In a special period of accidental pregnancy, do not take the medicine by yourself

During a special period, accidental pregnancy cannot

Xiao Bingbing, deputy chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Peking University First Hospital

During the new crown pneumonia, everyone’s life rhythm is no longer as busy as before, and some people have also gained "unexpected surprises."This is a good thing for the family who has a pregnancy. It is a good thing for a family who wants to welcome the new life. However, for women who are pregnant or have some drugs who do not want their children, terminating pregnancy is an imminent thing.Can I go to the hospital for abortion during the epidemic?Is it safer at home?How long does it take to go to the hospital for pregnancy?


Disposal drug abortion

The drug flow is relatively cheap and convenient, but because the success rate of drug abortion is not as high as artificial abortion, about 10%of the failure rate.Once the drug flow is incomplete, there may be the risk of hemorrhage, which may cause anemia and even life -threatening.

For drug and abortion, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for a long observation time and return to the consultation.Therefore, experts from the Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch wrote the "Expert Suggestions of the New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Early Early pregnancy", which specifically pointed out that the suspension of drugs during the epidemic was suspended.In this special period, we suggest that you should go to the hospital for artificial flow in the hospital if you need to terminate your pregnancy.Special reminders that some female friends should not be lucky to take the medicine for drug flow because they are worried about going to the hospital infected with new crown pneumonia.This approach is very dangerous.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, blind medication may be in danger.


Not the sooner the better

Once some patients find surgery as soon as possible, they feel that the earlier the damage, the less, but it is not.Because the pregnancy of blood drawing or pregnancy test stick does not necessarily mean that it is intrauterine pregnancy, there may be several situations in biochemical pregnancy, intrauterine pregnancy, and off -the -palace pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy means that after fertilized egg fertilization, he did not bed well, and finally had a natural miscarriage, ending this pregnancy in a form of menstruation.

Normal palace pregnancy is generally 5-6 weeks of menopause. When doing color Doppler ultrasound, you will see the pregnancy sac in the palace.Therefore, the gestational sac reaches about two centimeters, almost 6 weeks, at which time the flow of people is higher.Another situation is that the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterine cavity, that is, ectopic pregnancy, which cannot be solved by artificial abortion.Therefore, it is generally recommended to go to the hospital for examination for at least 40 days.

After abortion

Pay attention to contraception

In clinical work, young women who repeatedly do abortion in the short term are often encountered.Ovulation can be resumed two weeks after early pregnancy. If you are not contraceptive, you may get pregnant again before menstruation.Within 1 year after artificial abortion, especially in 6 months, re -pregnancy has greater risks to the mother and fetus. If you choose artificial abortion again, it will cause greater damage to women’s body and fertility.Reducing unexpected pregnancy is very important for women’s reproductive health.

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