In addition to urgency after pregnancy, pregnant women will have two strong physiological needs, which is very hurting the body.

After pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones, various physiological needs may occur. In the face of these physiological needs, some pregnant mothers may choose to endure.The growth and development of the baby in the belly is also disadvantaged.

Among the many physiological needs, pregnant mothers should feel the problem of urgency and frequent urination. Especially when going out, if you do not find a good toilet in advance, you may leak urine on the street, which also causes pregnant mothers toThey were very distressed. They would rather stay at home during the third trimester, and they were unwilling to go out to avoid the embarrassing situation.

The reason why pregnant mothers are pregnant during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester of urine leakage, because as the uterus slowly increases, the space that originally belongs to the bladder is occupied, resulting in less urine storage in the bladder.We all know that pregnant mothers need to drink more water in the third trimester to ensure the clearness of amniotic fluid, but because the urine storage capacity becomes smaller, many pregnant mothers will control the frequent urination by reducing the intake of water.The method is wrong.

Because if the moisture consumed by pregnant mothers will affect the living environment of the baby in the stomach, it is not conducive to her metabolism.In addition, the problem of frequent urination and emergencies of pregnant mothers cannot bear it. If there is a long time of urination, it will cause the elasticity of the ligament of sphincter, the basin muscle, and the reproductive parts to change.Severe urine leakage problems may even occur with symptoms such as urethral infections. By then, whether it is a pregnant mother or a baby baby, it will be greatly affected.

In addition to urgency after pregnancy, pregnant women will have two strong physiological needs, which is very hurting the body.

In addition to urgency, pregnant mothers will have other strong physiological needs during pregnancy, including the need for defecation needs caused by severe constipation problems in the third trimester.We all know that almost nine of the ten pregnant women have constipation, some symptoms will be lighter, and some will be heavier.Especially those pregnant women with severe symptoms will have strong bowel demand in the late stage, but often become more irritable because of poor bowel movements.

If the pregnant mother cannot solve this demand in time, but she chooses to endure it again and again, thinking that it may be a few days later, the body can defecate independently. In fact, this idea is wrong, and the symptoms will only become more and more serious.EssenceIt is recommended that pregnant mothers find that if you find your own constipation symptoms for more than a week, and you cannot solve the needs of bowel movements, then you must go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor will decide whether to solve the medication according to the situation of the pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about it. The prescriptions prescribed by the doctor usually do not endanger the health of the baby in the belly.

Secondly, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will fluctuate greatly, sometimes rise and sometimes decrease, which will also affect the emotions of pregnant mothers. Therefore, most pregnant mothers will have strong emotions during pregnancy.Demation needs, which is also physiological, because it is mainly affected by hormones.

In response to this, it is recommended that pregnant mothers look for reasonable emotional venting channels. Otherwise, if you keep mood, it will not only cause liver qi stagnation, but also easily stimulate the baby’s state of the baby.And if the emotions of pregnant mothers can not get better venting, it will also affect other physiological functions, such as headaches, abdominal pain, etc. For pregnant mothers, these harms are great.

Of course, it is not to say that the physiological needs of pregnant mothers should not bear the physiological needs during pregnancy. Some needs still have to control. For example, some pregnant mothers will have the habit of overeating in the third trimester, but they are not hungry because they are hungry.Instead, this demand needs to be endured.

Because at this stage, the baby baby is mainly in the stage of development and perfect body organs. The stage of fast and long meat is mainly in the second trimester. If you still take more heat in the third trimester, you can not control your diet.To the greater help, it may pile up more fat. Pregnant mothers will become more and more fat themselves, while the baby will not change much, and it will even be affected to a certain extent.

There is also a physiological needs to pay attention to the needs of the husband and wife intimate. This demand can only be met in the second trimester, but not all pregnant mothers are suitable. It is best to consult the doctor during the checkup.It is best not to do it rashly, otherwise it will bring danger to the baby in the stomach.

Conclusion: After pregnancy, the various physiological needs of pregnant mothers are caused by the changes in physical hormones by physical hormones. Pregnant mothers need to give certain attention and solve them targeted. If they are ignored, for pregnant womenIt may cause greater disadvantages with the fetus.

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