In addition to my aunt, what other signs show that you are pregnant?

The baby is always silent in the mother’s belly, as if to hide and seek with her mother, it is difficult for adults to find it.

But in fact, the baby will also leave many clues. Let me introduce the clues left by half a meter below.

Discontinue menstruation

After pregnancy, the main manifestation of pregnant mothers is to stop menopause.

The blastocyst formed by fertilized eggs will be bed on the endometrium of pregnant mothers after about 6 to 7 days after fertilization.Since then, the endometrium has been rooted and thrived. The endometrium will not occur during the period of time, which will cause menopause.

Women who usually have healthy menstrual periods and healthy life of sexual life, once the menstrual period passes more than 10 days, should doubt whether it is pregnant.

If menopause is more than 8 weeks, the possibility of pregnancy is even greater.

Of course, menopause does not mean that there must be babies. In some cases, such as endocrine disorders, taking drugs such as contraceptive pills can also cause menopause.

Early pregnancy response

About half of the expectant mothers will feel dizzy, fatigue, and abnormal appetite on the 6th week of pregnancy. They often feel more like to sleep, and often have nausea and vomiting.

This is the "early pregnancy reaction" we often call.It is now considered that early pregnancy reactions are caused by a pregnant woman’s ingredients called velvetic gonad hormone, referred to as HCG.

However, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much. As the level of HCG declines, about the 12th week of pregnancy, the reaction of early pregnancy will gradually disappear.

However, if the pregnancy is too frequent and serious, and even the weight loss has decreased significantly, expectant mothers should go to the doctor in time.

Other symptoms

In addition to menopause and early pregnancy reactions, pregnant women may also have some other symptoms.

Some expectant mothers will feel frequent urine.This is because the uterus increased during pregnancy, compressed to the bladder lying in front of the uterus.

However, as the uterus becomes larger and larger, and the pelvic cavity enters the abdominal cavity, the bladder is no longer compressed, and the feeling of frequent urination will disappear.

In addition, some expectant mothers will feel the breast swelling around the eighth week of pregnancy

This is because hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, placental prolactin in the body will increase, which will promote the development of gland gland gland ducts and glands, and make full preparations for the future breastfeeding of pregnant mothers.

Of course, these performances introduced above cannot definitely show pregnancy.

If a woman suspects she is pregnant, she can use early pregnancy test strips or go directly to the hospital to test blood, and she will be more clear about whether she is pregnant.

During the early pregnancy, expectant mothers will have many special performance, and they tell us that the baby has come.

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