In 2019, the pregnant woman who was pushed down by her husband in Thailand was warm, and has not yet divorced

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The lover with a purpose, a gambling husband, a man who locked his wife into the underwater cage for huge amounts of property.

The recently hot movie "Disappearing her", with the story of a flash marriage couple, reveals the so -called infatuated lover in love.

What really makes people really creepy is not the "Li Muzi" trapped on the bottom of the sea, but that the movie has a prototype. The real event is the "Thailand’s Pregnant Women Falling Cliff Case" four years ago.

In the same way, Li Muzi and the pregnant woman king are both unsatisfactory, and at first sight.

Different, Li Muzi desperately lived on the sea, and Wang Nuannou survived, with scars and despair.

Now 4 years have passed, and the murderer has fallen into the French Open. What is the surviving king warm?

Why do she still maintain a legal relationship with the "murderer" law?

It wasn’t until the moment I fell to the cliff that I knew she really wanted to kill me.

In Wang Nuannuan’s wondering marriage, it wasn’t until she thought that her life had reached the last moment that she saw the man’s disguise in front of her.

At the moment when he was awake at the bottom of the cliff, he lived with her husband Yu Xiaodong at every moment when he met, and passed his mind like a horse lamp.

"I was awakened to die at the bottom of the cliff, so I realized that it was calculated and trap from the beginning."

Before encountering Yu Xiaodong, Wang Nuannuan was a rich woman.

After graduating from college for several years, I was unwilling to be ordinary after I was saved. I came to Thailand to find business opportunities and chase their dreams.

After trying again and again, it can be considered small.

Open a homestay, a Chinese restaurant, and a physical trading company, and can even make purchasing agents, which is well -known in the Chinese circle.

But even so, she has her own distress.

For example, it’s too lonely.

Those who work hard in a foreign country are mostly family -based units, and there are few people like her.

And her nearly 30 years old is still single.The people around him said, "What kind of talent can be worthy of you", but Wang Nuannian knows that there is no one who is pursuing around him.

This is almost the same as the "Li Muzi" in the movie.

Li Muzi has been studying abroad for many years. After returning to China, there are almost no friends. There are talents and preferences but no one communicate. They can only close their hearts.

So He Fei appeared in Li Muzi’s life.

In the warm life of the protagonist Wang, he also waited for the man named Yu Xiaodong.

"He is too affectionate and eager. I dare not refuse or refuse."

On May 19, 2017, Wang Nuannuan met Yu Xiaodong for the first time at a Chinese party organized by a friend organization.

He changed several seats and came to the girl. He talked with her familiar southern dialect. When the villagers saw the fellow, the distance between the two was approaching instantly.

That day, Yu Xiaodong took the initiative to add Wang Nuannian’s WeChat. From this day, she started a warm pursuit of her.

Good morning and night every day, to ask warmth, for several consecutive days, never stop.

He Fei in "Disappearing her" also took the same means to win the lonely and introverted rich woman Li Muzi.

The shape is handsome, gentle and careful, and Wang Nuannuan was quickly attracted.

In particular, she forgot to bring a book on Thai class in the night school, which was sent by Yu Xiaodong.

After the class next night, she walked out of the classroom and saw Yu Xiaodong, who took her home together.For a wandering person, this is more useful than any material.

After sending her home, Yu Xiaodong had no excuse to go upstairs to see, or to ask for cups, but chose to leave, and it was another bonus.

After a brief contact, Wang Nuannuan almost confirmed that the man in front of him was the ideal type.

Her appearance, can come to foreign countries to develop the market, adhere to fitness, and romantic and careful.But the only deficiency is that he is too affectionate!

One morning Wang Nuanwen opened the door, and saw Yu Xiaodong, who was exhausted at the door:

I miss you so much, but I don’t want to quarrel with you. I can only see you in the morning.

What really let Wang Nuannuan put down the alertness is Yu Xiaodong’s "small composition" in the circle of friends.Public yourself and let everyone see this bright love.

After that, the two officially got in and out as a male and female friends.

After work, they will travel together, eat candlelight dinner, take the speedboat to the sea, and ride a white horse to date on the beach.

At the same time, Yu Xiaodong began to propose.

Come again every day, changing the pattern, Rao is Wang Nuannuan, who had planned to marry after one or two years of love, or couldn’t bear such a "circular trick" and stole the hukou book from home.

On July 15, 2017, Wang Nuannuan and Yu Xiaodong registered to get married.And less than two months before they met.

In the movie, Li Muzi was also delivered to the car accident in the car accident, and chose a flash marriage.

After getting married, Wang Nuannuan found that the husband and boyfriend in love in marriage were completely different "two people".

The gentle and careful romance disappeared, and replaced it with impatience, laziness, and doing nothing.And a disaster dedicated to Wang Nuannun was walking into her life step by step.

Do you have any regrets?

Then go to death!

To this day, these two sentences are also the nightmare of Wang Nuannun.

Not long after getting married, Yu Xiaodong was at home on the grounds of the failure of the inspection project.

