In 2019, women did not conceive for 10 years in pregnancy. I went to the hospital to see a doctor with abdominal pain. Doctor: You are going to give birth soon

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At the beginning of November 2019, a woman named Xiaomei was born in a 6 -pound baby boy in Cixi Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Zhejiang.

Pregnant child is a happy thing.

But in the face of the child in front of him, the family was more incredible.

Because everyone didn’t know when pregnant women were pregnant.

Even Xiaomei herself did not know the existence of this child when she was in October in October.

What is even more incredible is that the couple have worked hard for ten years, and they have not succeeded in doing two IVF.

Even Xiaomei was unfortunately sentenced to a "polycystic ovaries syndrome" with difficulty pregnancy.

Xiaomei family

But who knows that after the family accepts the incident, the child comes "unexpectedly".

The specific passing behind it is even more surprising …

In fact, the family is not a "arrival" of children.

In fact, they have tried high -tech means such as "test tube" to ask for this child.

At that time, 33 -year -old Xiaomei just learned a cruel news from the doctor.

She suffers from a difficulty of pregnancy -polycystic ovary syndrome.

After hearing this incident, Xiaomei who returned home had been sad.

It wasn’t until her husband had worked hard to work out the original committee of 1510.

Fortunately, the whole family expressed their understanding, and more care and distress for Xiaomei.

Especially her mother -in -law, after learning that her illness did not blame her daughter -in -law, but kept comforting her:

"There will be another method! Raise your body when you are the most important now."

"Yeah, anyway, the two of us are still young, and difficult to get pregnant is not equal to infertility. Come slowly."

Hearing his mother, he also stroked Xiaomei’s shoulder and comforted.

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For a long time, she and her mother -in -law did not mention their pregnancy to Xiaomei.

The family was waiting patiently for Xiaomei to slowly recuperate her body and restore her mood.

During this period, he took Xiaomei back to his hometown in Anhui while he was on vacation.

He thought, changing a new environment to relax his wife, it is always good.

Sure enough, Xiaomei’s face gradually smiled.

She began to make an appointment with her previous colleagues, shopping and gathering.

It was also in the chat with colleagues that Xiaomei accidentally heard a message.

It turned out that a friend had a friend, and it was difficult to get pregnant.

But later, their husband and wife went to the hospital to do IVF.

I just gave birth to a daughter a few days ago.

Xiaomei felt that there was a hope for fertility, and she happily told it.

The two first checked a lot of information on the Internet, including the risk, price, the probability of success, etc., and so on. After I felt that the method was feasible, I went to the hospital for consultation.

Soon, after experiencing a series of examinations, the doctor evaluated that the Xiaomei couple met the test tube conditions.

However, the time to do test tubes requires the time. The most important part is the step of egg retrieval.

Judging from Xiaomei’s physical condition, eggs are more difficult to develop.

In order to improve the success rate of egg retrieval, Xiaomei forced herself to get up early and go to bed early, a light diet.

She will occasionally listen to some soothing and brisk music, so that her nerves should not be so tight.

When I went to the development of the egg for the first time, the doctor said that there was no mature advantageous follicles, and the eggs were not very good.

Fortunately, after a month, Xiaomei became stable with the drug assistance.

The key step of "egg retrieval" is successful.

Next, the doctor trained it into a blank tire and chose a suitable time, and performed the transplant surgery to let the embryo bed in Xiaomei.

After surgery, Xiaomei did not dare to walk more, fearing to affect the stable development of the embryo.

In half a month, she was paying attention to the changes in her body every day.

Although it takes everything carefully, when you go to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it was a pity that the embryo did not go in bed successfully.

For the first failure, Xiaomei and strong were discouraged, and they decided to make the second attempt.

After a year, in the spring of 2017, the couple came to a more authoritative three hospital in Hangzhou.

They plan to conduct another test tube.

However, the god of luck did not come.

After a long egg retrieval stage, embryo transplantation surgery has not been successful.

After running many times in the hospital, the couple were exhausted.

However, they still refused to accept such results and wanted to try the last time.

Back to the house of Cixi City, the family had calculated that almost all the money has been spent over the years.

Now I want to do a test tube again, but the money is not enough.

They decided to slowly, after waiting for the money, they planned.

In this way, two years later, the economic situation at home has not become more optimistic, and the method of test tube is not good.

Seeing his unwilling belly, and seeing the report of the two test tubes failed next to him, Xiaomei sighed deeply.

She remembered that from the 23rd year of pregnancy to the current 33 -year -old, she had missed the best childbirth age.

In that ten years, the family changed from full of expectations to weakness.

In fact, Xiaomei and strong are from Anhui.

The two have known each other for many years and have always been very loving.

After graduating from college, the two met in Cixi, Zhejiang.

In 2009, after the stable economic situation, they finally received a marriage certificate.

After marriage, Xiaomei and strong discuss, trying to get to the child quickly.

Because she often said that when she was young, she would have a child when she was young, and her postpartum recovery would be fast and good.

Xiaomei was only 23 years old at the time, and her physical condition was very good, suitable for pregnancy.

