In 2018, the woman’s belly was scary for 7 months of pregnancy, and even the doctor was taken aback.

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The thin mother adventure gave birth to the five twins, but the children had an accident one after another. The doctor implemented the rescue overnight, but the youngest child died unfortunately.Can they survive the most difficult moments?

On January 5, 2015, in the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Heze Hospital in Shandong, a pregnant woman named Wu Junping was holding a big belly and was promoted by a wheelchair by her family. At this time, Wu Junping was seven months pregnant., But compared with a pregnant woman who is pregnant for seven months, her belly looks extraordinarily large.

She is much larger than the belly of ordinary pregnant women.

When Director Fan of the B -ultrasound room was shocked, she had never seen such a big belly, let alone seven months of pregnancy. Even some pregnant women who were about to be on the basin were not as big as her belly., Director Fan immediately checked her and found that her belly circumference reached five feet.

Looking at Wu Junping’s less than one meter -six height, her huge belly became her heavy burden. According to the experience of working in obstetrics and gynecology for many years, Director Fan judged that Wu Junping’s belly was definitely not a single child, but she used it.When the B -ultrasound was checked for Wu Junping, the picture displayed in the machine was still startled.

"A child’s fetal head is located on the lower abdomen, and the four children are side by side on the upper abdomen."

There are four plus one. There are five children in this Wu Junping’s belly. The news makes everyone present feel incredible. Director Fan told them that the probability of being pregnant with five twins was one of 65 million, which was simply.It’s rare than 5 million.

Although this opportunity is rare, it has a lot of pressure on the body of the pregnant woman. Through the B -ultrasound, Director Fan found that Wu Junping’s five children had poor development, and the smallest children were only as much as eggs.

That smallest is only six pm, which is about a little egg

After learning that he was pregnant with five twins, Wu Junping’s life became careful.

I was afraid that when I walked when I walked, I would not get out of bed. I was worried about sleeping on the side of sleeping side by side. I just lay down flat and slept. Even if she made her breathing less smooth, she also felt that all this was worth it.

However, even if she was so careful about it, her stomach started to hurt her stomach a week after she was hospitalized. The doctor was not good at seeing it. This is a sign of premature birth.

The children were suddenly born. This situation made the doctors unexpectedly. The caesarean section surgery that they had originally formulated could not be performed normally. They could only send Wu Junping into the delivery room. All five children were born.

For those doctors this time, this time is really an unprecedented experience. Everyone maintains a high concentration of spirit and prepares the birth of these five children.

With a crying, Wu Junping’s first child was born smoothly. After receiving the child, the nurse was immediately weighed and found that the little guy was only 0.975 kg, and the nurse was ready to send the boss to the inspection.At the time, the second child also came to this world.

However, what everyone was worried about was that the second child was not only lightweight but also gray, but he could not breathe normally. The nurse immediately ran to the rescue room holding this big child, hoping to save this.Life in this world.

After giving birth to two children, the state of the maternal becomes not stable, and the third and fourth child born in the next occurring occasionally accidentally, then can these children be born smoothly, and whether their mother can survive this through thisWhat about one level?

When the second child was sent to the rescue, the third child was also born by the nurse, but unlike the two previous two, the third child did not cry. This made the doctors in the delivery room anxious.It was also immediately sent to rescue.

The speed of a 100 -meter sprint, let the child enter the thermometer quickly, afraid of the child’s cold

Wu Junping did not expect that these five children would be so hard. Not only did their life bodies weaker than other newborn, but even her life became a problem. At this time, she was weak and there was no strength in her body.

In order to prevent Wu Junping from getting into a coma, the doctors quickly encouraged her in her ear, and kept telling her not to sleep, let her think about her children, the children were born, and they could meet her soon.Essence

Listening to the doctor’s words, Wu Junping seemed to have entered a layer of dreams, where their family of seven was happy, and the children were playing around him and her husband. Then the picture changed again.The family is happy to be pregnant with her child.

Thinking of his marriage with your husband for many years, both of them have been over thirty years old. This has a child, but there are five at once. At the beginning of the examination, the doctor at the hospital suggested that they had a tire, but the palms and the back of the hand and the back of the hand wereThey are all meat, and the kind Wu Junping couple decided to leave the children.

But now, Wu Junping, who has given birth to four children, is almost exhausted. Her half of her life seems to be hovering outside the Ghost Gate, and the third and fourth -born old and fourth -born old fourth and old seemed to feel the mother’s breath.Finally, there was a weak cry. Although this sound was not loud, it was hope for my mother to live.