At the beginning, Wang Nuannuan gave him 20,000 yuan a month, but this was far from enough for him.

Later, he began to secretly take his wife’s money, ranging from thousands of yuan to 10,000 yuan.Later, he started to use the money on the company’s account.

After a few times, Yu Xiaodong finally confessed that he had met some friends who were not three or four before. They were "made" on the gambling table by them, and now they owe one million yuan.

He came to Thailand this time not to inspect any project, but to hide in debt. Those bright and beautiful appearances were done by loans and overdraft credit cards.

What made Wang Nuannuan collapsed even more, Yu Xiaodong had also been in jail.He was sentenced to 12 years in prison because of his friendship and eight years in prison.

Later, after investigation, he knew that he was not in prison because of his righteousness, but robbery, or the main criminal.There are four words on his verdict: repeatedly teach.

But this is the end. Based on the concept of the husband and wife, Wang Nuannuan expressed his willingness to help him pay half of the money.

After a short gratitude, Yu Xiaodong disappeared again without any news.He also took away the marriage certificate and Wang Nuannian’s ID card, and took away 5 million on the company’s account.

These money is of course used to squander at the gambling table, and the division has not returned.

After disappearing for seven days and seven nights, Yu Xiaodong returned. He was twisted by the police and was frustrated, like a dog.

Before he knelt in Wang Nuannuan, he asked her to give herself a chance, vowing to quit gambling, and would treat her with all my heart.

This time, Wang Nuannuan convinced himself and gave him the last chance.

Later, she became pregnant.Surprise, happy, she hopes to have a small life to save this marriage and the man who has made her heart.

However, the answer given by Yu Xiaodong is that if you want to give birth, you will be killed if you don’t give birth.

Look, like He Fei, gamblers have no ability to love people. They only love themselves, and they only love the moment of thrill of winning or losing.

After a while, Yu Xiaodong suddenly seemed to change someone.

Not only was intimate, but also bought a high insurance for his wife, saying that she would protect her.It was even cheerful to take his wife out.

At that time, Wang Nuanwen, who had been pregnant for 5 months, saw the growth of her husband, full of hearts.

While watching the sunrise in a cliff in the Thai Forest Park, Yu Xiaodong suddenly hugged his wife, kissed and said, "You go to death", and then pushed her down the cliff.

After that, I sat down by the cliff and heard that I didn’t move below, so I got up and left.He was determined that Wang Nuannuan had broken his bones.

But a tree beside the cliff gave her buffer, and she was sober when she fell to the bottom of the cliff.

The white bones were exposed and her throat was congested. She almost thought of her next destiny:

Either turns into a corpse; or the bloody smell attracts the beasts in the forest and watched himself soberly as he was eaten.

But she was lucky and was found by a lost tourist and called the rescue team.Wang Nuannuan was taken to the hospital and started her new "calamity".

"No one here can understand Chinese words. If you dare to say it, I will be able to kill you immediately."

Yu Xiaodong is among the rescue team and the crowds of the crowd.He cried and ran to the stretcher, saying this threat in Wang Nuannun’s ear.

In the ICU ward, he did not leave the bed for 24 hours.

Therefore, Wang Nuannuan had to say to the police that he was sliding down and had nothing to do with anyone.

It was not until the transfer to the general ward, not a single room, and the family members were not allowed to accompany the bed. Wang Nuannuan got the opportunity to ask for help from the doctor.

The plainclothes policeman came to make a transcript, and the doctor watched Yu Xiaodong’s movement outside.

After the collection and evidence were collected, the police arrested Yu Xiaodong. He seemed to fall into the French Open, but there was another person who was "making a living" for him.

"You haven’t died again, why catch my son." This was what mother -in -law said to Wang Nuannuan.

She did not die, but alive was greater pain.

The child in the belly was not kept. Wang Nuannuan had multiple fractures throughout his body, four toes were broken, his knees were shattered, and scars on his legs were more than one meter long.

Once surgery, from the left ankle to the waist, the realistic version of "peeling".

17 fractures and 100 steel nails are the medals of suffering.

Fortunately, Wang Nuannuan finally survived, and re -stood up through the long and painful recovery process, and learned to walk like a baby.

In the movie, Li Muzi was taken away by the underwater cage and left with despair and died.

After three appeals, Yu Xiaodong was finally sent to the prison by Wang Nuannuan himself, and sentenced to 33 years and 4 months in prison to eat evil results.

Just because of foreign legal provisions and other issues, the two have not been divorced so far. This is also a eternal thorn in Wang Nuanwen’s heart!

Why do those who love me give me a cage; why the waiting is futile.

This is the lyrics of the theme song of "Disappearing her". Wang Nuannuan also watched the movie after four years of "surviving".

Although it is my own experience, it is still incredible when looking back.

Marriage is not an impulse, but a test of human nature.

After waiting at the bottom of the cliff 4 years ago, she stood in this world again, starting a new life with a stronger and confident attitude.

Wish, only wish.

——End —————

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