In 2019, Chinese pregnant women were pushed off the cliff by her husband in Thailand and survived by chance. What is it now?

On June 9, 2019, a couple from Jiangsu, China, played in the Phasea Paden National Park, Thailand. During the period, the pregnant wife fell off the cliff. Soon after, the wife who fell off the cliff was rescued, June 17, to the time of June, to the time of June, to arrived at the cliff.The hospital’s husband’s husband’s husband was captured by the Thai police. It turned out that the Chinese pregnant woman was pushed down the cliff by her husband himself.The husband’s motivation is to deceive insurance and inherit the inheritance of his wife. After this news broke out, public opinion was uproar. Now two years have passed. What are the Chinese pregnant women who are lucky to survive?The most character in this issue will take everyone to the beginning and end of the cliffs of pregnant women Thailand.

Wang Nuannun

The protagonist of the incident is Wang Nuannuan. She was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu in 1987. Her parents were ordinary workers. They had never experienced poverty since the young king Nuannuan.

In 2005, 18 -year -old Wang Nuannuan was admitted to Yangzhou University with excellent results and studied tourism management.

In 2009, Wang Nuannuan graduated from the University of University. After she applied for an insurance company, she entered an insurance company. The insurance company’s work was boring. Every day, she was a record list. Such a job also made Wang Nuannuan quickly lose interest.

Two months later, Wang Nuannian applied to join a tourist company. After entering the company, Wang Nuannian was dedicated. It took only two years to develop from ordinary staff to business leaders.

The warmth just arrived in Thailand

In 2012, Wang Nuannuan was sent to Thailand to open up its business by the company. At this time, Nuan Nuan’s monthly salary was as high as 10,000 yuan. After several years of hard work, he gradually continued.And her understanding of Thailand is also deepening. At this time, another rich second generation is pursuing Wang Nuanwen. Although Nuan Nuan does not like him, she still learns a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship from this rich second generation.

This rich second -generation father happened to be a business in medical device. The second generation of the rich told Nuan Nuan a lot of knowledge about purchase and delivery, which also aroused Wang Nuannian’s idea of entrepreneurship.

In 2015, Wang Nuannuan accumulated a number of contacts and funds, so she resigned from the tourism company and was ready to start a business.The first step was to set her sights on Thailand, hoping to do some multinational business.

However, the road of warmth is not smooth sailing. At first, she invested her attention to the Nutty Market, invested 200,000, and eventually hit the water. When she couldn’t persist, her parents also advised herDid not give up and stayed in Thailand to work hard.

Wang Nuannuan’s successful career

After that, Wang Nuannuan started a foreign trade business and made Thai goods to China for sale.During that time, Nuan Nuan had to go to the factory to talk about the supply during the day, and even to docking the supplier and even going to the outside of the service.In the evening, Nuan Nuan had to go to the Thai training class to study Thailand. She just slept for four or five hours a day, but her efforts were rewarded.

Soon, Wang Nuannuan accumulated a certain amount of wealth. She also opened a physical store in Bangkok to sell Chinese items.After that, her entrepreneurial road also developed rapidly. She opened a homestay in Bangkok to open a Chinese restaurant and opened a company in Nanjing.Ten thousand.

However, in the two years of working hard to work hard, she has always been alone, and her feelings are in a blank period. Although many men are pursuing her, she is not moving, but all of them have changed because of the appearance of Yu Xiaodong.Essence

Yu Xiaodong himself

Yu Xiaodong.Born in Jiangyin County, Jiangsu, China in 1986, but according to Wang Nuannuan’s memories, the family of Yu Xiaodong had a three -family family. From an early age, he and his father relied on his mother to feed alone.

But what Wang Nuannuan didn’t know was that Yu Xiaodong in the country dropped out of school very early. He was sentenced to 12 years for theft and was sentenced to 8 years. After he was released from prison, he had a short marriage., I was obsessed with gambling, owed huge gambling debts in China, and the marriage was also left. Because of the fear of the recovery of the debtor, he came to Thailand to hide in debt.


On May 19, 2017, Wang Nuannuan was invited to a party of the Chinese in Bangkok, Thailand. At this party, Wang Nuannian first met Yu Xiaodong for the first time.What Wang Nuannuan didn’t know was that before Wang Nuannai came, Yu Xiaodong asked his friend to ask Wang Nuannian as a person. He only knew that she started a business alone in Thailand, with a net worth, and was single.

