In 2016, the Guangxi women and the old cm suddenly became pregnant three years later. The derailed object made her husband angry

When it comes to the real problems existing in the countryside, many people think of "left -behind children" and "left -behind elderly", but few people mention "left -behind women". This group is often ignored by people, and even thinks that they bring children at home and wait for them to wait for children and wait for them to wait for children and wait for them to wait for children and wait.Husbands are their duties for granted, but they did not expect various problems behind this phenomenon.

Husbands worked outside and wives with their children at home. This model of getting along is a helpless choice. The most likely problem is that the husband is merciless outside. The wife steals at home. At the end, the family will inevitably collapse.In 2016, a woman in Guangxi was separated because of this problem. After three years of separation, she suddenly became pregnant. The derailed object made her husband very angry.

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Huang Sheng (pseudonym) thought that such things would never happen to his wife, but in the end, this innocent thought was defeated by reality. Their marriage was like a pool of mud.

In 2001, Huang Sheng and Zhou Mei (pseudonym) in Tianyang County, Baise City, Guangxi. At that timeAfter entering Aihe, the relationship between the two was still sweet two years later, so it was logical to enter the palace of marriage.

Shortly after marriage, Zhou Mei gave birth to a big fat boy. He thought it was sweet from the two -person world to a family of three. It was not known that from this time that their feelings entered the countdown.

Originally, both of them could work, and the quality of life could be guaranteed. The two even went out to enjoy it. After having a child, Huang Mei could not work, and the child had a small expense.Huang Sheng’s only way to reach for money is to make more money.

So the two started the days when they were separated from different places. Huang Sheng ran around to make money. Zhou Mei watched his son grow up at home at home.EssenceTen years have passed, and there are only the trivial of chai oil and salt between the two, and there is no throbbing in love.

In 2013, the two broke out at home with a fierce quarrel. In the end, Zhou Mei left the child to leave home, and since then he has no contact with the family.

Huang Sheng had felt the abnormality of his wife long ago, but he never thought that this day would come so fast, but he was not entangled. He always thought that his wife was just angry. Sooner or later, he would come back one day.When his wife returned home in 2016, she was still pregnant.

The two of them hadn’t seen it in three years. Naturally, this child could not be his. Huang Sheng’s anger has not yet passed, and he received Zhou Mei’s divorce notice. She admitted that she had new feelings and was unwilling to entangle him againGoing down, in order to make the fetus in the abdomen, she has to divorce him.

According to my country’s law: The woman must not propose a divorce during pregnancy during pregnancy, one year after childbirth or within six months after pregnancy; however, the woman proposes to divorce or the people’s court believes that it is necessary to accept the divorce request of the man.

In judicial practice, the "pregnancy period" referred to here refers to the husband’s fetus. Like Zhou Mei, he went home for three years outside.This provision.

At this time, Zhou Mei proposed that divorce is also reasonable. According to the "Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China": If the male and female parties require divorce, the relevant departments can mediate or directly file a divorce lawsuit to the people’s court.The people’s court’s hearing of a divorce case shall be adjusted; if the relationship is indeed broken and the mediation is invalid, divorce should be allowed.

In several situations that confirmed that "feelings have been ruptured", one thing is that one of the husbands and wives has lived with others in the name of husband and wife. This also means that one party has constituted a crime of marriage.One situation.

In this relationship, she belongs to the wrong prescription, so she should make certain economic compensation on Huang Sheng when the husband and wife divide the property, and she has already prepared such a preparation.Out of the house.

Who can make Zhou Mei’s heart and heart to divorce?When Huang Sheng learned about her love husband’s identity, she was unbelievable, and her anger, helplessness, and doubts instantly came into her heart, because the man was the best friend of his previous.

In the early years, the three of them had worked together and were always inseparable. Later, when he married Zhou Mei, his friends were still guests. He did not expect that he would be betrayed by his wife and friends while betraying.

At this point, Huang Sheng was reluctant to make unnecessary quarrels and entanglements. He finally agreed to divorce, and the property was all attributed to him. Zhou Mei also needed to bear the support for the child in the past three years. She did not complain about it.Essence

In order to allow the child to be better educated, Huang Sheng sent the child to Nanning to study in junior high school, and the living expenses and tuition fees were much higher. Therefore, he proposed that Zhou Mei made a certain amount of compensation.The expenses of 50,000 yuan, the marriage of the two ended.

The marriage between the two of them is a microcosm of the marriages of thousands of rural areas. Many women who stay at home may be seduced. Husbands in foreign migrant workers may also make a big mistake because of the empty emptiness.In the end, the infidelity will only become a huge stone falling on the child.

If Huang Sheng and Zhou Mei worked together and left their children to take care of their parents, maybe their marriage would not be changed, but the children would become "left -behind children", so it seems that everything is difficult to be thorough.There are always one party to pay for the family, but they can leave their children beside them in their early years. Although the life pressure is more stressful, the family of three is neatly neat, and the whole family is separated from the end of the family.

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