Moreover, she could see that her mother -in -law was very anxious about holding her grandson.

Soon after Xiaomei entered the door, her mother -in -law put two plates and peanuts under the wedding bed of the two.

The meaning of the early birth of noble children and many children can see it.

On the dining table, her mother -in -law expressed her hope to bring her grandson as soon as possible.

Since my mother -in -law has this meaning, and she does have the wish of having children.

As a result, Xiaomei simply resigned from his work and prepared for pregnancy wholeheartedly.

At the beginning, the family was full of confidence and felt that it was not a month or two, and Xiaomei could definitely be pregnant.

During the period, her mother -in -law also ran to some of the villagers in the countryside to ask her daughter -in -law to give her a child.

After returning from get off work every day, she changed her tricks to make nutrition meals for Xiaomei, and even went to search for videos made by food to make food to study the recipes that Xiaomei loved to eat.

The efforts of her mother -in -law and husband, Xiaomei looked in her eyes and obediently prepared for pregnancy every day.

In addition to supplementing the nutrition, she will also actively exercise.

However, a year has passed, and Xiaomei’s belly has not changed.

"It’s okay, maybe a chance, wait."

Fortunately, the husband can understand the hardship of Xiaomei and comfort her from time to time:

"After all, it is only a year. Many couples have worked hard for many years to have children."

Xiaomei nodded, continued to cheer up, and was ready to welcome new life at any time.

One morning, Xiaomei got up as usual for breakfast.

But as soon as she smelled the meat, she felt nausea and retched.

The mother -in -law sitting opposite was surprised first, and then showed an joy, urging her to take Xiaomei to the hospital for examination:

"Take Xiaomei to see, maybe it’s happy!"

When he came to the hospital, he directly hung Xiaomei’s obstetrics and gynecology, so that the doctor checked whether he was pregnant.

While waiting for the test results, he held his hands tightly and looked more nervous than Xiaomei.

The two just waited for an afternoon. In the evening, the report came out.

In the column of "urine pregnancy", the two large words "negative" extinguished the childcare dream of the young couple.

Xiaomei cried on the spot, and she didn’t know how to explain to her mother.

The two took the bus embarrassingly and returned home.

The days of pregnancy have passed day by day.

Unconsciously, Xiaomei and strong welcoming their 6th anniversary wedding anniversary.

That night, the two prepared a candlelight dinner.

In the next two months, Xiaomei’s physiological period has not come, and people have become a lot fatter. In the past few days, she is lazy and loses her appetite.

These symptoms gave her a little doubt:

"Is it pregnant?"

But she didn’t dare to say it, for fear that she was an oolong incident like last time.

So Xiaomei secretly came to the hospital alone and asked the doctor to help it.

B -ultrasound and blood drawing were done. Xiaomei didn’t wait for the results she wanted, but said a bad news from the doctor’s mouth that made her collapse:

"Your situation should be a polycystic ovary syndrome."

"Ah? What does this mean, doctor?"

Just after hearing this name, Xiaomei was scared and panicked.

"Um … you have to prepare psychological preparation. If you have this disease, you will be difficult to get pregnant."

The doctor’s words are undoubtedly a cruel pronunciation.

Xiaomei was unacceptable for a while.

It wasn’t until the doctor prescribed the medicine that she realized that the next way for the sons may be slim.

"let it go."

The mother -in -law also decided not to urge Xiaomei to prepare her pregnancy pressure.

Xiaomei is very grateful to have such an enlightened mother -in -law.

If she is replaced by others, she may be scanned out.

Indeed, the atmosphere of the family became much easier.

Xiaomeo’s friend helped find a job and started a new life.

Strong concentration of making money and starting to pick up some errands that need to go out.

It may be that the trouble of asking for the son, Xiaomei’s mood is getting more and more relaxed, and his appetite gradually comes up.

I don’t know from the day when she found that she was getting more and more hungry, she was always full.

In this case, after a few months, Xiaomei’s face became more rounded, and "fat" began to appear on her stomach.

"Husband, I eat a lot, I’m fat again."

Xiaomei pointed at her bumpy belly and said helplessly.

"People are easy to get fat at middle age, eat too much, and digest it slowly. They must agree to fat."

I thought that Xiaomei was just a common blessing and didn’t care too much.

However, everything is getting strange.

Xiaomei found that even if he controlled the snack’s mouth, his belly would still grow, and the previous clothes could not be put on.

What’s even more outrageous is that in the company, a colleague asked her if she was pregnant, and Xiaomei hurriedly denied it.

After a few months, one day, Xiaomei’s belly began to hurt.

At first she could bear it, and felt that it might be caused by drinking cold water by herself.

But the next morning, this pain was getting worse.

Xiaomei, who couldn’t help but the pain, finally called hard and asked him to accompany her to the hospital.

When I arrived at the emergency room, Xiaomei lying on the bed was so painful.

The first sentence of the emergency nurse saw Xiaomei’s first sentence:

"How many weeks are pregnant?"

"Nurse, don’t be kidding, we have been preparing for ten years, and there is no stomach in the stomach. I have a lot of money and I am impossible to get pregnant."

"How long have you been here?"