So after the party started that day, Yu Xiaodong took the initiative to change his seat with the men next to Wang Nuannun, and took the initiative to sit next to Wang Nuannian’s side. During the meal, he always sought various opportunities to talk to Wang Nuannuan.After the event, Yu Xiaodong successfully added Wang Nuannian’s WeChat.

One week after the party, Wang Nuannian’s diary fell into a friend’s shop. At this time, Yu Xiaodong took the initiative to send Wang Nuannian to the house, stayed at the door of the house, and left the diary.This made Wang Nuannuan feel that Yu Xiaodong was very gentleman, so he relaxed his vigilance.

Wang Nuannuan and husband

In the next week, Yu Xiaodong picked up Wang Nuanwen to school every day because Wang Nuannun studied in a Thai school.In the process of getting along, the two gradually became familiar.After only two weeks of acquaintance, Yu Xiaodong sent a thousand -character long text to Wang Nuan on WeChat to confess. This word was written into Wang Nuannian’s heart.Wang Nuannun’s circle of friends for three years fully understands the article written after Wang Nuannuan.

After reading this confession, Wang Nuannuan, who has always been blank, fell into the vortex of love. Although she did not directly agree, she also began to be motivated to this man.

Another time, Yu Xiaodong did not see Wang Nuannuan for a few days. The night before, he came to Wang Nuannian’s door and did not knock on the door. Instead, he waited for a whole night.Later, she found the tired Yu Xiaodong, which made her very moved at that moment.

After that, Yu Xiaodong knew that Wang Nuannuan liked the sea, and he deliberately asked Wang to warmly to the sea to play.After arriving at the beach, Yu Xiaodong rented two white horses, and the two rode on the seaside and looked very romantic.

Two people sweet photos

Suddenly, Yu Xiaodong stepped out of the horse, standing beside Wang Nuannian, and confessed to the warm warmth: riding a white horse may not necessarily be the Tang monk, but also the prince, then I am your prince.When I meet you, I know you are my lover of my life.So I want to ask you solemnly, let’s deal with it.

This affectionate confession made Wang Nuannuan completely moved, and she immediately agreed to the request with Yu Xiaodong.

After the two were together, Yu Xiaodong came to Wang Nuannun’s door every morning to knock on the door on time, sending Wang Nuannian to the same breakfast.Sometimes, it is even for the breakfast that Wang Nuanwen is buying across the zone. Even all the costs that the two are together are rushed to pay for it.Everything he did was continuing to move Wang Nuannun, so shortly after falling in love, they lived together.

Wang Nuan Nuan Dan Happiness Photo

After living together, Yu Xiaodong will also make breakfast for Wang Nuannian every day, and pick up and get off work.In life, Yu Xiaodong proposed to Nuan Nuan as soon as he had a chance.Although Nuan Nuan refused countless times, Yu Xiaodong never gave up, and always found all kinds of opportunities to propose.

Finally, on July 15, 2017, Wang Nuannun agreed to Yu Xiaodong’s marriage proposal, and received a marriage certificate on the same day before he knew that he would get married within two months. The speed of this flash marriage is indeed very fast.What’s more, they are all married. Why do both parents of both sides meet and communicate, why do n’t Wang Nuannuan do not understand what the husband did 30 years before?

Wang Nuannuan’s marriage certificate

Secondly, why did Wang Nuannun’s parents not investigate the other party’s family?All of this makes ordinary people feel that Wang Nuannian’s family and her own marriage is too hasty.

At the beginning of the marriage, Yu Xiaodong was as intimate towards Wang Nuannian and the beginning of the two. The marriage of the two was also very sweet, but from the second month, Yu Xiaodong began to ask Wang Nuannian to borrow money.Of course, Wang Nuanwen was also given on schedule.However, after Yu Xiaodong borrowed 10,000, he didn’t pay it back after several days. Wang Nuannuan asked where Yu Xiaodong had gone?

In desperation, Yu Xiaodong told Wang Nuannun’s financial situation and owed the bank’s credit card.He hoped his wife would help him pay off his debt. Wang Nuannuan was very angry after listening, but she decided to help her husband.Because she is not short of money, she has always felt that things that money can be solved is not a matter, but she does not know that she is falling into the abyss step by step.

