the end, Li was sentenced to 6 months in prison for receiving drugs for others.

Because Le Yan was still breastfeeding, she did not punish her too much, and let her stay at home to take care of her daughter.

In this way, taking care of the burden of the two daughters, all over the body of Le Yan.

However, Le Yan still did not converge her behavior. She often ran out and played alone and threw her two daughters alone at home.

At first, he would leave sufficient drinking water and snacks at home to let his daughter confidently solve the diet.

Le Yan himself would play outside for two or three days outside, and then dragged his tired body and returned to the room to sleep.

The neighbors upstairs also knew that Le Yan’s life was very difficult.

Therefore, she often gives her some necessities such as vegetables, oils, and salt.

The community also applied for a special subsidy for her, which would subsidize Leyan 800 yuan per month.

Because when Le Yan was not at home, the child had an accident, and the neighbor’s aunt also asked Le Yan to give her the key to her own.

In this way, when Le Yan was not at home, the neighbors were also convenient to take care of two children.

Throughout the incident, the community and neighbors have really done their best.

But even though their family got so much help, the accident happened in the eyes of the public.

On April 17, 2013, Le Yan’s 3 -year -old daughter Li Mengxue suddenly ran out of the room alone.

When he was discovered by his neighbors, he was lying on the tree of the community and letters, wearing only pants and bare up his body.

The neighbors quickly sent Li Mengxue to the hospital for treatment and called the police.

Then the police rushed to the scene and found Le Yan’s one -year -old daughter Li Tong in the room and sent her to the hospital for examination.

In the ward, the two girls finally saw the mother who hadn’t seen for a long time, and they stretched out their hands to let the mother hug.

Maybe it was this incident that Le Yan was deeply scared. From then on, for a long time, Le Yan did not go out to "ghost mix".

Life is basically in a state of sleeping during the day and working at night.

A week later, Le Yan’s "addiction" was committed again and wanted to go out to play.

So in the evening, she fed her two daughters.

After leaving a bag of chicken cakes, some biscuits, and a pot of cold water, I went out.

In order to prevent the last time, when leaving, Le Yan also deliberately locked the doors and windows and tied it with cloth strips.

Between the door of the bedroom, Le Yan was also damp to ensure that the 3 -year -old daughter could not open the door from the inside.

Le Yanben planned to go home for two or three days, but once she committed drug addiction, she would not be able to control it later.

For a whole month, Le Yan never returned home at a time.

Until June 21, 2013, the police received an alarm by the neighbor and rushed to Le Yan’s house.

After forcibly broke the door, a strong bad smell came.

In the bedroom, the younger daughter Li Tong hugged the kettle and fell to the bed. The eldest daughter Li Mengxue lay in front of the bedroom door and motionless.

After testing, both girls were starved to death for a long time.

Afterwards, according to the neighbor’s memory, when the two children were discovered, the corpse had been dry and became very light.

Shortly after the incident, Le Yan was arrested and brought to justice by the police, and officially appealed to her with "intentional homicide".

In the interrogation, Le Yan was pregnant for 3 months, but she was not clear who the child’s father was.

Since she is sensible, her life has been very erosive, and she has been drunk every night.

Wake up in the morning, never know where he is, and who the boy who sleeps around.

Because of her pregnancy, the judge punished her lightly, and eventually Le Yan was sentenced to life imprisonment and was allowed to give birth.

After giving birth to the child, go to the prison to serve in prison.

A few months later, the reporter stepped into Le Yan’s residence, and the little girl in front of him had been judged as two people when he was tried.

Her belly was obviously bulging a lot, and she was fatter, and her face looked a lot better.

The caregivers will take her to the hospital for a birth check every month. Three meals a day have a special person to take care of, each meal of two dishes and one soup, with meat and meat.

Because of her good care, her weight also increased from about 130 pounds to nearly 200 pounds.

Seeing the reporter, Le Yan was very happy, stood up and helped everyone pour water.

The reporter drank the water and looked around the layout of the room.

The room is not large, only about 20 square meters. There are two beds, a TV, and an independent bathroom.

The only thing that is different from the hotel is that in the corner of the room, there is a camera, and it is watching Le Yan’s every move for 24 hours.

On the TV, there are two thousand paper cranes, and various paper flowers are affixed to the wall, which are all stacked by Le Yan.

"A little boring here, so I made some paper -cutting!"

Looking at a large number of reporters, Le Yan seemed a little embarrassed and pointed at the pink pink on his bed.

"This is my own request, I hope to arrange the room like home! And …"

Le Yan stroked his belly a little pity and said to the reporter.

"I obey your previous suggestions, rarely smoke now, I hope to give birth to a healthy and lively baby!"

"I am a person who is afraid of loneliness. When I grow so big, I only feel the warmth of being taken care of by people for the first time."

Looking at the girl who was lost in front of her, the reporter gave birth to a kind of compassion for her for a while.

If she was born in an ordinary family and was taken care of well, and accompanied by her parents, she knew how to love.

Will the previous tragedy not happen, and the two children still live healthy and happy to live beside the mother?

Unfortunately, there are no regrets in this world.

No matter what the tragic experience of Le Yan, he must bear what he does and bear the price he did.

Le Yan told reporters that she hoped that within two months after giving birth to a child, she would go to prison to serve in prison.

"I don’t want my child to have a long time with me. Once I feel a relationship, I want to separate, I am afraid it will be even more uncomfortable."

Le Yan wiped the tears in the corner of his eyes and said.

"I dream of dreamed every night, I will dream of two children. They cry and call my mother."

"I owe them too much in my life and can no longer repay, so I want to pour all my love on this child."

Le Yan touched her belly, his face pity.

"So, I will definitely transform it carefully in prison. When I am out of prison, the child should have grown up."

"At that time, I will definitely go to her, take care of her, accompany her, and let her not take my old way!"

After she was pregnant in October, Le Yan gave birth to another baby girl. She named her "good" and did not want her to follow her surname.

At her request, the baby girl was sent to the local welfare home for adoption, and Le Yan was sent to Nanjing Prison and officially began to serve in prison.

For the convenience of myself, I can make money to support my daughter.

While actively transforming the prison, she also followed a master to learn tailor.

She hopes to master a craft, open a tailor shop after being released from prison, and support her daughter with her hands.

The life of the prison is uncomfortable, and Le Yan, who is free to scattered, is very irritable after being restricted to personal freedom.

In addition, other female prisoners in the prison were very resistant to her after learning what Le Yan did.

After all, the mother nature is a woman’s nature. Who knows that Le Yan has done starvation to death, she will not give her a good look.

But Le Yan didn’t care about it all. She just wanted to transform it well and strive to re -get free.

Because she knew that outside the prison, there was a person waiting for her, which was her destination and the only redemption.

After reading Le Yan, I remembered a fairy tale.

One day, God saw a little angel crying, so he asked him.

"Why are you crying?"

The little angel wiped tears and said.

"I’m going to the world, but I will miss heaven, what should I do?"

God stroked her head and said in contact.

"Don’t worry, after you come to the world, meet the person who is willing to give you everything, you will not miss the heaven."

"who is she?"

"She has a good memory, called" Mom "."

It is true that each child is a angel sent by God.

They set all the best of themselves, deserve to be gently treated by the world.

I hope that all children can enter their fairy tales and gain a beautiful ending.

This is the case for "Jia", and the same is true for Le Yan.


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