The doctors in the delivery room still maintain a high degree of concentration of spirit. They look forward to waiting for the birth of the fifth child.Same.

As the youngest child in Wu Junping’s belly, she was the lightest when she was born. Only the eggs were as large. The doctors also rescued her for the first time after the birth of her birth, but it was regrettable that the fifth child was not long after birth.Stop breathing.

At this time, Wu Junping did not know that a child had left her, and the other four children lying in the rescue room were also on the edge of death. At this time, Wu Junping suddenly bleeds after giving birth. The news was like the five thunder.Blinding to Wu Junping’s husband.

On the one hand, a child who was just born, on the other hand, was the wife of each other. The heart of Wu Junping’s husband was caught into five pieces, and each piece was tormented in the pan.

He remembered what his wife said before entering the delivery room, and they had to have children. If an accident occurred, he had to protect the safety of the children, but at this time he seemed even more powerful.

The situation of maternal and newborn is getting worse and worse. Doctors in the hospital are suffering from limited technology. There is no way to ensure that they can be completely separated from danger. They suggest that Wu Junping’s husband transfer to the hospital as soon as possible, go to higher -level hospitals for treatment, and hear the hospital.After the suggestion, the child’s father immediately called the second hospital of Shandong University.

Five children were born one after another, but they accidentally occurred. The youngest girl died unfortunately. In order to rescue the remaining children, the child’s father decided to transfer to the hospital. So, what will happen to the fate of the children after the transfer?

After receiving the phone call, the Second Hospital of Shandong University immediately sent Xue of Xue of the New Children’s Supervisor to Heze Hospital to be responsible for this life transfer task.

After arriving at Heze Hospital, Director Xue rushed to the ward to visit the four children. Although he learned some of the situation before he came, he ate in his heart when he saw these four big slap children.shock.

As far as we know, the weight should be the smallest in the country, and the current survival is also the smallest

When I saw it at first glance, I was still shocked. I felt that it was even worse than I thought. The color of the whole skin was not very good. The heart rate was very low.It’s very dangerous

The weight of these four children is definitely the lowest among newborn in the country. If they are not transferred to the hospital as soon as possible, the life is definitely not guaranteed, but what makes the child’s father tangled is that there are only two professional thermal insulation boxes brought by Director Xue’s ambulance.indivual.

This also means that the four children can only have two advances to transfer to the hospital. Director Xue decided to take away the most serious second child and the third child, but at this moment, the child’s father pulled Director Xue and used it to be almost used.His choking voice begged him, hoping that he could bring all the four children.

Looking at the father’s father in front of him, Director Xue’s heart was touched. He agreed to the child’s father’s request, but on the way to the transfer, the accident happened.

The second child with the worst situation is weak, and the value on the machine will become a straight line. The medical staff on the car immediately breathe him. At this time, everyone’s heart was mentioned.The driver of the car did not dare to slack the slightest. He rushed to the hospital for the hospital in one second.

And when the second child was rescued, the third child had an accident. The doctor found that her belly was bulging. This was a situation caused by incomparable physical function. Once the situation deteriorated again, it would endure life.

Everyone in the ambulance squeezed a sweat for the two small lives. The time passed one minute and one minute. Finally, the two ambulances drove into the door of the second house at one o’clock in one o’clock in the morning.

The children who were sent to the intensive ward were ordered to hang a line. The doctors used the highest -end technology and hoped to save them, but after a while, there was another problem with the third child.

Her round belly made the doctor difficulty. If the surgery of enema defecation as soon as possible, she would definitely have a worry about life. Such a big child should be interspersed with the tube in her body. The difficulty of this operation can be imagined.I know, but fortunately, the Ji people have a heavenly phase, and the third child has successfully stood up, and her round belly gradually flattened.

With the unremitting efforts of doctors, the four children have survived one night, and their situation has gradually improved. At this time, Wu Junping, who was far away from Heze, was also out of danger.

Soon, Wu Junping, who was out of confinement, went to the second hospital accompanied by the family. When she saw the children they thought about her, she couldn’t help but look at them lying in the insulation box.

Although the children have survived the first level, the next road is still very long. The cost of rescue these four children will make this family that is not rich worse. Fortunately, the hospital opened the green channel for them.There are also many caring people spontaneously launched donations.

Wu Junping is a great mother. She persisted for the last moment for her children, and the four little babies were very strong and insisted on the help of everyone.

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