Yu Xiaodong who played games

First, 10,000, then 50,000, 100,000, and 500,000. Yu Xiaodong’s arrears were increasing. Wang Nuannuan kept paying his debt and spent millions of yuan.After paying the debt, Yu Xiaodong promised his wife to work well to his wife.But in life, Yu Xiaodong never worked, and he was playing games most of the day, either playing games at home, or playing games at Wang Nuannian’s office, or going out to go out to drink, go out to gamble with his fox friends and dog friendsEssence

In short, this man swimming in his hands is nothing. During this period, Wang Nuannuan also thought about divorce, but she never had the courage to try this step, because even so, she still loved her husband deeply.

And whenever Wang Nuannu urged her husband to go out to work, my husband would say that my mother can support our family of three. You can make money so much. What do I go out to work?

Wang Nuannun’s sweet selfie after marriage

In this way, after the marriage, Wang Nuannuan has always supported her husband, and will give her husband 20,000 yuan a monthly pocket money every month.However, Wang Nuannuan didn’t know that he was not a husband but a wolf wolf.

On November 19, 2018, Yu Xiaodong moved away 5 million yuan on Wang Nuan Nuan’s account, and then disappeared for seven days and seven nights. When the police recovered him, he had no text.At this time, Yu Xiaodong knelt beside Wang Nuannian, asked for forgiveness, and when he saw the husband in front of him, Wang Nuannuan was soft -hearted. She forgive her husband, but after this time, their marriage obviously had cracks and began to quarrel frequently.Essence

On April 1, 2019, Wang Nuannuan found that he was pregnant. Wang Nuannuan was full of hope for the future. Yu Xiaodong also looked like a person. He started to get up early and prepare breakfast for his wife every day.Pick up his wife to get off work every night. During that time, Wang Nuanwen was very happy.

On April 19, 2019, Yu Xiaodong bought a insurance for the couple, and the beneficiary of the insurance was the name of the husband and wife.If one party dies accidentally, the other party can get compensation of RMB 310,000.This incident made Wang Nuannu extremely moved, and she felt that her husband was too intimate.

Ujun Paden National Park

In June, Yu Xiaodong personally proposed to travel to the couple. On June 7, they took a plane to the Paleon National Park, Thailand.On the same day, Yu Xiaodong drove to the Patden cliff in Wuwenfu, which was later Wang Nuannuan’s cliff. After coming here, other tourists looked at it and looked at it from afar.Yu Xiaodong, who has always been afraid of high, stared at the bottom of the cliff. Although Wang Nuannuan felt strange, he didn’t think much.

On the evening of June 8th, Yu Xiaodong once said to Wang Nuannian affectionately: Dear, do you have any regrets in your life?Wang Nuannuan, a conscious happiness, replied: No regrets.

On June 9th, more than three o’clock in the morning, Yu Xiaodong took Wang Nuannuan. They had to rush to the edge of the cliff to watch the sunrise, but when it was more than eight o’clock, there was no sunrise, because it was not a coincidence thatThe weather here was cloudy that day, and no sunrise was seen at all, so many tourists left, leaving only the couple.

At this time, Wang Nuannuan also wanted to leave because they planned to rush back to Bangkok that day.When she asked her husband if she ordered a plane ticket, her husband said he was not determined.This made her feel very surprised. She was going back today.

However, Yu Xiaodong suggested that his wife continued to play at this time. There was a three thousand years of ancient human murals in front of him, and he hadn’t watched it yet.In this way, Wang Nuannuan followed her husband forward, and finally walked to the cliff.Yu Xiaodong looked at the bottom of the cliff, and Wang Nuannuan reminded him to pay attention to safety.

Wang Nuan Nuan Falling Cliff

At this time, Yu Xiaodong turned back and hugged Wang Nuannuan, and his hands touched Wang Nuannian’s pregnancy.Then kissed Wang Nuannuan, and then Yu Xiaodong said on his wife’s ears, saying that you would die fiercely.While saying that with a lot of strength, he pushed his wife down the cliff.At that moment, Wang Nuannian heard him say that you would die, and at the same time she shouted that no, but no one would hear it.