The nurse continued to ask.

"This … I didn’t count it either, it should be … it’s ten months."

Xiaomei thought for a long time and answered it.

Looking at the bigger belly, Xiaomei thought it was because people reached middle age, metabolizing slowly, and easy to gain weight.

Usually she is irregular menstruation, so she doesn’t care too much about her moon.

Moreover, before she did not come to the hospital before, she went to the hospital, but she found polycycles.

I finally put down her pregnancy. She didn’t want to see a doctor anymore, so as not to be happy again and disappointed her family.

When I heard Xiaomei’s answer, the doctor on duty was not good, and quickly took Xiaomei to the inspection room.

"A single -liver in the palace, a full moon, buttocks."

When the doctor read the results of the examination, Xiaomei and he were so happy to scream.

"Is there a feeling of fetal movement?"

The doctor continued to ask.

"What does the fetal movement feel? Oh … Yes, it turned out that this was fetal movement. I had a few months ago. I have no experience. I thought it was the intestine."

Xiaomei is still embarrassed now.

"Really, your heart is too big, and you don’t know if you are pregnant."

The doctor said angrily with some blame.

"Oh my wife!" I have been with Xiaomei’s strong power, and finally slowed down at this moment.

The husband and wife were prepared for ten years, and the test tubes were done twice. The wife also had a multi -cyst ovary syndrome. This sudden "baby" was a miracle.

However, before he was relieved, the emergency doctor found that Xiaomei’s situation is not good now.

It turned out that Xiaomei had a rupture of the fetal membrane at 8:40 in the morning, and she became less after the loss of amniotic fluid.

At 12:40 noon, pregnant women have had paroxysmal abdominal pain.

Now, Xiaomei’s palace mouth has opened.

"Ah? I am going to give birth soon?"

As for the fact that he is about to be in the basder, Xiaomei scared.

"Don’t call, don’t waste your strength, it’s okay."

The doctors on the side kept encouraging and comforting Xiaomei.

However, should pregnant women have a smooth birth or abdomen?

According to Xiaomei’s current situation, she is the first time she has a baby;

Moreover, there was low fever before giving birth, and it was pregnant without knowing it. It was only at the end of the hospital.

Xiaomei is now a regular contraction, and Gongkou has ten fingers.

Her pelvic conditions are normal. If a cesarean section is used, it may increase the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and postoperative infection.

However, if you give birth, the little plum fetus is the hip position.

This abnormal fetal position manifests that the fetus will expose the hips first during the production of pregnant women.

The vaginal delivery of the hip position is prone to problems such as joint maternal joints, hip nerve injury, and difficulty in baby’s head.

There are risks in horizontal and vertical. Although the situation is very tricky, the doctor and family members must make a decision immediately.

The clinic doctor once again conducted a comprehensive assessment of Xiaomei’s situation, and it was recommended that Xiaomei tried to give birth.

Xiaomei and his family agreed.

Watching doctors such as the operating room, anesthesiology, and neonatal department quickly gathered around herself. Xiaomei felt that she was guarded by the whole process like a baby. She could not help but be nervous.

The moment she was pushed into the delivery room, her heart pounded.

Next, what will be waiting for Xiaomei?No one dares to guarantee.

"Slowly, exhale, inhale, pay attention to the position of force."

During childbirth, the dysmenorrhea taught Xiaomei patiently.

Other medical staff stared at Xiaomei’s every move and observed the value of the monitoring instrument.

Although it has been prepared for all -round preparations, the worrying situation has happened.

"Not good, the fetus has been delivered for a long time, and pregnant women have to let the fetus produce as soon as possible." Said the help of the dysmenorrhea anxiously.

At this time, Xiaomei had experienced weakness and weakness because of the pain of pain for too long.

"Don’t give up, cooperate with us well."

Midwifers kept encouraging Xiaomei.

Watching the situation of pregnant women and fetuses is not optimistic, the chief physician responsible for the mission of this childbirth decided to take care of Xiaomei in time to take care of Xiaomei in time to help mournalism.

Time passed by every minute, and the atmosphere inside and outside the delivery room was very anxious.

As if I had experienced endless waiting, finally, I hope to come.

"Wow–" A loud baby cried and cried through the indoor room.At 9:44 that night, a 3180 gram male baby was born.

Everyone’s hanging heart can finally let go.

In the face of this wrinkled baby lying next to him, Xiaomei couldn’t help holding his hand and hugging.

She did not expect that the baby, who had been thinking about for many years, appeared in her life in this way.

Xiaomei’s childbirth experience really made the medical staff present sweat for her.

They felt that Xiaomei was ignorant, and found that her menstruation could not come for a long time.

When the doctor entered the ward, he wanted to "educate" the unknown "confused mother".

However, when I walked into the door, when everyone saw the joy of Xiaomei’s face, I felt that it was still the case.

At least, this time the mother and child were safe and noble.

Thinking of her experience of seeking son over the years, Xiaomei couldn’t help laughing.

It is simply that "the heart is planted and the flowers are not open, and you have no intention of inserting willows and willows."

However, it seems that everything is the best arrangement.

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