In addition to the belly after pregnancy, these four parts are also quietly growing!Pregnant mothers have to be guarded

After pregnancy, the larger belly becomes the most obvious feature. Some expectant mothers also think that the belly has become larger after pregnancy, and the other parts will not be affected. In fact, in addition to the larger belly, some parts of the expectant mother’s body are also some parts of the body.In the quietness, expectant mothers will suddenly find out why it is bigger one day, and only the expectant mothers who have experienced will understand the taste.

1. Nose becomes larger

Some people say that the greater nose during pregnancy is pregnant. In fact, the larger nose during pregnancy has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus because the weight gain of the expectant mother during pregnancy and the change of hormone changes.The weight loss during pregnancy, fat in all parts of the body will increase, the nose is no exception, and even small changes in other facial organs.There is also the change of hormones during pregnancy, causing the prospective mothers’ nasal mucosa to be congested and the nose becomes larger.Don’t worry about expectant mothers, this is a normal reaction during pregnancy.

2. The chest becomes larger

For some expectant mothers, this may be the gospel. In order to ensure that the baby can have sufficient milk after birth in the future, under the influence of progesterone, expectant mothers’ breasts will gradually become larger.Specific mothers should consume sufficient nutrition during pregnancy to ensure the "secondary development" of the breast, massage appropriately, and promote breast development.Specific mothers can wear adjustable underwear to adapt to changes in breasts during pregnancy, and can also avoid sagging breasts.

3. Great feet becomes larger

The feet of 37 before pregnancy have become 39 yards after pregnancy, and the socks are short.Due to the increase in weight during pregnancy and the changes in the hormones in the body, some expectant mothers’ feet will become larger, and they are edema. It is not the result of the mothers fat, but the result of edema.If there is edema, when the expectant mother is sitting or sleeping, she can rack a little bit. It can also let the prospective father help to massage and promote blood circulation. Massage before going to bed can also help sleep.

4. Big hip becomes larger

After pregnancy, because of the hormonal dysfunction and the continuous growth and development of the baby, the expectant mothers’ hips will become wider and thicker.Don’t worry about the figure of the expectant mother. After giving birth, it will slowly recover.Do not be troubled by the hips during pregnancy. To "lose weight", you must ensure sufficient nutrition during pregnancy. At the same time, you can persist in exercise to prevent the hip relaxation and wider, which is also helpful for the recovery of postpartum body figure.

After pregnancy, the body has produced a variety of changes. It is normal. Sometimes these changes are also a signal of the healthy development of the baby. Do not worry too much, ensure a reasonable diet, balance nutrition, persist in exercise, maintain a oneA good attitude is the most important.If the expectant mother can’t stand these changes, you can consult the doctor and let the doctor give a few responses.(Picture source network)

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