At the bottom of the cliff, Wang Nuannuan, who was in a coma for an hour, finally woke up, but her left leg was open to fracture, blood lost blood, and she shouted loudly. Because the position she was lying was a bit sloped, the height of her feet was higher than the height of her feet higher than thatThe height of the head, so while calling for help, her blood was filled up, and finally shouted, that is, the eyes were all blood.I couldn’t see it clearly. The throat was full of bloody blood, and she couldn’t shout.

When Wang Nuannuan was found

Half an hour later, a tourist in Thailand discovered Wang Nuannuan. In this way, Wang Nuannuan was rescued.After being taken to the hospital, Wang Nuannuan had 17 fractures in her body, sutured more than 200 stitches, and was sent to the ICU ward.Soon, Wang Nuannian’s husband Yu Xiaodong rushed to the hospital.

Zuo Yi Yu Xiaodong

During Wang Nuannuan’s rescue and hospitalization, her husband Yu Xiaodong was supervising his wife all the time.The first sentence of his wife woke up and asked him: Why do you do this, he said that you can’t tell anyone, otherwise I will let you die immediately.In this way, her husband Yu Xiaodong forcibly wanted to take Wang Nuannun many times so that she would not let her heal.Later, when the police came to record the confession, Wang Nuannuan could only be forced to say that he was accidentally falling cliff because of dizziness.

Wang Nuannun Hospital rescue

On the fifth day, Yu Xiaodong relaxed his vigilance to go out.Wang Nuannuan told the doctor about the truth, and the doctor told the police again.At this point, this "accidental cliff case" turned into a "killing wife", which shocked public opinion between China and Thailand.

On June 17, 2019, Yu Xiaodong was arrested by the Thai police when he visited his wife at the hospital.

Yu Xiaodong was arrested

After that, Wang Nuannuan finally waited for her parents to accompany. At that moment, she was extremely disappointed and felt sorry for her parents.But when Yu Xiaodong was alive, she couldn’t die.

In this way, Wang Nuannuan persisted, and was out of danger of life, and began a long recovery.

Yu Xiaodong

On March 24, 2020, the Thai court ruled that Yu Xiaodong was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance.

When she saw that Yu Xiaodong was sentenced to life imprisonment, Wang Nuannuan was also very lost, because she hated Yu Xiaodong and even felt too light.However, during that time, Wang Nuanwen, who had returned to the country, was rehabilitation training every day.

On September 20, 2020, Wang Nuannuan appeared on Douyin, and she greeted fans who were concerned about this.At the same time, she also announced her return again.

Wang Nuannuan shared the cliff incident

That’s right, Wang Nuannuan also started short video entrepreneurship.That’s right, she started to start a business again, because after her accident, and the impact of the epidemic, her companies and stores in Thailand were closed. Wang Nuannuan’s economy has been in the past two years.The ground surgery and rehabilitation therapy spent her a lot of money, coupled with a lot of money on lawsuits.

Wang Nuannuan Weibo Voice

In May 2021, the second instance of the pregnant woman Thailand’s cliff case was sentenced. The court believed that Yu Xiaodong had insufficient evidence of intentional homicide, so he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

This time the judgment hit Wang Nuannuan again, she said, "I originally planned to end the lawsuit, and I let go of all this new life."

However, it is different from our wishes. Thai law is different from us. Wang Nuannun’s appeal on each step is very difficult, and it costs a lot of money.But she did not give up, she still had to appeal, but the status quo, she didn’t even have the cost of appeal.

Wang Nuan Nuan Douyin fan

In order to earn more money, Wang Nuannuan has begun to create on the Douyin. From sharing his own story to teaching everyone how to distinguish the scumbag., Every week, it will be broadcast on a regular basis.

Wang Nuannuan live broadcast with goods

Although the live broadcast of the goods was controversial, this is Wang Nuannuan’s second entrepreneurial. She is also making money by her own efforts, but also to go to the pinnacle of life again.At that time, she had to take a wheelchair, hoping that she could get rid of the wheelchair early and meet true love in the future.

Although Wang Nuannuan succeeded in her career, she was a loser in her feelings.In short, after understanding Wang Nuannun, the author feels that she is too happy and her mind is simple. I hope she can grow from this encounter.

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